How To Get Motivated Sellers and Real Estate Investors Calling You?

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How would you like for real estate investors, motivated sellers and buyers to start calling? Would you like to stop having to always chase business?

Learn how to find real estate investors, motivated sellers and buyers with your own real estate lead mature website that will not only help you build your presence online, but make your real estate business more reputable.

If you are going to be successful as a Virtual Real Estate Wholesaler. You must start with the correct type of online presence that will grow your business with little efforts. Learn how to create your own "We Buy Houses Website" that will rank high in the search engines.

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Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling In 30 Days - BASICS

A wholesalers Guide To Virtual Wholesaling Real Estate In 30 Days and Making 6 Figures

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  • When new and seasoned real estate investors finish this course they will have all the tools they need to begin the wholesale process and close on their first deal within 30 days.
  • They will know how to build their wholesale brand online and build their visibility, so motivated sellers can begin to call them.
  • Individuals will learn how to build their own website and know what to put in their websites to create leads.
  • Real Estate Investors will know how to find end buyer and seller leads.
  • You will be able to identify a good deal or bad deal. You will know if the deal is profitable or a waste of your time.
  • You will learn how to evaluate a deal! (From contractors scope of works, to Comparative Marketing Analysis)
  • You will learn how to present yourself to the motivated seller to get the deal.
  • You will learn how to present the deal to an end buyer.
  • You will truly learn WHOLESALING STEP BY STEP and How to get to the closing table and overall close a deal.
English [Auto] Hi I'm Ebony Caldwell with our I investment society. And I'm going to discuss with you how to get more motivated seller Lees if you are a real estate agent a real estate investor or wholesaler. And guess what. All of them. So with that being said we're going to discuss how to get these more motivated seller Lees but most importantly become more reputable online. Here's the thing. Anybody can get Lee's beliefs doesn't mean anything if they're not going to sign with you. If they don't take you serious. If they can even find you or you don't appear to be more reputable. Always remember whatever you're doing somebody else is doing so what is going to set you apart as a real estate investor a realtor or a wholesaler. So if you want to start making more money today getting more leads today and closing more deals this year. Stay tuned and make sure you watch everything that I'm going to go over with you. So the very first thing is you want to go ahead and visit real estate investors coaching and trainee dot com take that Web site out. This is going to be your go to. Reason being is because yes you can create a Web site on here but it's not just about creating the real estate investor's Web site. It's about getting the resources and everything that you need to become successful. And of course you have already an investment society trading. So when you put those two things together and this training that doesn't cost anything is just a resource too for you is definitely a recipe for your success within a real estate industry. And most importantly become a successful. So let's start right here for investors if you want to go ahead and start a demo. So what I'm going to do is use into our Web site right here. OK so you're going to go ahead and put your mail address in here once you put your email address then he is going to ask you what do you want to focus on multi-family wholesaling commercial or short sale. No buy mobile homes and other. So for the sake of this let's go ahead and put wholesaling. Keep in mind I won't tell you why this is good. Just this particular one. Just as a starting point because whether you're a real estate investor you're looking for deals right. You look for motivated sellers. So how selling is going to kind of cover it too. Whether you're a realtor you're looking for motivated sellers. Same thing wholesaling is going to cover it too. The reason why all of these are in here is because these sites are basically template. They pretty much done for you. The only thing you really have to do is go ahead and create your own logo. Putting your own company's information. I will always suggest that you have an LLC if you are a real estate agent and you're with a brokerage that's not yours. A lot of times anything that you do with is off market or even a whole selling that real estate brokers that you with want a percentage of it. So to avoid having to pay your brokers money for things that you've done yourself such as your own marketing then I will highly suggest that you go ahead and create your LLC so that is in his course to definitely create your LLC. Same thing if you're a wholesaler creature LLC. OK so let's go ahead and get started. Let's say you want to do a few deals a month. We gonna start the demo Now the reason that we're starting the demo and doing it here is because I email you would have gotten email and we would kind of take a look at the email here continue to demo. OK. Once we continue to our demo you will be able to see what you can do with this particular Web site is so many different things that you can do with the Web site your care being absolutely fired up so high achieving investors agents crushed online you really feel businesses that truly add that consistency and predictability you're looking for a higher order. Why would you efforts see time you do more of the things you love less hassling with tech. Now we work with thousands of the top seed investors ages from all around the country just like you could generate tens of thousands of leads per month online from motivated sellers to cash buyers retail buyers land known as borrowers tenants or if we want to show you during this demo a bit about what carrot is kind of how it works where it fits into your business model to finally ramp up your online marketing and how it's really the most smart and effective profitable way possible. To do that. So before we dive in and take a look at what charities or software or training or support the whole ecosystem. Take a look at this demo. I think it's really important see why we start here in the first place. Back story. So this is just like a little demo whereas when you visit real estate investors coaching and training you're basically able to kind of sign up for demos so you can see exactly how this real estate investors Web site work. So now if you wanted to let's a launch a Web site real quickly this is just the 30 day free trial that you actually get. It shows you the difference between all of them which is the core which is the content which is their best marketer. Now the vast market is good. If you want to have three different Web sites and along with SEO. But what I will actually teach you in this whole entire course is how you can still capitalize off of the poor or the content pro whereas you will still learn how to do your own marketing your own SDL you're not paying extra. So I'm not here to tell you how to pay extra to spend more money. I'm here to teach you how to grow your business and save more money. And at the end of the day get the most out of your life. So once we go here to investors you've already see right here that we've actually received the e mail. Welcome to your demo. So now you see how that work. What we're going to actually do is do an actual demo so you can see where your potential motivated sellers will click on when they're looking for buying in the house and then how we're going to go ahead a market this Web site. So investors motivated sellers are the whole sellers people. They're just trying to get an idea of how you who you are and another party that we tend to forget about are the hard money lenders. A lot of times the hard money lenders are going to look at you trying to get an idea of who you are. If they don't know who you are and you're asking for all this money but you don't have this experience and it can't find you and you don't have the credit or you don't have the portfolio that they looking for such as the experience. Your website speaks volumes and not just any Web site but a real estate investor website that speaks all of the lingo and language for you. So let's get started. OK so you're looking for more Web sites more sellers right to build that business. Well I'm going to show you different Web sites and how it will benefit you in your business doesn't matter who you are. But if you're within a real estate industry. So if we go down here it just kind of give you an idea. Whereas with this particular type of Web site marketing you are able to is mobile friendly. So whether you are doing though we buy houses the bandit in size fantasized I mean nothing if you don't have a Web site because again everybody get minus signs all over the place. You need to make yourself more reputable. You're going to be able to increase your return of your investment. Now I'm all about SDL so if you watched any of my videos seen anything that I've had been to any of my seminars you're going to know that I'm all about SDL real estate's meaning me. Anything about having a natural organic or life presence. So when you're having your own real estate investing website and it's done correctly as you notice with this particular platform your side will rank really really high. So like an example you see we buy houses. This is what was put in the Google. We buy houses fairs we buy houses fairs Bakersfield. We buy houses in Bakersfield now not getting off the subject with this is always going to be a reminder your Web site should be a target area of where you're going to be really trying to target it at. Right. So many you're trying to target your motivated sellers. So I'm in Chicago. I want to make my keywords which is my FCO search engine optimization. I want to make my keywords basically we buy houses Chicago we buy multi units Chicago. So when you do that then you will pretty much come up that way. So now let's continue to scroll down just to kind of give you an idea why this is very beneficial. OK. As you can see right here this person right here this is just really a review here might be a implemented the Craigslist cause already have three sellers lease a one under contract so having the proper proper marketing proper web site is going to get you more business. Now let's go to the cash Fire Web site. Right. So here you go. We're able to pretty much click on here. You can pretty much get an idea of how the cash buyers Web site look how is going to do our response. We're definitely going to go ahead and test that. All right. There are gonna be the rent to own Web sites. So same exact thing. Click here to see the rent to own Web sites. Here's the desire zip code. Everything it has already pre done for you. So rent to own the local leader in rent to own homes. You can keep that there. You can change it. Everything is customizable to you. But to be honest with you you don't have time to continue to try to customize everything. Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is already done for you. This course is given to you would resources to make sure you know exactly where to go without having to go all over the place without having to go all online. What I have to do months and months and months and years of years of training. This is your go to right here. So you will create your own logo or you can leave as simple as that. Fine rent to own homes. Again I'm in Chicago so I'm going to change it to Chicago. Get your free list. Now here's the thing. You don't have a free list right. So it goes back to you as a real estate investor as the real estate wholesaler as the real estate agent. Now this when it comes to getting a potential second Web site which can get all under the same platform and that would be more of the ninety nine dollars I think the core Web sites where you can get three different Web sites because remember one is going to attract buyers. One is going to try to motivate the sellers. It doesn't matter. Again I must say it again no matter whether you are a real estate investor or a real estate agent in a real estate wholesaler at the end of the day you need real estate investors you need buyers you need sellers so all of them are intertwined with one another. So here I'm going to put the zip code six or six 10. I'm going to go ahead and put my demo Web site and I'm at a demo email address see available homes. Now here's the thing when we click on here it's actually going to send me an email. Now if you look here all the work is being done for you. What type of homes are you looking for here in Chicago. Because out in our Brady set up my platform and the settings to say Chicago finish your read to all profile that they're going to continue to go on and on and on. How did you hear about our Web site. Internet search. You're looking for a single family house to Renee to live in. What's your monthly rental budget your monthly rent budget. Hundred to five hundred dollars so I'm going to say two thousand plus right. What is your estimated credit score. Why. This is good because the more you become you get in this business you're going to start really networking with other people who either A will help you fix credit because you need to make sure that your people credit our fix or this might be the opportunity for you to refer them over to a lender or this may be the opportunity that when you see that their credit score is not the best you may be able to help them you may not be able to help them. But this just kind of give you a ballpark as to what it is you're going to do and how you've actually built your business. What neighborhoods. So I'm just going to say Chicago. Here we go again. I put my information on here. Tess save your preference. This is pretty much it right here. OK. Now what I'm also gonna do now you to see you see everything that I've done. What type of homes are you looking for. Take a look at our inventory. Since that inventory changes every week many of our rental home sales deals don't even get posted on our site. Guess what. While LA. You actually got around the fact you don't have any properties but now you know what to find them. So that's that. Let's go ahead and check our Web site. Rent to own properties. Here it is right here. Remember once you set up your back portal you have all of your signature right here. Now look what this says. Hey I was just checking my phone and saw your info come in that you're looking for rent to own home. What area of town are you looking for specifically just reply back to the message when you get a chance. It helps me to get you on our property sourcing list so I'll know what to for you. Guess what. You haven't done anything at all right. Your Otto's your auto pilot is basically working for you. So now that we've done the available rental all OK I'm going to actually go backwards and let's take a look at other types of properties. So now the type of properties other type of Web site. So here we go back to cash buyers motivated sellers selected motivated sellers we're going to go here. Click on a motivated sellers so you can see how this works to property address. I'm going to go with my office address which is for 1 North Michigan. I want to go ahead and use the test Web site I have my phone number in there again. This is how your site is going to look. This is just giving you just a brief synopsis of it listing versus Sally. Look at this. You ain't putting nothing in here. Everything is already pre populated for you. Sell your home cat. Get a cash offer today. Questions how words testimonials. All of this is already in here for you. There's nothing for you to do. OK so now I'm going to go ahead and put my information in here again scroll down. It's going to go to the demo Web site. How many bedrooms. This is just only a demo. How long So now once we've submitted our information you notice it took them to step two. Excellent. Now a few more questions is actually needed to help us learn more about you. So again it kind of goes into all the detail information for them or if you rather you can give us a call. There's a phone number remember your phone numbers populate it because once you have actually set up your platform in the database that it makes it easier for you to go ahead and basically create your own Web site that's customizable for you. So the only thing that you're really putting in here is your logo. If you have one your dress if you want to put one if nothing else at least put a P.O. box in there your phone number in your email address and the name of your company. Everything else is already pre populated for you unless you chooses to basically go in there and just change some of the wording around. But again like I say Why recreate the will. So I'm getting ready to go back in here. There is another e-mail that came through. Hi. My assistant just for me your information that you submitted on our site a few minutes ago and I wanted to reach out to you have a quick question that house on for one North Michigan if you got the right prize. How fast are you looking to sell it. If you have time tonight let's chat. I love to ask any question that you may have. Thanks be Did you see how you did nothing. You're in a car you're spending time with your family you're coming up with new marketing ideas you're trying to close more deals you just got basically a virtual assistant for you in a Web site. Done a Web site that would cost you thousands of dollars that's costing you little or nothing. But then at the same time it ranks really really high when it comes to marketing. So let's just kind of take a look at the other websites that you can get. And why is beneficial. And then from there. Let's get down to the marketing aspect of it. OK. So now we've already taken a look at the motivated seller Web site. The cash buyer Web site. So let's take a look at all the Web sites that you can get and how you can kind of intertwine each of the Web sites together. So again you have motivated sellers Web sites. Right. Cash buyer Lee's Web site. Sell your property fast or rent to own Web site. Company credibility Web sites no spiders no bodies. If you're the type of person that wants to buy a person known and take over it here here it is right here same exact thing. You click in there click on to note buyer Web sites unlike the Cash stuck in your note below. Note balance how much is it. How much is it. So the note might be seventy five thousand dollars. Again we're going to use myself for this. Get an offer on my note but before I get an offer let's kind of scripts and through here right. So need to sell your mortgage note fast. Here's all the information in here for you. You don't have to do nothing to this even if you don't know too much about nose or don't know where to get the material from you got all the material right here. What types of private notes can we buy. Here's the nose right here. If for whatever reason you do not feel like that you I will buy these type of notes go ahead and delete it modify it again to your custom ability to was what it is that you are trying to do with your company how you are trying to grow your business why work within and why work with Kerry investing to sell your property. OK. Now in this particular case is not a carrot is gonna be your company. Why work with RTI investing to sell your property fast and sell your notepads. Everything that you need is here is that simple. Get all your cash offers by tomorrow. Cash within seven to 14 days. Now remember you're not actually buying these notes. I mean you may you may not be but if nothing else you may have an investors who buy notes. This is why you want to have multiple websites sites not just one but two. So you could get three for the price of one. And I would suggest that you really take advantage of the three get one for whatever your niche is. And then one for motivated sellers and one for buyers. That is an absolute must. So again your phone number is going to be down here. Now let's go ahead and get our all cash offer for our note right. So you notice on here they make sure it's all over the place. You don't do anything and look how professional the site is. Let's get to all four on the note right here. So at an already clicked on it here it is. Excellent. Now I have a few more questions. Look look at this is original. No principal. So let's say one hundred and fifty thousand. Right. Interest rate seven point one to five monthly payment. Seven hundred and eighty nine dollars. Single family residence. Why do you want to sell bankruptcy and this is just only again a sample of what it is that pretty much that we're doing here. So this all this information could go in here. They can just go ahead and skip. Once again my name is Ebony. We're going to go ahead and put that in here. That's time to call what are you ultimate goal is set to sell fast. Now remember this is not you putting this information in. This is going to be the person who wants to sell their note. Again all of your information is going to be basically right here at the bottom. Thanks. So what's next. Tell us about it. Blah blah blah. They're out there to cash offer. OK. With that being said here's our phone number well again. That's my phone number. It goes right there. All of this was already populated for you. Your logo that you created or you had upload it to the Web site. Your phone number. Cash for notes. Contact us again. So here it is. Let's go ahead and check our e-mail again all for all your note. You notice that kind of change up slightly but you don't do anything. Hi. My assistant just for me your information that you submitted on our side a few minutes ago and I want to reach out to you. Quick question. I see the notes has a balance of seventy five thousand if you get the right price. How fast are you looking at Sale. If you have time tonight let's chat you don't do anything but invest in the time to put in your basic information as a real estate investor as a real estate wholesaler as a real estate agent. You did this which allowed you to be able to take the opportunity to see the different types of Web sites. But most importantly to grow your business. Now let's go to land buy Web sites. If you're looking to purchase strictly land vacant lots here in Chicago and even in New York in California in Texas also there are so many different vacant lots that are for sale that developers are looking to buy on a consistent basis. So maybe you your niche is going to be you specialize in vacant land and a lot of times is vacant land and it's vacant lots of just sitting there. So if you want to be the one that specialize in vacant land here it is. And before I even go into their attract more land buyers online. The first place real estate buyers look is on the land is on the land is on the web. So let's go. Click here. As you see scroll down see our just kind of area lots of land for sale. It is user friendly cell phone friendly mobile friendly all day long. One off market land seller lease. This is gonna go ahead and help you get those seller lease. And again like I keep saying before most importantly it's going to make you more reputable be a reputable was everything. If you're not reputable. Nobody's going to do business with you. Oregon land for sale. Remember I'm in Chicago so because I'm in Chicago this is gonna to take Chicago land for sale owner financing. You didn't do any thing all of this information is populated for you. If for whatever reason you don't want this populated in there for you then you could actually omit certain pages out or you could just omit certain information out. OK. So how it works. A person may not want to enter that information and they want to get an idea of who you are. If you're reputable tell us what you're looking for on this site. We'll share our list of available land for sale. Make an offer on the properties you want. We'll work out the details. We calls fast. Right here you can teach escrow. Now we have all type of land that's available here is a time frame. So stop scaring the MLS accounting records for the faint hope of land at best. Reach out to us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll either have it now or we can get it later. So once again you just created this Web site and roughly five minutes. That's that's really it. Facts and questions the facts and questions are already in the Web site. You don't have to come up with the facts and questions. Everything is here what kind of land do you have available. Why are the properties discounted so much on this site. Are you an agent the list properties for sales. Here it is. Answer and this is really really good for you. Another great question is no we're not agents. We buy land and sell land and it goes back to everything that I was saying before on several different courses that can be done maybe with an assignment because again you're not trying to actually purchase all of these vacant lots and not knowing if they're going to be to sell them. So if you haven't take those Simon cautious is real quick brief overview an assignment is basically what is where person A has this vacant land for sale or this property for sale and Ebony turn around or write up a contract with person A to purchase this vacant lot or real estate property for sale as the buyer. I'm going to say Ebony Caldwell and or assign these I'm always a at the inn or signings that means I have the right to assign my interests which is this contract over to another in buyer or another partner. I always say my investment partner. The reason being is because I would never sit there and say that I'm going to sign it over to another buyer because it doesn't look like you are serious about it. It's always pretty much led the personnel and or signings but I might you know for whatever reason I might be working with an investment partner. So that's basically how you kind of going to go around that. But again assignments is when you're basically assigning your contract that you put on that they can land on that they can lot on their real estate property you are signing it over to another buyer you sign it over to your partner. So no you are not an agent for this. In this particular case you are an investor but you are signing it over. Can I use bank financing on these properties. Well we work with investors. So again you do work with investors. How do I make an offer a simple head over to the Contact Us page. It tells them everything that they need to do. How often do you add investment properties. Again we always Eddie. Do you charge any fees to buy sell. No we don't. We charge properties that a win win situation. So again this is the ultimate site for you. So again somebody want to sell they land it take them back to that original page which is what type of land do you have. I have a buildable land so in Chicago we do not have buildable land. We don't have farm land or anything like that. How big is the street or how big is the property. So let's go. I just say 15000 square feet. OK. Whereas the land located at Chicago Illinois and once again we're going to go ahead and put our demo Web site get my cash offer so once we go ahead and click on the Get My cash offer is going to take us to another fancy page to give us more information. Just sort of person just so we can see that the person is serious within at the same time the person see that this is not just a cheesy Web site but this is like a rapid cable company. OK. So here we go we put putting this and again how long have you had this property. We don't have to enter this information in. Just basically everything that is highlighted with Astrid. We must put it. So let's go ahead and submit this information right now. And voila we're actually done. So what's next. Hey you can give us a call. We want to give you a fair offer. Everything once again is right here. Let's go back to our e-mail again. All four on your house selling your property. So there are so many different e-mails that we've gotten from this. My assistant for me your information. We've already done the list now. Here we go. The last and final thing that I want to show you here on this particular Web site and why is definitely important for you to go ahead and utilize it as a resource to to become successful. So like I say there are several different Web sites that you can actually capitalize off of with this. OK. With this particular investor's resource to so outside of the land by leaves you have the land seller leaves the owner finance leaves the mobile home leaves pretty much anything that you want. Another thing that is huge is the resources that you get. So once you sign up listen to me I'm huge on real estate investing I'm huge on real estate market I'm huge on flipping properties. But again as a house flipper you're trying to sell resell your property you need to be able to get good properties that are off market. How are you going to find these good properties that are off market your Web site in your reputation is going to be everything. So if you're already targeting potential motivated sellers you're able to find out and pick out what type of properties that you want based upon information that they put in. So here are all the resources that you can actually use utilize the direct mail check list things of that nature. The FCO Bible again already teach MCO but this is extra information you use on how to build your website FCO bible for real estate investors content marketing for ages online marketing and budgeting. So this is your platform. This is your portal to help grow your business again whether your real estate investor whether your real estate agent. Go ahead get your list today become extremely successful in this business. In order for you to become extremely successful in this business you have to have the right tools. I'm here to give you the right tools for you to go ahead and be successful but you have to start from somewhere. So go to real estate investors coaching and training just to play around with the side just to do your demos. Once you do that then continue on with the remaining of the course where as you are understanding FCO understanding how to market your property for sale. Because again even once you find the motivated sellers the motivated sellers doesn't mean anything. If you've found the property but now it's time to get rid of it or you found the property but now you need to evaluate it correctly. If you don't know how to evaluate the property correctly but you found the motivated seller. What good is that because you almost kind of you potentially could be ripping yourself off. The whole goal of finding a property finding a property fixing a property flipping a property is to make sure you are making money and you're not finding any property and you're not getting any property fund because if you get any property fund it you may not ever be able to get more business again or more funding again from hard money lenders because your flip was a flop. So sign up today for real estate investors coaching and training. Play around with the demo and if you need help I'm always available. Simple question and good luck on your success.