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By the end of this brief course, students will have a minimum of four take-away tools for relaxation. Students can repeat these meditations at any time when they need to de-stress. With continued practice, students are likely to find that they are less stressed and - if they do become stressed - they recover more quickly.


  • This course is appropriate for everyone. All that is needed is a computer, an Internet connection and an open mind.


In this course, we will explore four techniques for reducing stress, heading off panic attacks before they occur, and developing a practice of bringing more joy and positive thinking into our lives. 

In lecture one, we will practice breathing techniques for focusing on our breath and breathing more fully. Oftentimes, when we are stressed, we forget to breathe! Lecture two teaches us to identify how and where stress affects our body and how to relax these areas for greater wellbeing. As an intermediary step between the meditation series, we will find immediate tools for bypassing panic attacks (or how to recover more quickly if we do become significantly stressed). Last, we will wrap up with a meditation designed to help us focus on the positive. Research tells us that positive thinking leads to greater physical health and wellness. It is believed that positive people live 7 1/2 years longer! 

As a bonus, the course also includes a free grounding meditation, taken from Spark Exchange Advisory's Mindfulness in Work and Business course. 

The meditations in this course are meant to build upon one another, and should first be practiced in order. Participants will leave with actionable meditations and exercises that they can return to at any time when they feel the need to re-center and manage their stress levels.     

Who this course is for:

  • Stress-less is for anyone who would like to bring more joy and less stress into their lives by incorporating meditation and mindfulness exercises. Beginners will learn key tools for a successful meditation practice. Advanced students will develop new skills for enhancing their existing personal practice.


Mindfulness and Know-how
Spark of Insight Coaches
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Combining common sense, business principles and intuitive direction with an interest in enhancing one's life, Spark of Insight (formerly Spark Exchange Advisory) is a specialized team of entrepreneurs who have over 20 years of experience as leaders in sales and marketing, social media and self development. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as owning and operating small businesses, the Spark of Insight team excels in looking at daily life and all that it entails and finding ways to make it more purposeful and meaningful. 

Our team seeks to help individuals and businesses understand the energy surrounding them, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. By bringing more mindfulness into a person's life as well as the workplace, all can experience higher productivity, better collaboration, and more efficiency while elevating their mood and reducing their stress. 

The tools we provide include online courses, workshops, corporate retreats and individual and corporate coaching; all of which combine mindfulness resources and experience to provide everyone with clear insight (“sparks”), so that all can make better, more informed decisions. The ultimate goal is that everyone use this training in order to successfully apply it to all aspects of their life, career and business.

Board-Certified Positive Psychology Health & Wellbeing Coach
Danielle Palli
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Danielle Palli is a fiction writer, multimedia specialist, Board-Certified Positive Psychology Health & Wellbeing Coach, and podcast producer and co-host. She lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and an abundance of pets. Palli earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Media, Culture, and Communication with a minor in Theater and Music from New York University, her Masters of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University, and a Masters of Metaphysical Sciences degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She finds joy in nature, travel, theater and the arts, and is known for singing and dancing around the living room at any hour of the day or night. A free-spirited outlier enamored with life; she believes that life is sweeter when you color outside the lines.

Straight Talk About Franchising
Cynthia Readnower
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Cynthia Readnower is an author, columnist and owner of Skinny Leopard Media. She spent years in sales and marketing positions for Fortune 500 companies and has owned restaurants and other small businesses. She received her M.B.A. from the University of Dayton and is a small business and social media consultant, franchise expert and interested in technology. She has thousands of followers on Twitter (@CindyReadnower) and posts on entrepreneurship, writing and business.

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