Video Marketing Scholars - Mini Course / Orientation
4.3 (73 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7,851 students enrolled
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Video Marketing Scholars - Mini Course / Orientation

Learn how to get your YouTube videos on Page One of Google and drive traffic to your website for sales conversions
4.3 (73 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7,851 students enrolled
Created by Scott Morris
Last updated 4/2015
Price: Free
  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Add royalty-free music to videos for a more professional feel
  • Understand why you should create 100 plus videos to enhance your authority and ranking on the search engines
  • Create meta-data (keywords, Title and description) that gets videos ranked on page one of the major search engines
  • Use keyword research to get your videos categorized properly by the search engines
  • Learn how Google and YouTube influence your ability to get videos ranked on page one
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  • Students will need to open a Google Adwords account in order to access the Google Keyword Planner. It does not cost anything to sign up, but Google will require a credit card. For the purposes of this mini-course, you can watch the videos and determine if you would like to sign up for Google Adwords. The main course walks you through keyword research in quite a bit of detail.

Video Marketing Scholars (VMS) mini course is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking for ways to advertise their businesses without spending a fortune on advertising.

Video marketing has grown exponentially and is a major tool for websites, YouTube and social media marketing. As a result, VMS designed this mini-course to introduce students to video marketing.

VMS has determined that page one rankings on the major search engines begins with keyword research. This is the cornerstone of the course.

VMS teaches students:

  • How to use keyword research
  • Why you should create at least 100 videos
  • How to add royalty-free music to your videos
  • Why meta-data will help you achieve ranking success
  • How Google and YouTube influence ranking success
  • Why you will never get your videos ranked on page one if you don’t do 3 things

The keyword research alone would help any entrepreneur or business owner do extremely well on social media marketing too.

The Video Marketing Scholar course is primarily video driven. Many of the things we demonstrate on the videos are applicable to what every student needs to do to be successful with video marketing.

There are 6 videos in this VMS mini-course. Each video addresses a specific issue we have gotten from our students over the past 3 years. There is approximately 1 hour of video content available to students.

Video marketing should be a key component of any business owner’s arsenal. VMS has gone to great lengths to fill in the knowledge gaps about video marketing and spent three full years refining the topics covered based on the dialogue we have had with customers all over the world.

The value you will receive with VMS is incalculable.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for students looking to use video marketing for their businesses. Video Marketing Scholar has spent three years collating information from students around the world to address as many of the questions students have to be successful with video marketing. This mini-course is not meant for students that have high PageRank YouTube Channels or websites.
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction To Video Marketing Scholars Free Mini-Course
1 Lecture 00:47

At the end of this free mini-course, students will learn the practical skills to help them achieve success with video marketing. The Video Marketing Scholars go into more depth in our paid course that is also available on Udemy.

We wish you the best of luck and we know you will get some valuable tips from this free mini-course.

Scott Morris and Ray Riechert

Introduction From The Video Marketing Scholars
Keyword Research
2 Lectures 09:35

In this lecture, you will learn the difference between a good keyword and a bad keyword. Making assumptions about good keywords will lead to bad consequences for your videos.

The good news is once you open up a Google Adwords account (free), you can gain access to the Google Keyword Planner (free).

In order to achieve consistently high rankings on page one of the major search engines, you need to know which keywords work best. We will show you examples of how this works.

Now that you have watched this video, sign up for a Google Adwords account and begin using the Google Keyword Planner for your next video.

Why Is Keyword Research Your Key To Success

At the end of this lecture, students will begin to understand that it is not practical to use keywords that are too broad or don't generate any searches on the Google Keyword Planner.

We provide several examples going from using a very broad keyword and the narrowing it down. This is a very important concept to understand because it is more important to get loyal followers than try to get everyone on the planet to buy into your content.

It may seem counter intuitive to do it this way, but you will have a very productive business if you focus on the people that love what you do.

Now that you've watched this video, start zeroing in on keywords that attract loyal followers.

Why Can't I Choose The Keywords I Want?
3 Components Of Meta-Data
2 Lectures 11:12

In this lecture, you will learn 3 things you need to do before you upload a video to YouTube.

The Internet is set up to categorize information and put it where it belongs. This means the Internet acts as a digital library. Your job is to provide the search engines with as much information as you can so can get your content found easily.

This will accomplished with 3 components of meta-data:

  • Keywords
  • Titles
  • Descriptions

We will show you the basic information you need to get started.

Now that you have watched the video, start putting together your meta-data for your videos.

Don't Bother Creating Videos Unless You Do These 3 Things

At the end of this lecture, students will learn why it is important to add meta-data (meta-description) to each of their videos before they upload it to YouTube.

We conducted case studies to determine what impact meta-data had on getting videos ranked on Page One of the major search engines and Google specifically.

We did this case study in 2013 and it proves to be relevant today. Adding meta-data to your videos pays off. You will find that your efforts will pay off if you include the right meta description for all of your videos.

Now that you have watched this video, you can begin to write meta descriptions that will get your videos ranked on page one of the major search engines. Good luck.

Why Your Meta-Description Matters
100 Plus Videos
2 Lectures 12:57

In this lecture you will learn why creating 100 plus videos is beneficial for your authority on Google and YouTube.

Video marketing is influenced by the algorithms the search engines use to rank content. Semantic text has become an important algorithm for Google search. As a result, in order to gain authority in your niche, you will need to create as many videos as you can.

For example, I may use the phrase "video marketing" whereas you may use a concept phrase like, "I use videos to market my business". Video marketing is a strong keyword, but the semantic text is just as important to Google.

The bottom line is your videos will be found in a variety of ways and if you do the math on 100 plus videos, the number of places your video shows up can be astronomical.

Now that you have watched this video, begin to set a schedule for creating videos so you can establish major authority in your niche.

Why Should You Create 100 Videos For Your Business?

What Can Your YouTube Video Title Do For You?
The Influence Of Google And YouTube
2 Lectures 07:37

In this lecture, you will learn how your content can be shown at the top of page one of Google and YouTube or be completely lost in a sea of videos.

The number one rule we have at Video Marketing Scholars (VMS) is to follow the rules Google and YouTube expect you to follow. When you do this, you will be rewarded because you are organizing your content in a way that makes sense to the search engines.

You will see an example of a video we did on bass fishing. We took the appropriate steps and came up with a number one ranking.

Now that you have watched this video, make sure you are providing great content and the proper meta-data for your videos.

How Do Google And YouTube Influence Your Rankings

Do You Need SEO Services To Win At Search Engine Optimization?
You'll Never Get Found
1 Lecture 03:46

In this lecture, you will learn about the ranking capabilities your videos can achieve if you use strong meta-data.

What is meta-data? It is the essence of your video strategy. Without a keyworded title, 10-15 keywords and a 200-300 word description, you may not wind up at the top of Google.

We look at one video title and several alternate titles to see if it gets ranked number one on Google.

Now that you have watched this video, start organizing every single video you have with strong meta-data.

3 Reasons You'll Never Get Your Video Ranked Number One

Once students have watched each of the 6 videos, they should be able to successfully pass the quiz we have created.

The Video Marketing Scholars Mini-Course Quiz
7 questions
Royalty-Free Music
2 Lectures 07:31

In this lecture, you will learn how to add royalty-free music to your YouTube videos. We will open up the royalty-free section on a YouTube Channel and show you how to pick and choose from different genres of music.

You will be able to download these music tracks to your computer and when you begin to edit your videos, you will be able to add them to video tracks.

Now that you have watched this video, go to your YouTube Channel (or sign up for one) and start downloading songs to your computer to add to your videos.

How To Add Royalty Free Music To Your Videos First Lecture

At the end of this lecture, students will learn to get valuable content from two places. First, provides copyright free books, movies, audio and more that you can use anytime.

Second, YouTube has a "Creator" section that provides you with royalty-free music. The term "royalty-free" makes it sound like the music should be free. But most sites make you pay for the music and then it becomes free.

YouTube has generously provide YouTube Creators like you with music you do not have to pay for. This is a huge bonus because you could pay thousands of dollars on the paid sites for music.

There will be times when you want to add music to your videos. Take advantage of the copyright free content provides in addition to the royalty-free music that YouTube gives you for FREE!

Now that you have watched this video, head on over to and see if there is any material you can use for your video content. Keep in mind, most of the content is 50-100 years old. Good luck

Dracula And Johann Sebastian Bach
About the Instructor
Scott Morris
4.3 Average rating
73 Reviews
7,866 Students
2 Courses
Internet Marketing / Video Marketing Pro's

Scott Morris and Ray Riechert own and operate 5 successful online businesses. Ray is known as the Keyword Savant and Google Forensic Investigator. His brain is wired in a way that allows him to digest the complex material in the Google handbook and extract only the pertinent bits that our students need to accomplish the task of getting their videos and listings ranked #1 in Google and all the other major search engines. With a science and research background, Ray is the perfect teacher to simplify an otherwise complex undertaking.

We discovered that if you give Google exactly what it asks for, you get ranked #1 and stay there. Every other method is only a temporary solution.

Scott Morris became Eben Pagan's top online business coach and has worked with hundreds of Eben's students to help them succeed online. Scott is himself a successful online marketer with 5 online properties that earn over $10,000 per month each in revenue. Scott is a skilled online marketer who understands how to cut through the nonsense and get right to the good stuff that creates success online.