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We are all familiar with web pages. Much of our entertainment and shopping occurs either on or through websites. Web design classes teach you how to design, layout, and edit websites and pages, to give them a particular look and feel that you want. Web design courses on Udemy teach many skills related to designing and building web pages of every kind.

Frequently asked questions
Web design is a process of designing and developing websites. Unlike web development, which is mainly about functionality, web design includes aesthetics and is concerned about the look-and-feel of the site as much as the functionality. If a website was a car, then web design would include the chassis and interior design as much as the engine and the mechanics of the car. The creative aspect of web design covers areas like web graphic design, user experience design, interface design. Web designers work with tools like Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop. The technical aspect covers front-end and back-end development with tools and languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Webflow, etc.