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Lose Fat & Build Muscle KNOWING Exactly When and How to Eat!

Never Guess "When" and "How" To Eat to Build Lean and Confidence BOOSTING Muscle FASTER Than You Thought Possible!
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Created by Tim Ernst
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Choose the right foods for optimal muscle growth
Discover how to preare and cook foods that are not bland and boring
Pack On Lean Muscle & Shred Fat Even FASTER
Eat Smart and Build Muscle Faster
Cook Wholesome, Protein-Rich FOOD to Regenerate, Recover and Build Back Bigger, Leaner and Stronger.
Strip away the fat and reveal (without losing an ounce of muscle) Your Six Pack Abs
Designed To Be Used In Conjunction With Any Workout Program
Lose Fat While In A Caloric Surplus
Gain Muscle While In A Caloric Deficit
Create Great Tasting Meals So You'll Have No More nutrition Excuses!
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  • Download a FREE Muscle Building Calculator In The First Section Of The Course

Hey there!

Food Is The Most Important Component To Building A Great Body - Yet Most Guys and Gals Struggle To Stick To Their Meal Plans And Eat The Right Foods For Optimal Muscle Gain and fat Loss.

I want to show you how YOU can continue to burn MORE fat and build muscle by eating your favorite foods WITHOUT torture diets in my Lose Fat & Build Muscle KNOWING Exactly When and How to Eat! "Never Guess "When" and "How" To Eat to Build Lean and Confidence BOOSTING Muscle FASTER Than You Thought Possible!"

All the muscle tissue you break down must be supported with a wholesome, protein-rich diet to regenerate, recover and build back bigger and stronger.

Many people find it difficult to build muscle or lose fat and most of the time it isn't the amount of time spent in the gym or the workouts but, the amount of time spent in the kitchen.

Food is the most anabolic substance you can put into your body, without preparing the proper healthy muscle building meal, you're destined to stay small and will continue to fight an uphill battle to build muscle and burn fat.

I'm here to tell you that you can STILL enjoy your favorite foods and BURN fat faster than you thought possible!

I spent a lot of time filming these videos of me cooking in my kitchen to show YOU exactly how to eat to keep burning fat and building muscle at the same time!

You'll be able to overcome The #1 Culprit Holding Your Body Back From Your Perfect Physique: Tasteless, Boring Meals!

You will learn how to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner with recipes that can be made in 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on how much time you have.

You'll be able to make foods that:

  1. Add pounds of muscle without "bulk"
  2. Reduce your body-fat to expose your abs and vascularity
  3. Maximize the recovery capabilities of your body
  4. Increase Energy

Here Are a FEW Recipes You'll Learn To Make Inside this course:

  • Healthy Mouth Watering Protein Pancakes
  • Tasty Fat Burning/Muscle Building Omelettes 
  • Grilled Chicken and Potato Dish
  • Sugar Craving Alternative Foods
  • Make Your Own Protein Bars (No Baking Required)
  • Lean Muscle Burgers
  • And so much more...

PLUS: Get 2 FREE Extra Bonuses for Becoming a Student Today!

Don't waste another second in the gym until you get the proper foods in your body so you can experience more than GREAT muscle building results.

Who is the target audience?
  • Monday Muscle Meals are For Those Who Want to Build Lean and Sexy Muscle
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Curriculum For This Course
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Introduction to The Course
1 Lecture 01:08

Hello my name is Tim Ernst and I want to introduce you to Monday Muscle Meals.

Why do I call it Monday Muscle Meals?

I upload weekly muscle building meals every Monday, duh.

Just kidding. No really, I upload videos every Monday.


This course it different than all the other courses on Udemy because it's ongoing.

I recently completed my own muscle building transformation and got all the way down to 190 pounds shredded.

After my transformation I wanted to build more mass and to do that you have to be in a caloric surplus.

In just 7 months I've put on 35 pounds.


Watch the videos to see how you can create amazing meals to bulk up and gain muscle.

Make sure to DOWNLOAD Your FREE Muscle Building Calculator here=>

Preview 01:08
Pre Wokrout Meal #1
1 Lecture 19:10

Have you ever had a protein pancake WITHOUT the carbs?

I'll show you how in this video! Make sure to download your PDF for the Ingredients:

Preview 19:10
Pre Workout Meal #2
1 Lecture 03:14

Here's a great way to make a muscle building omelet using your favorite Ingredients:

Make sure to download the PDF for the ingredients you'll need.

High Calorie Muscle Building Omelet
Post Workout Meal #1
1 Lecture 10:38

We want protein to digest fast so that our muscles can begin the rebuilding process. This is why you need a protein shake 30-60 minutes after training.

After 1-2 hours you should eat your first post workout meal.

Here is today’s post workout meal that you can try.

Try it and let me know how you liked it.

Make sure to download your PDF file for the ingredients you'll need.

Lean Ground Turkey with Rice
Post Workout Meal #2
1 Lecture 07:20

Do you like hamburgers? Well I do! In this video I'll show you a healthy version that will leave younot feeling guilty.

Make sure to download your PDF file for the ingredients you'll need.

Lean Muscle Burgers
Post Workout Meal #3
1 Lecture 08:47

If you desire to stay lean while building muscle then this is a staple food you'll need in most of your meals.

Make sure to download your PDF file for the ingredients you'll need.

Grilled Chicken and Potato Dish
Post Workout Meal #4
1 Lecture 05:06

Post workout restaurant food can be quite beneficial to spark new muscle growth while on your journey to building a solid physique.

Post workout restaurant food is great when you are short on time and don’t have to be bound strictly to cooking at home.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to cooking at home. You can go out and eat just as healthy if you know how to order from the menu.

Here are 5 tips when ordering food in your favorite restaurant.

Tip #1 Avoid high carb fatty meals full of sauces. Stick to lean meats, simple carbs (such as white rice and potatoes) and green leafy vegetables.

Tip #2 Avoid sauces. Restaurants are notorious for adding tons of sauces to flavor their food. These sauces are very high in calories so avoid them at all costs. You can tell your waiter or waitress to leave out the sauce.

Tip #3 Most restaurants serve bread or chips as an appetizer before your main dish comes out. Do your best to avoid these as bread and butter (Carbs combined with Fat) make a BAD combination for fat storage.

Tip #4 Avoid all appetizer’s as this can add up to your daily caloric intake.

Tip #5 Avoid alcoholic beverages and soda. Stick to water with lemon instead. Lemon water has been shown to alkaline the body when it’s most acidic after a workout.

Sticking to these simple tips will dramatically improve your body composition and keep your waist line in check.

Watch below as my brother and I eat after training at a popular restaurant here in the states.

To get a more specialized diet for optimal MUSCLE GROWTH and FAT LOSS, join my One on One coaching program found here>>

Pre and Post Workout Restaurant Food!
Sugar Craving Alternatives
1 Lecture 10:20

If you are craving sugar while trying to make gains and stay shredded, here are some alternatives that you may have not considered.

We’ve all done it. We diet and train real hard for weeks and months when all of a sudden your body craves something sugary. The temptation is to much to bare and we cave in.

You say to yourself, “no big deal, I’ll start over on Monday.”

Monday rolls around an you are off to a good start, but by Wednesday you’re craving your favorite piece of chocolate cake and once again you fall for it.

If you have had this happen to you, I want to give you some alternatives to curb your sugar cravings.

Watch the video as I take you to your local grocery store and help you choose some guiltless pleasures while maintaining your fitness goals.

To get a more specialized diet for optimal MUSCLE GROWTH and FAT LOSS, join my One on One coaching program found here>>

Sugar Craving Alternative Foods
Muscle Building Snack
1 Lecture 07:43

Protein Bars are the latest craze when it comes to a quick source of protein before and after a workout or just a snack if you’re in a hurry.

Protein Bars can be a bit expensive and are cleverly disguised as a good source of protein only to find they are nothing more than a candy bar wrapped in a protein bar wrapper

If you are in the fitness industry and train, I can assume that you have a tub of protein powder laying around your kitchen.

Protein Powder with just a few more ingredients laying around, you’ll be able to make your own protein bars in a matter of minutes.

The good news is, no BAKING required!

Homemade High Protein/Carbohydrate Post Workout Protein Bar

Make sure to download your PDF file for the ingredients you'll need.

Preview 07:43
Staple Muscle Building Food
1 Lecture 08:05

Whether you’re trying to get shredded and lose weight—or bulk up and build muscle, sweet potato’s are a nutritional powerhouse.

Sweet potato’s have one of the highest levels of carotenoids. This is great because carotenoids enhance muscle cell recovery after workouts thus helping you to improve your muscle growth.

Today I want to show you how to bake the perfect sweet potato that’s better than any restaurant.

Here’s how to bake the perfect sweet potato in the PDF file

How to make a perffect sweet potato
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Tim is also the founder of TurnAroundFitness and 180Muscle. He is dedicated to helping Men and Women transform their lives in business and staying physically fit.

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