Startup PR:How To Build Lasting Relationships w/ Journalists

Learn how to reach out and build genuine relationships with reporters, journalists, and press.
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  • Dmitry Dragilev Growth Hacker

    I help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses accelerate and grow. Startups are designed for astronomical growth, they aspire to grow at least 30 percent month over month while large companies are satisfied with just 5 percent year over year. While traditional marketers at big companies try to move the needle by a few percentage points, startup marketers need to figure how to grow 1000x from a much smaller (sometimes nonexistent) base. Startups don’t know who their core customer base is or why they would buy the product, they are unsure what marketing channels work best. Startups must educate their prospective customers and acquire them at the same time.

    At Criminally Prolific we defy conventional wisdom, think analytically, outside the box, and employ a lot of creativity to significantly increase your company’s core metrics.

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Startup PR:How To Build Lasting Relationships w/ Journalists

Learn how to reach out and build genuine relationships with reporters, journalists, and press.
5 reviews


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In this course you'll learn how to reach out and build lasting relationships with reporters, journalists, bloggers, press, and influencers. We'll go over how to do research and find most relevant reporters to your interests, how to craft your emails when reaching out, how to determine which content to put into the cold email you're sending them, how to guess reporter's emails and how to track whether they have read your email, how many times and on which devices. We will get into how to build a genuine relationship from the first email response all the way to the point where they ask you what you do for work.

This is a preliminary course for all customers/startups starting to use: for building relationships with journalists.

    • just email, google, twitter, facebook baby! It's simple.
    • Over 8 lectures and 35 mins of content!
    • be able to reach out and build a relationship with journalists
    • be able to identify a topic that would interest a perspective reporter you'd like to reach out to
    • be able to guess a journalist's email and contact information
    • be able to maintain the relationship genuinely
    • marketers, entrepreneurs, growth hackers, SEO experts, product managers, anybody working at startups, startups
    • public relations


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    What to expect from this course

    In this section I'll introduce you to the course and explain what to expect.

  • SECTION 2:
    How Startups Can Build Lasting Relationships With Journalists
  • 2
    Prepping to reach out: three rules to follow

    In this lecture we'll go over how to prepare for reaching out to reporters and journalists.

  • 3
    How to actually reach out: three rules to follow and real examples

    In this lecture I go over how to actually reach out to reporters, best practices to follow and I show you a few real examples of me reaching out to journalists.

  • 4
    Tools to guess emails and see if they read your email

    In this lecture I show you the tools to use to guess email address and see if people have read your emails.

  • 5
    See how I reach out to a reporter live during this lecture

    In this lecture I show you live how I find a journalist, figure out a topic to reach out about, guess his email and actually reach out.

  • 6
    Wrap up and review

    In this final lecture we wrap up and review everything in this course.

  • SECTION 3:
    PRO Tips, Tools and FAQs
  • 7
    How to email permutate every email address combination

    In this lecture we'll talk about the most popular FAQ I get asked - "I can't guess someone's email, can you help?" I will show you how to permutate every possible email combination and guess someone's email.

  • 8
    Top FAQs for Pros on reaching out, emailing, and tools to use

    In this lecture we go over all the pressing FAQs that you might have once you start reaching out and building relationships with journalists.


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  • Shabbir Nooruddin
    Great overview of something all startups need to know

    Dmitry does a great job of laying out what steps you need to take to successfully pitch reporters - although after taking his course, I hardly think pitch is a good word to use - I'd say "network" is much better.

  • JB
    Good intro on the topic to get you going.

    This was actually quite good. Somewhat short, but always on the subject. And not one word about JustReachOut, the tool Dmitry is building. I guess that he follows the principles he talks about in the course :)

  • Valerie Southall
    Valerie Southall

    Very good course for beginners to help understand the mindset of journalists. He also has some good tools to help you stay connected.

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