Introduction To MATLAB Simulations Using Simulink

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  • Understand What MATLAB is and Its capabilities in MATLAB
  • Master the MATLAB Basics with step by step Exercises in MATLAB
  • Use MATLAB sufficiently as a Calculator to solve your Mathematical problems in MATLAB
  • Generate 2D & 3D Plots in MATLAB
  • Create 2D Animations in MATLAB.
  • Create Algorithms using the MATLAB programming capabilities in MATLAB
  • Import & Analyze data from Excel & txt files in MATLAB
  • Perform symbolic Mathematics using Symbolic Math Tool Box in MATLAB
  • Learn simulation of power electronics circuits using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Understand how to simulate AC-DC converters as half and full bridge rectifiers using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Understand how to simulate AC-AC converters as single phase AC choppers using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Learn how to simulate DC-DC converters as buck, boost and buck-boost regulators using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Simulate DC-AC converters such as half, full bridge and three phase inverters using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Learn how to simulate PV cell using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Learn about separately excited DC machine and how to simulate it using Simscape and how to model it using Simulink in MATLAB
  • Learn about different converters principle of operation such AC choppers, DC choppers, inverters and rectifiers
English [Auto] Hi and welcome everyone to this section for the course of Matlab. And this part we are going to do some simulations using Z simulation at all inside matlab. So first I'm Mohammad Manzi an electrical power engineer and of course I love teaching electrical engineering topics. You will find that I teach electrical machines power electronics electric circuits electrical substations a solar energy and so on. Lots of courses about electrical power engineer. So in this part of the course I'm going to teach you some simulations using the power electronics. So in this part of that content for this section is number one. We are going to simulate ze with Control Director fire is the Richter fire which converts from AC to DC. But how wave as we would see how it looks. And of course Zee Bridge or the full way of controlled erector fire we will also simulate the AC shopper which is used to control the AC voltage and disease he should power with our resistive load and are able to see it as load. Also in this part of or the section for is of course we are going to discuss the part regulator which is considered as DC to DC converter. Use the two step downs ADC voltage. For example if we have at twelve a Volt and I would like to decrease eight to 10 Volt or mine Volt or eight Volt or whatever. We will use ziplock regulator and also as a circuit and simulated inside the simmering program and obtain the graphical results. Also we are going to use the postal regulator or the post converter as this type is used to step up or increase the DC in what voltage also are going to discuss Zi Pak boast regulator which is used to step up the voltage or step down the Volt depending on the value of the duty cycle as you will see inside that simulation part then we are going to discuss as a single Phase 1/2 bridge inverter which is used to convert design DC to AC and is the full bridge inverter. And finally we are going to simulate a three phase inverter converters and embodies voltage to a three phase outward supply shifted by 120 degree. All of us who are going to discuss inside this path for the course one final word is that if you'd want to know about with power electronics I suggested that the use in my own course for power electronics in order to benefit well from this part for this course. Okay. So I hope to see you in my own course. And if you have any questions you can ask and I will always be for you. And of course as this course for Matlab is always updated with time and more simulations are added to help you learn more about Ze Matlab program.