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Product managers oversee the processes of new and existing products, from design to deployment, to ensure a successful rollout and effective distribution of products. Production management utilizes product marketing, deployment strategies, and business analytics skills. Production management courses on Udemy can introduce you to being a product manager and offer new ideas and approaches to the more experienced.

Frequently asked questions
Product management is a business role for which you manage specific products within your company. It combines strategy, design, leadership, and marketing to help a company successfully sell its product. Product management also guides a product’s lifecycle at every stage, including product development, positioning, and pricing. The focal point of product management is focusing on the product and its customers. In addition to building the best possible product, product management advocates for product customers to ensure that their needs are met. The scope of product management can also differ depending on the organizational structure and demands of the business. For example, factors like the company's size, if they sell physical goods or services, or whether they sell to other companies or directly to customers can all impact product management.