Video Making for Beginners and YouTube Social Networking
3.8 (119 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
13,532 students enrolled
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Video Making for Beginners and YouTube Social Networking

Go from just having bought a computer with no software to producing and marketing your first video
3.8 (119 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
13,532 students enrolled
Created by The Info Files
Last updated 6/2017
Price: Free
  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Make videos using free resources
  • Make videos for teaching a course, promoting a product or service or to sell to clients
  • Know how to edit and upload videos in 720p HD or more and optimise them correctly so your videos can be found on YouTube and google
  • Add special effects to your videos with the Software used in this course
  • Start a YouTube Channel and subscribe to other YouTube Channels
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  • This course is designed for an absolute beginner with little or no knowledge about making videos
  • This course is based on PC or windows computers but is also able to be followed with Apple Mac computers
  • This course does not claim that you will make money or increase your YouTube views it does however show you some great free and paid tools, software and websites for you to make videos, without a great deal of expense.

"If you've NEVER made a Video with a Computer before,
then this course is Perfect for you"

If you want to make videos for teaching a course or to sell video services to local business owners then this course if perfect for you.

"If you want to get a headstart on your YouTube channel

with lots of new subscribers

and video views from a network of people just like you,

then this challenge is Perfect for you"

This course is being updated to include additional information on marketing of videos and video services. This value add to the course is still suitable to absolute beginners as I am still maintaning some of the original content with updates to major changes some websites and software tools have occurred in subsequent videos.

This course is designed for someone without much knowledge about computers and who has never made a video on a computer before, right up to advanced simple methods of producing videos you can sell and profit from or make your own video courses for Udemy.

We start from where to get software for a brand new computer and then encourage all students to set up their own channels and help each other to get traction for their videos with subscribers, views and comments.

I show you everything that I use to make videos and wherever possible I use free software programs or refer you to where you can get free programs, so that if you are just starting off your expenses can be kept to a minimum.

Video making for beginners doesn't have to be overly complicated to get a good response. In fact many of the videos that have gone on to become viral videos with hundreds of thousands or even millions of views are raw and do not have a lot of production or technical skills about them.

The course is a little over 2 hours of videos and also includes valuable PDF handouts with how to get free stuff and online tools to assist you in your video making.

To add value to the course and so that students can interact with me in a webinar with more useful enhancements to your videos like intros and logo animations has been included for those that complete the course and take the challenge in the final video.

If you want to get traffic to your website, your store or any offers, making a video is the best way to start driving traffic that will last for a very long time. Videos have longevity in marketing and that's why your time invested in this course is so worthwhile.

People love watching videos and it is proven that video engages your audience much more than any other medium.

Making videos is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy and is a skill you must learn to become successful on the internet.

Whatever your reason fo talking this course is, I hope that I can help you to become a video maker and marketer and answer any questions you have.

Many of you have skills that you can teach others and by learning to making simple videos that engage your audience or teach them what you know or are passionate about and will be a skill that will serve you well for life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in making videos or marketing with videos should take this course
  • Anyone already advanced in Video production and YouTube Marketing may not be suitable to take this course
  • Anyone who wants to have the added advantage of networking with others in YouTube should take this course
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Curriculum For This Course
50 Lectures
Course introduction - Setting up your Computer and Tips for working efficiently
7 Lectures 14:12

In this video the student is introduced to the instructor Nicolas. This also serves to notify students of the course is being updated. The special effects seen in the introduction, including video backgrounds, logo animation and sketch to video are promised to be taught to those completing the course. Also emphasized is that the course is designed for absolute beginners, so basic setup videos are needed is also mentioned. Students are welcomed to the course and invited to participate in the Udemy discussion section to ask any questions they may have.

Introduction to Course and Notification of Course Update

Actual Reviews of this Udemy Course. Nicolas the instructor highlights some of the reviews put up by students taking this course. It is also mentioned that Udemy requests a student review very early in the course, where students are invited to review before actually completing the course. The course has tremendous value for those that are beginners or newbies to video making. It will also have some great tips for those that do already have some knowledge in producing videos. Also as the original idea was to have the students take the Challenge of producing and uploading their first video to Youtube in order to get an invitation to a special action takers webinar, a new offering of a bonus video with extra tips and a special software offering will be substituted for all those that complete the course, at the end of the course material.  

Review of Udemy Course Video Making for Beginners and Youtube Social Networking

In this lecture I show you how to speed up or slow down videos in Udemy. If you speed up the videos you will get through the course faster. I also show you how to clear the cache in your browser if you have any gliches or web pages not displaying properly this can often fix those problems.

Bonus Video for Udemy playback speed and clearing your cache

In this lecture I show you where to download multiple software programs for free at the same time. The software drivers are installed in the background without any further interruption and the installation takes place without adding any unwanted tool bars on other programs. The Open Office program will be used in this course, however there is a wide range of programs for the student to explore and some of these software can be very useful for making videos or slides. This site is particularly useful for setting up a new computer but also good if you already have a computer with software installed that you may want to keep up to date.

How to get software for your computer without unwanted add ons

In this video you learn how to create folders to organize your video projects. This is a simple process which is often overlooked.

How to create folders to organize your projects

Open a Gmail Account so you can get access to YouTube and upload videos these will be indexed by Google quickly so you can get traffic from the 2 largest search engines, Google and YouTube. A Gmail account will get you all of Googles products including a Google+ account, Dropbox, Google webmaster tools, Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Hangouts. There's a lot of very useful tools as well as the email account itself.

Open a Gmail Account to access all Google Products especially You Tube

Really Useful Desktop App that lets you search multiple drives on your computer at once. This means you can search external hard drives or USB sticks and different drives installed on the computer for any file name keyword you have. Its free and available from or the parent site where you can also have a multi-lingual version if you prefer a non-english version instead.

Search Multiple Drives on your computer
Equipment I recommend to Record Video and Audio
3 Lectures 06:26

A personal welcome to this Video Making for Beginners course and a brief course description and introduction.

High Definition Webcam that I use and is suitable for Udemy video uploads

Logitech h540 headset that I use

In this lecture I show you the other screen capture tools that I use regularly. I also show you how to capture images from the net and easily share them online. This can be particularly useful if you are collaborating or want to share a visual image or website.

Other Options to use for HD video recording

Why should you record your videos in HD 720p or Higher?

Recording HD Quality
1 question
Software to Record Screen Cast Videos and Screen Capture Images
10 Lectures 31:57

In this section I go through what screen capture software I use to capture images and videos from my computer screen.

The software I use also has instructional videos that you can view and I provide a link to those videos for your convenience.

Introduction to Screen Capture Software for Videos and Image Capture for Slides

In this lecture you learn about the Screencast hosting platform and how to set up your free account. It is a necessary tool for those using the FREE screen capture software you should have downloaded earlier. This software only produces videos in flash .swf file format and these videos are not supported in You Tube. You are also directed to the software tutorials available for the program.

Setting up your Hosting and Tutorials for the FREE Screen Capture software

In this lecture I show you how I capture an image from a website using Jing and add it to a slide and discuss how this can be used for different business purposes.

Screen Capture added to slides using Jing

In this lecture you see how to make a simple screen cast video. The screen image has been created using the software and then a voice over is recorded to create the video.

Making a Simple Screen Capture Video

In this lecture I go through the option of recording your screen with an app for the Google Chrome Browser. You can then store the screen recording in Google Drive or upload directly to Youtube. This is another free product offered by Google and is available to you if you have a gmail account.

Screen Capture with your Google Chrome Browser

In this lecture I introduce students to free screen capture software that runs on "java" platform that students would have downloaded from the ninite website in second lecture.

Free Screen Capture Software that records your screen and microphone

Creating a shortcut to the software downloaded and overview of editing features

In this lecture I show you other screen capture software that I use. Please download the PDF in the resources section for a links to these and if you try these options please share your findings in the discussion section of Udemy.

Other Free Screen Capture Software I use and some other free options

This lecture shows how to make a video using text pasted into a speed reading website and free screen capture software screencast-o-matic. The paid version of screencast-o-matic is only $15 USD for a 1 year subscription, that unlocks editing features and removes the watermark, however this is not necessary as the free version still provides a good outcome.

Video using and screencast-o-matic

In this bonus lecture I show you what I use to scan and remove syware from my computer. The free software accesses your computer so it might be useful for you to run scans and clean it every so often.

Bonus Video SuperAntiSyware for cleaning your computer
Where to Get Images and Music for your slide presentations
5 Lectures 13:18

This lecture shows where I get images and videos that you can use for any commercial application for free and without attribution, under Creative Commons.

Where to get Totally Free images, vector graphics, videos & illustrations to use

In this lecture students learn where they can create slides, info-graphics, banners, Youtube headers, thumbnails and other useful template canvas sizes online for free.

How to make professional graphics, banners, headers, thumbnails etc for free

This Lecture shows you where you can get images to use for making slides for your videos. This is an older site that I recommended but a better alternative is shown in previous lectures. This is still relevant and worth keeping in your list of useful websites.

Where to Get Images for your Slide Presentation Videos

In this lecture I show you where you can get free music for your video production. You download in mp3 format which means it plays on most video players and the files are relatively small and easy to load.

Where to get Free Music for your Video Production

This lecture shows where you can buy audio, sound effects for your video projects. There are also lots of other software available on this site that the students can explore.

Where you can buy Royalty Free Music and sound effects
How to Make Slide Show Presentations with Free Software - Open Office Impress
6 Lectures 25:31

In this lecture I show you where to get fonts and "dingbats" that you can add to your slides to make your presentations interesting.

Fonts and Dingbat Downloads to make interesting slides

In This lecture I demonstrate how to animate images and text using Apache Open Office with fonts downloaded from the internet in the previous lecture.

Open Office Text Animation with Fonts downloaded from the web

This lecture shows you how to Make a one slide video presentation in Open Office Impress. In this lecture I also reveal how to edit and add call outs and text to your presentation.

There's a lot covered in this lecture including: usage of callouts, inserting a video to a slide and editing features in the editing software camtasia.

One Slide Video with Callouts and Camtasia Editing

This lecture follows on from the previous One Slide Video that shows more editing done in Camtasia for zoom and sursor effects

Zoom and Cursor Effects for the one slide video

This is a quick barely edited video of a slide show in Open office Impress Presentation. I even made a few mistakes and left them in. Can you spot the mistakes? Anyway, the point is that it is easy to do and even if your presentation is not perfect, I want you to have a go at this.

These sorts of presentations are used widely in courses and lessons and it is important for you to try to make text with voice over slide show videos. If you want to teach your own courses, then this is a skill you should learn. It may be helpful to run through the material a few times so you can have a better chance of getting it right the first time.

What I included was my first take, because like everyone else doing this course, I am busy and have had computer failures and glitches to overcome, and It was recorded at 2 am in the morning. So don't let obstacles discourage you. The important thing is to provide valuable, quality information and I hope you are getting that from this course. Please share your progress in the discussion.

I am sure you can do even better than what I did here so have a go at a text and voice over slide presentation. Please leave a comment or a review of the course, and share your progress in the discussion group.

This video was purposely left raw and not refined so as to encourage you to have a go at doing a voice over and not be worried about trying to make it perfect.

How to make a video Slide Show using Open Office Presentation

In this video you will learn where to get 100% copyright free images and how to take a screen capture and add it to a slide. You should go to and try all this yourself and start a series of slides to make a slideshow.

How to get Copyright Free images and make a slide show video using Open Office
Online Methods to Make Videos - Screen Capture - Slide Presentations - Animation
2 Lectures 09:12

In this lecture we look at making online slide presentations using popular online slide producing programs from Microsoft and Google. There are advantages of working online with these programs as they work through all devices including smart phones and tablets. Cloud storage means you can continue to work on your projects when you are away from your desktop.

How to Make Online Slide Presentations for Your Videos and Courses

What is the name of Google's Online document creation site?

What the name of Google's Online document creation site?
4 questions

In this lecture we look at making online automated slide presentations up to 30 seconds for free. This site has 10 million plus users and a number of free templates and music to use for your videos. The student is expected to explore the site and produce a 30 second video. There is also a low cost membership option that gives access to more templates and longer production times as well as the elimination of the branding that is made with the free option.

Free slide videos made online up to 30 seconds
Video Editing Studio software that I use
6 Lectures 31:43

students can download a free fully featured video editor and use it to edit their videos. It has lots of codecs that will read videos captured on your phone or most cameras. Its quite easy to use and will be demonstrated in subsequent lessons.

Download this Free Fully Featured Video Editor

A demonstration of the making of a sample clip is shown using the free video editor by joining together several stock video clips, adding some text overlays and music with fade in and fade out filters.

Sample Clip Using Full Featured Free Video Editing Software

In this lecture I purchase the full version of Wondershare Video Editor and then make a simple video using some of the editors features and effects. The student gets to see the making of the video and the effects used within the Wondershare Video Editor.Wondershare also has a video converter that will convert any .swf you may have made in Jing to mp4 so you can upload to youtube and many other hosting platforms.

Wondershare Video Editor sample video with text animations and effects

Wondershare video editor previously recommended as an inexpensive video editor has now changed name to Filmora. It still has a free version for you to get started and lots of special effects. Very suitable for making music videos or home videos and a good general editor that is easy to use. 

Review of Wondershare video editor now called Filmora

In this lecture I show uou how I edited a video in Camatasia and some of the features that have not been covered in previous videos. The video shows how to remove an unwanted audio track and cover many of the features available in Camtasia Studio by Techsmith.

Camtasia Studio Editing features in more detial

This lecture shows you how to export video in High definition in Camtasia. You will need to provide 720p or HD quality videos if you want to produce video courses on Udemy. High definition is also YouTube preferred sizing and gives your viewer a better visual experience.

How to export HD Video in Camtasia
Making of an Actual Client's Video using Powerpoint and Camtasia
1 Lecture 06:46

In this lecture I show you an actual video that I am making for a client. I show you the slides and the animation used and then the editing in the camtasia studio editor.

Making of a client video using Powerpoint and Camtasia
You Tube Secrets for Traffic
8 Lectures 24:24

In this lecture I show you how to set up a YouTube Channel with a profile picture and channel art in just a few minutes.

Setting up a You Tube Channel

In this lecture I set up a challenge for you to set up your own YouTube channels and help each other. This video has some advanced effects that I will reveal to you in a special webinar if you take up the challenge.

YouTube Secret Strategy and Udemy Course Challenge

What is the secret strategy challenge that is included with this course?

Why should you take up the challenge?
1 question

This lecture shows you how to access features like the you tube enhancements inside the You Tube Video manager. The student is shown how to explore the features in order to learn more about what is available as tools provided by You Tube.

YouTube Video Manager for editing and enhancements

This lecture explains how I verified the You Tube Channel inorder to access more features like adding longer videos than 15 minutes and also uploading custom thumbnails.

Verify your YouTube Account to access more features

This lecture shows how using Longtail Keywords for the video title can help rank your video for multiple keyword searches at once.

Longtail Keyword Title to get found on the search engines

This lecture shows you how to create and add a custom thumbnail for a video and why it is important. I create a slide using an image I purchased and add text using Wordart inside Microsoft Powerpoint then take a screen capture of the slide and upload it as a thumbnail.

Setting a custom Thumbnail for a Video in YouTube

This lecture highlights the value of sharing videos direct from Youtube to social networks. By setting up social network profiles using the gmail account you used to set up your Youtube channel you can effectively increase your views as well as enhancing your video marketing efforts and the prospects of your videos going viral.

Sharing Videos Direct from Youtube to Social Networks

In this lecture I show you how easy it is to subscribe to a channel and also extend the challenge of subscribing to each others channels and watching each others videos. So you can all help each other.

Subscribe to each others channels and view each others videos

This quiz revises the 4 tips for optimising a video for Youtube

What are the basic things you need to do to get found on Youtube
4 questions
Conclusion and Summary of Main Points and Websites
2 Lectures 08:35

This lecture is a summary of the main points and websites and tools that I have introduced you to in this course.

Summary of Main points and Websites

This lecture is the Conclusion for this course and also tell you a little bit more about the presenter and the Info files. There is also a brief outline about what to expect on the webinar if you complete your challenge.

Conclusion and Webinar Brief Outline
About the Instructor
The Info Files
3.8 Average rating
119 Reviews
13,532 Students
1 Course
Wealth Health and Spirituality

Hi my name is Nicolas Zoumis or “Nick Zoom" is my Nick Name and you'll find me on the internet as both. I will be providing courses on a number of topics including Wealth, Health and Spirituality under the brand "The Info Files". The courses will be from both myself and other instructors and I hope we can add value in all these important areas of your life.

I am a father of 3 beautiful children, aged 22, 18 and 17, which are no doubt my greatest accomplishments.

I have a very diverse business background and was a financial planner for 10 years before suffering a heart attack and then suffering side-effects from the medications prescribed. I believe that the medications caused me to have 2 hip replacements far sooner than would have been the case if I was not prescribed statins for cholesterol lowering after the heart attack.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Pharmacology and a strong interest in natural medicine.

After being no longer able to work as a financial adviser, I turned to the internet to re-educate myself. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of courses and so many products that really didn't deliver a lot of value to me. So you can learn from all my mistakes without having to make them yourselves.

I was unfortunate to have my websites hacked and my membership site and another 10 sites were taken down. So I have considerable experience in more ways than one.

The main quality about me is that I love to help people and so I like to share value to everyone that I interact with.

One of the best skills that I have gained is how to make videos to market for business. I have learned how to rank the videos quickly in search engines and you can too. One of my major clients asked me to partner with them, which is Network Copiers in Melbourne Australia and you can visit the site to see how it is put together and ranks for its targeted keywords.

I have quickly dominated local business marketing for clients using video and you can learn how to do this too with my courses and secrets.

A key passion I have is for natural healing and I am preparing more courses that I hope will make a difference in people's lives.

I am also singer and songwriter and devoted to God and metaphysics and in the process of writing my book on this topic.

I am willing to answer any questions that you may have in relation to the courses and would love to hear from you. I will respond to you quickly and hope that you can give me your constructive criticism so we can improve the courses for the betterment of everyone.

I'll be happy to also answer any questions you may have about what you want to learn or for me to include in order to continuously update and improve the course materials.