Forex Trading Secrets of the Pros With Amazon's AWS
4.4 (109 ratings)
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Forex Trading Secrets of the Pros With Amazon's AWS

Freely run your MT4 EAs and robots & backtest limitlessly lightning fast. Get your 20 FREE servers while you still can.
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4.4 (109 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,492 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2015
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  • 2 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get 20 FREE Amazon AWS servers for 1 full year
  • Confidently setup 20 servers easily and quickly
  • Making mistakes with AWS servers is no problem, simple fixes in seconds.
  • Learn about the dangers of competing traders; VPS services stack hundreds of accounts onto one single computer
  • Learn how to maintain privacy and security of your trades from your broker
  • Learn how to use the same server configurations and setups of professional traders that allows you to trade with confidence knowing your hardware is backed by Amazon.
  • Learn how to create alerts that lets you know when something goes wrong, so you can still have a life while trading. (Lets you leave the house!)
  • Have full control over your servers through your mobile phone
  • Learn how to discover and test EA's and re-optimize them every week
  • Be able to backtest MT4 EAs in 1/20th of the time
  • Learn how to tap into limitless backtesting power
  • Learn about the dangers of latency (Internet delays)
  • Get a checklist of questions to ask your broker for the fastest server locations so you can get better trading results.
  • Be able to access all the powerful features of Amazon's AWS Servers
  • Learn the easy way to do server backups
  • Learn how to keep your servers performing at its best
  • Learn how to backtest your strategies in a fraction of the time
  • Learn how to manage your 20 servers
  • Understand why it's important to not rely on home Internet connection to trade
  • Learn how to backtest utilizing all 20 servers at once
  • Keep an ever growing resource for anything you want to do with Amazon's AWS
  • Discover eye-opening trades that you didn't know existed
  • Transform your way of thinking about trading: exploration of possibilities
  • Shamelessly exploit Amazon's AWS servers for free
  • FREE BONUS: Ready-To-Go (R2G) Servers; Pre-configured and pre-installed software
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  • No prior knowledge of server setup is needed.
  • Have a desire to use the same technology that professional Forex traders already use.

Being a profitable Forex trader in the past has been almost impossible. But the game has recently changed! Amazon has recently updated their AWS Virtual Server Program to give you Forex trading superpowers.

How do we know this?
We build very large trading systems for hedge-funds and private equity firms with Amazon's AWS. Now, with Amazon's recent update, it's now possible for retail traders like you to have the same power.

Imagine being able to test hundreds of Forex robots that would have taken months, in just an hour. What this means to you is that in this course you will learn how you can discover your own personal, profitable trading robot in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Imagine being able to trade sub-10-millisecond on high-powered, blazing low-latency trade servers that can literally turn losing trades into winning trades. What this means to you is that in this course you will learn how strategies that can't make money trading from your home, you can now unleash and make it profitable.

Imagine having the trading advantages of computing power and trading infrastructure that was only available to professional traders for thousands of dollars per month. What this means to you is that in this course you will lean how you can easily control and access the advantages that professional traders use to make money.

Now imagine you can have all this for free!

Free? I know what you're thinking. This can't be true, and there must be a catch. Well, it is true. And the catch is that it's only free for a year, and Amazon might revoke this offer at any time.

So claim your free year now, and discover your profitable trading robots, then trade like crazy for the next year.

When your year is over, you will learn a rarely used trick (which is perfectly legal, and totally okay with Amazon) to get all your computing power for pennies per day.

So start now and claim your free year!

This course is taught through 3 types of lessons:

Quick-Success Lessons
These don't waste your time with fluff, so you can begin profiting from this course right now. They have you achieve specific goals in step-by-step lessons so you can discover your own new profitable trading robots, setting up power trading systems, all, right away, with no delays.

Bite-Sized Lessons as a Resource
We tried to keep all the lessons bite-sized so you can use this course as a resource. Whenever you need to do something, you can refer to that lesson right away. What this means to you is that you will never "get stuck". Just find the lesson, and it will walk you through any technical issue.

Concepts & Ideas
These lessons will give you more background so you can taking your trading profits to the next level. You will be pro at using these servers, and allow you to use your new knowledge to expand your trading above and beyond.

*NOTE: A Living Course
This is a living, breathing course. As you ask questions in the Discussion Section, we will add lesson. This course will continue to grow into your largest, growing resource.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your trading and capture the power of Amazon's AWS servers. Invest in you. You owe it to yourself. Take the course today.

Course Bonus: FREE Ready-To-Go Servers: Our techies have set up pre-configured, pre-installed, and ready to go servers that you can launch in seconds to begin finding your own personal trading robots. Unleash your potential though fast backtesting.

Plus! You also get:

  • Unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost
  • Full 30 day money-back guaranteed, no questions asked refund
  • Ever Growing Continuous Updates
  • Community Driven Updates

    You are your first investment. Invest in yourself today and profit from taking this course. Start Now.
  • Who is the target audience?
    • All Forex traders who want to understand the hidden reasons why their trading is not going well as it should be.
    • New traders that want to learn how to do it right, from the beginning.
    • All Forex traders who want to backtest their strategies without the limitations of expensive hardware costs and want it done deadly fast.
    • All Forex traders who want to get 10 FREE MT4 trade servers and 10 FREE Backtesting servers from Amazon.
    • All Forex traders who want to use technology that professional traders use that was not affordable to "regular" traders.
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    Curriculum For This Course
    76 Lectures
    Introduction: Here's How Amazon Will Actually Improve Your Trading
    11 Lectures 34:34

    Amazon's latest release changes the game completely for Forex Traders. You now have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computing power available to discover all new, profitable trading strategies -- all while you sleep. For free. Here's how this course will unleash that new technology for you. Today.

    Preview 04:13

    If you set it up correctly, Amazon's latest release offers Forex traders the best possible technology for live trading due to numerous technology upgrades, which you all get for free. This is really unbeatable technology, especially if you set it up correctly.

    Preview 03:53

    No messing around. This course is broken down into bite sized, fast action lessons to get you right to the points of achieving your goals. Here's how it all works.

    Preview 02:20

    Other than the great pricing, it's free, there are lots of technological advantages that Amazon's AWS offer to make your trading better.

    How To Make Your Trading Easier with These Technology Advantages.

    Other than making trading easier to do, this technology will actually improve your trading results. That means more profits, less slippage, less losers. Seems incredible, but it's true.

    How To Actually Improve Your Trading Results

    You will learn how using our approach to trade servers makes it safe and easy. You never have to worry about breaking something. It's completely different from a home computer or laptop. You can restore in seconds, and never have to worry if something goes wrong.

    Never Worry About Mistakes With This Course & Amazon's Technology

    One of the biggest concerns traders have is that their broker can access your trading or systems. Privacy and control is a crucial issue for traders. Here's how to protect yourself.

    How To Protect Yourself From Your Broker

    Here is how you can actually gain more winning trades with just a simple technology change. It seems unbelievable, but it's true. Here's how it works.

    How To Get More Winning Trades and Avoid Losers From This Technology

    Can you actually trade from home? What if you have a powerful computer, and the best Internet available? Will it work?

    Can You Successfully Trade From A Home Computer Long-Term?

    Kirill Eremenko has a course about Forex VPS (which we strongly recommend). In that course he has problems with Amazon due to Amazon's extreme privacy and security. He was absolutely correct. In fact other traders have bumped into the same problem as well.

    Fortunately, Amazon has made a change that solved this problem, which is all covered in this course. You can still get the privacy and security you want -- it just won't surprise you anymore, and you have more control. We'll walk you through all of it, don't worry.

    On another note, Mr. Eremenko's (Kirill's) courses are some of our personal favorites for Forex trading, and we strongly recommend all of Kirill's courses!

    A Note On One Of Our Favorite Udemy Educators
    1 page

    You ask questions in the Discussion Section, then we will create New Video Lessons as Answers. This course will grow, and grow to be the biggest, most-awesomest Amazon AWS Trading Server Technical Resource ever!

    How This Course Will Grow Based On Your Questions!
    Quick Success: Claim & Launch Your First Free Servers
    13 Lectures 47:07

    As of this writing, Amazon is offering enough computing time and resources to run 20 Backtesting Servers, Full Time VPS Trading Servers, and lots of other free resources. They could change this offer anytime. Be sure to lock-in your benefits before they cancel, or change this deal.

    Step-By-Step: Claim Your Free 20 Servers Before The Offer Ends

    There are lots of ways to launch servers. Here is the straight-forward and easiest way to get your server up and running.

    Step-By-Step: Launch Your First Server The Easy Way

    You will learn how to get your password for your new server and a RDP (Remote Desktop) File so you have convenient one-click connections to your server.

    Step-By-Step: Get Your Password and RDP File

    You will learn how to customize your One-Clck RDP File with some cool features to make using your new server convenient and easier.

    Step-By-Step: Customizing Your Convenient One-Click Connection

    Learn how to use your convenient RDP File and how it works.

    Step-By-Step: How To Use Your Convenient One-Click RDP File.

    A quick tour of your new toy and some of the cool new features and gadgets that come with it.

    Step-By-Step: Playing With Your New Toy (er, I meant Server)

    One of the things that confuses and frustrates lots of users is a super security feature that is enabled with Windows Servers. Here's a quick and easy way to control it.

    Step-By-Step: Windows Power User Insider Secret - Enabling Internet browsing.

    Learn how to set your own personal password for your server (something easier for you to remember) and localize your machine so it's more convenient for you.

    Step-By-Step: Set Password. How To Custome Your Server To Make It Easier

    Learn how to avoid some really weird errors you get when trying to customize your password.

    Step-By-Step: New Password Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    From your Android or iOS device, you can do anything with your Live Trading or Backtesting VPS. It's just like you are there. Fast, easy, convenient.

    Mobile Control: How Powerful It Is To Control Your Backtest or Live Trade Mobile

    You will learn the easy ways to get the settings to use your servers from your mobile phone.

    Step-By-Step: Easy Prep For Mobile Connections

    You will learn how easy it is to set up your mobile phone to control your servers with these step-by-step instructions.

    Step-By-Step: How to trade and backtest from your phone.
    Can Being Closer to My Broker Really Change My Trading?
    6 Lectures 18:43

    Each broker has servers in different locations. How important is this to your trading? Will it really make a difference?

    Overview: What's Important About Your Speed To Your Broker's Server

    This is a printable checklist of questions you should ask your broker.
    Also included are the formats how you should expect the answer. In addition there is a question to measure the quality of your broker's technology. Many Forex brokers might have a great looking website, but the technology underlying their trading might be cheap. That's no good for you, and a HUGE red flag.

    You can also use this checklist to interview potential brokers.
    I hate to say it, but a lot of Forex brokers are poor operations. If they hesitate over giving you any of this information, or if their technology isn't top-of-the-line, then they aren't really serious about you winning trades. Beware.

    Broker Checklist (Questions to ask your broker.)
    1 page

    With Amazon offering servers all around the world, you will learn step-by-step how to measure the quality of the connection to your broker's server and where you should locate your servers for the best trading.

    Step-By-Step: How To Find The Fastest Server To Your Broker - Speed = Profit.

    This is an example of what the measurements look like trading from home, with the fastest possible, highest tier 100 Megabit Internet connection available

    Want to see how bad it is to trade from home?

    With Amazon offering servers all around the world, here is an overview of the different locations and how to put your servers there.

    Overview: Global Server Locations. Find The Best.
    Unleash Your Trading Profits: Ready To Find New Profitable Trading Strategies?
    13 Lectures 53:35

    There's no catch or trick. You literally have an unlimited amount of computing power available right now. Right now! Here's how you can transform your trading with just a change in the way you think about trading.

    How Transform Your Trading With Your Own Personal Supercomputer. For Free.

    Part 1 of this step-by-step is starting with a fresh server to build our backtesting template with.

    Step-By-Step: Create Backtest Server Template - Start with a fresh image.

    Set the server up so it can be cloned, then be completely ready to launch a specific backtest.

    Step-By-Step: Create Backtest Server Template - Set it up for cloning.

    In this step you will learn how to create a template image that can be cloned to many servers to speed up your backtesting.

    Step-By-Step: Create Backtest Server Template - Create an image for cloning.

    In this lesson you will learn how to check to see if your clone template is ready to be cloned.

    Step-By-Step: Create Backtest Server Template - Checking on your clone image.

    In this lesson you will learn the real power of cloning your backtest and how easy it is to launch 6 (or as many as you like) servers to speed up your backtesting.

    Step-By-Step: Launching 6 Cloned Servers at the Same Time

    In this lesson you will lean how to easily connect to your cloned backtest servers and control them with just a single click.

    Step-By-Step: Easily Connecting To Your 6 Backtesting Cloned Servers

    You will learn how powerful and conveniently you can watch all your servers (even up to 20) at the same time to see when their backtest is finished. Your own clone army :)

    Step-By-Step: Watch 20 Servers On A Single Screen To See When They Are Finished

    Now that your own personal backtesting clone army has finished their backtests, you will learn how easy it is to get the backtesting results down from your servers.

    Step-By-Step: Get Your Backtest Results Back From Your Clones The Easy Way

    Your clones have finished their job of getting fantastic backtest results for you. Time to learn how to kill your clones. Don't worry. You can launch all new clones with a single click when you need them!

    Step-By-Step: Got Your Results. Time To Kill The Clones :(

    Once your clones are finished and deleted, you will learn how to take a quick glance to make sure nothing is left over.

    Step-By-Step: Just A Quick Easy Clean Up After Your Clones

    You've got so many options. And they are all cheap! Most cost *LESS* than a penny per hour! So which ones produce the best backtest results?

    Which Servers Produce The Best Backtests?
    Free Monitoring and Alerting So You Can Live Life Stress Free While Trading
    8 Lectures 36:00

    Here is a quick lesson on the types of alerting and benefits of what Amazon has for free.

    Free Integrated 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting For Less Stress

    There all sorts of alerts available, and you can use them for all sorts of useful and cool things. Most people only think about alarms and alerts when things go wrong. But what about alerts and emails when backtests are done, or when lots of trading is happening?

    Learn about not only alerts for problems, but also know when backtests are done!

    You will learn step-by-step how to set up 24/7 monitoring and email alerts for each of your servers. You will also learn how to make sure you don't get false alarms! Because, nobody likes false alarms at 4am.

    Step-By-Step: Setting Up Server Down Monitoring and Alerting

    Keeping your servers running smoothly is important to great trading. Here's a set-by-step on how to configure all sorts of CPU monitoring and alerts. Not just for problems, but also for other uses!

    Step-By-Step: Setting Up High CPU Alerts - Make your servers run smoothly.

    Okay, you've got all your alarms set up. Now you will learn how to make sure you actually get your alerts! Here's how you can confirm and make sure everything is working properly!

    Step-By-Step: Confirming Your Email - To make sure you get all the alerts.

    Amazon offers different kinds of servers. It's important to understand the difference, and what they are good for. For instance, Variable CPU doesn't mean you don't know what you are getting, it means you are guaranteed CPU, but the times you need more (like when the market is screaming), you can have extra CPU when you need it.

    Different Server Types - Find the best free server for your needs.

    These programs have been tested and proven to destroy ANY computer's performance. Certainly don't let any of these programs come close to your trading or backtesting servers!

    Things Not To Install - Software that kills your trading. Don't install these.
    Relax With 15 Second Disaster Recovery
    7 Lectures 23:18

    One of our favorite things about Amazon is the power of their backup system. We've never seen a smoother, easier to use system than this. Here's how it works.

    Making Backups Is Even Easier Than You Think

    With this approach to backups, it's literally seconds before you can have a clean, restored, perfectly working VPS server, no matter how badly you mess things up :)

    Make Your Life Easy & Convenient With 15 Second Image Backups

    Okay, the description says it all. But it really is as easy as that.

    Step-By-Step: Backups. One click. 5 Seconds Later. Done.

    With easy step-by-step instructions you will learn why you never really need to worry about making mistakes or breaking something!

    Step-By-Step: Delete Broken Servers Before Replacing Them

    Ok, you've learned how easy it is to back up. Now you will learn how it's even easier to restore a server back to perfect.

    Step-By-Step: Problem? One Click Restore. Back in Business.

    One of the great benefits of the way we show you how to do backups is that you can visually see what's going on at all times. No confusion.

    Step-By-Step: How To Visually Keep Track Of Your Backups
    Get Free Extra Bonus Backtesting Servers (Save Hours By Turning Off)
    5 Lectures 14:27

    What do you mean bonus servers? What are these things? How can I get some?

    What? I Can Get Even More Servers? Free? Here's how.

    Just a few quick changes to your thinking, and suddenly you will have more bonus servers. It's easier than you think!

    How to create more free bonus servers.

    Here's how to safely put to sleep servers you don't need at the moment, and buy yourself some bonus server time.

    Step-By-Step: Waste Not, Want Not. Sleep When Not In Use.

    Here's the easy way to see what your servers are doing, and how you can easily wake up servers you need to use.

    Step-By-Step: How To Check On Your Server Status and Waking Up Servers
    Want An Unlimited Supply Of Dirt-Cheap, Super-Powerful Backtest SuperComputers?
    8 Lectures 39:34

    How cheap are we talking?
    How about servers for less than a penny per hour.

    Less than a penny, really?
    Yup, as in.. 10 hours of use just to make one penny.

    How about really powerful computers perfect for backtesting?
    How about less than 2 pennies per hour. So a 2 hour back test for the total cost of 3 cents.

    What about a really, really powerful computer to handle any type of complex backtest
    Oh, those are more expensive. How about less than 4 pennies per hour.

    All true, learn about them here.

    What Is Spot Server? - Amazon's spare supercomputing is yours for pennies.

    Think of these as super-powerful, amazingly-awesome, disposable wipes of backtesting computers. Pull out as many as you need. Use them, abuse them, then dispose of them. No fuss, no muss, no messy cleanup.

    Advantage of Spot Servers vs Demand Servers - Easy cleanup. Use then dispose.

    Remember those days when your computer said it would take hours to run a backtest? Got 20 symbols, 20 hours of pain. Those days are gone forever. 20 symbols, use 20 servers. Get results in an hour. Then tweak the EA a little, and get more answers in another hour. Fear not, backtest like a boss. Total Cost: $1.

    Why Would You Want Cheap Servers? - Fear not, backtest like a boss.

    You have the ability to build your own backtesting and clone army for pennies. Now it's time to change the way you think about trading so you can make use of them.

    Clones Work Hard and Are Cheap - Build Your Own Clone Army

    You thought these servers were cheap, here's how you can get them even cheaper, and how to properly price them.

    Step-By-Step Pricing Spot Servers - How to save even more money!

    Here's a step-by-step lesson on how to launch your clone army.

    Step-By-Step Launching A Spot Server - Launch a thousand servers with one click.

    It sounds cruel, but your clones feel no pain. Honestly. When you are done with them, kill them off.

    Step-By-Step Killing Spot Servers When You Are Done WithThem
    Free Bonus: Ready-To-Go (R2G) PreConfigured Backtest Servers
    5 Lectures 19:25

    Quick-Success - Launching a Ready-To-Go Server

    Quick-Success - Checking In On and Connecting To Your New Server

    Quick-Success - Discovering a new Trading Strategy (EA)

    Quick-Success - Getting The Results and the Next Steps
    About the Instructor
    (Quants Not Nerds) Hedge Fund Programmers AlgoDevelopment
    4.4 Average rating
    108 Reviews
    4,492 Students
    1 Course
    Quant Development Firm For HedgeFunds & Private Equity

    The company I own (Quantitative Technologies) creates advanced analytics for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms dealing in Stocks, Options, Forex and Futures. Quant is just a fancy way of saying we rely on numbers, not opinions. So I've been in the financial industry for the past 15 years looking at stocks, and numbers.

    Suddenly, and I'm still not sure how it happened, my children grew up. Now they are all young teens. So I wanted to make sure they were fully educated in stocks, trading and investing. I am doing this so they won't have to worry about money as adults.

    I wanted to teach them the "Classics". The top trading books from the masters of trading and investing. So I selected the top 20 or so books on Trading and Stock Investing to teach them from.

    But it dawned on me: Okay, these are the top selling books, but does that make them right?

    You know we are a bunch of math nerds/quants here, we rely on numbers, not opinions. Plus this is my children's future on the line here. So I grabbed the top 50 or so books, and handed them over to my math analyst guys, and said, "Verify Them!"

    If they can't be proven to work, they aren't worthy of teaching my kids. Period.

    Opinions are a dime a dozen, I want proof.

    So these collections of courses are our attempt to share these findings and analysis with the world. The materials you see are the same materials being used to teach my children, and the children/relatives of those that work with us.

    The process of verifying the approaches in these books required distilling and simplifying the fundamental approaches of these books. So that's why these are Fast-Track guides. The books have lots of background material, stories, and historical references, but we've boiled it down to the core actions needed to put them into action. So that's what you are getting. The Fast-Track Action Guides to get going with these book concepts.

    We priced the courses at $300 because they include free add-on tools that are expensive for us to offer, and require quite a bit of computing and server resources. Plus we want to support our students into the future. So we want to make sure that only serious students apply.

    We will also be releasing several courses designed to give you the technical skills to use, and put into action the investing and trading ideas you will learn in our courses.

    So if you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the Discussion Section of the courses, and I'll fire them off to our tech crew to get you answers.

    I look forward to seeing you in one of our courses!