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Whether you’re waxing vinyl the old-school way, or mixing a party playlist using software like Traktor or FL Studio, there’s always room for improving your DJ game. Look no further than Udemy for the best advice on being a better DJ, regardless of your skill level.

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DJs are the purveyors of partying. They’re the kings and queens of the club, with loose headphones cradled in the crooks of their necks. Spinning the right record is a guaranteed way to turn up any party. Learn how to read the room for the right party track to get things jumping.

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A disc jockey — known as a DJ — is someone who plays musical recordings at public events, nightclubs, radio shows, and anywhere else curated music is needed. A DJ is responsible for ensuring that both musical recordings and other programming like commercials and announcements play on time. They may also be responsible for interacting with listeners through social media. While the term DJ used to refer largely to someone working at a radio station, today, the term refers commonly to those producing their own dance music. DJs today may use vinyl records to perform, sampling parts of songs and switching between records using a mixer. A modern DJ may also use electronic music software like Ableton, Traktor, or FL Studio to mix and perform a party playlist. No matter what techniques and tools a DJ uses, the goal is the same: to provide an entertaining music experience for those in attendance.