Turn ASP.NET Core Application Into Single-Page Application
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Turn ASP.NET Core Application Into Single-Page Application

Building Complex Cross-platform Single Page Application on ASP.NET Core After Using My toufiqElahySPA.js(Jquery Plugin)
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2 students enrolled
Created by Toufiq Elahy
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Building a Powerful and most Complex Single-Page application Within 1 hour
  • Creative way to make single-page application(less code, do more)
  • Making Cross-Platform Single Page Application with .NET Core
  • How toufiqElahySPA .js plugin can turn any Web application into Single-Page Application within 2 minutes
  • How this Course will minimize development time and cost a lot
  • How to run .Net Core Single-Page application in Linux
  • How Single-page technique will improve the Software performance
  • How toufiqElahySPA .js plugin will make developer's life lot simple
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  • Developer must have experience with Building ASP .NET Core or ASP. NET-MVC application
  • Developer Must go through Microsoft documentation: "Getting started with ASP .NET Core MVC and Entity Framework Core using Visual Studio"
  • Developer should have basic knowledge: How ASP. NET-MVC application works
  • Developer should have little experience in C#, Linq
  • Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017 is highly preferable
  • Good Experience with jQuery is Mandatory

Creative way to turn any ASP.NET-MVC or ASP.NET Core Application Into Single-Page Application Within 2 minutes after using my (toufiqElahySPA.js)Jquery Plugin. Here, toufiqElahySPA.js is a Jquery Plugin which is responsible to turn any web application into single page application. I developed this Plugin to minimize developer's effort while working on Creating Single Page Application. Let's see, how my Plugin can make developers life better.

Single page applications are more capable of decreasing load time of pages and the amount of data transfer from server to client.

Why This Course?

  1.  There are several pain points while working with Javascript framework like AngularJs, React, VueJs, Knockout, meteor e.t.c. in a ASP.NET MVC application in order to create Single-Page Application. Few Pain Points Are:
    1. Need to specify routing for each request
    2. Need to modify Server side technology according to Javascript framework
    3. Only possible to debug on run time 
    4. Hard-coded data-binding caused too many error
    5. Increase the complexity a lot
  2.   developer no need to learn any javascript framework and also no need to write much Jquery code to make Single Page Application after using my Jquery Plugin(toufiqElahySPA.js).
  3.  Note: developer can also use other JavaScript framework(angularjs, knockout, react e.t.c.) side by side with my Jquery Plugin. But no need, i will prove
  4. I applied the Plugin in a .NET Web application. This plugin will also work for Other Web Technologies too. I will show in my future course.

This course is so important to Developer who loves: 

  1. Strongly Typed data-binding(Razor code)
  2.  Compile time error checking, 
  3. auto code completion(IntelliSense), 
  4. Re-usability ,
  5. not to get Run-time error unexpectedly 
  6. to get rid from complexity should definitely take this course.

Why (toufiqElahySPA.js)Jquery plugin is better than any JavaScript framework:

(1) Developer won't need to write too much Javascript code after using my plugin wheres developer usually writes too many javascript code while working with AngularJs(javascript framework)

(2) Developer won't need to write Jquery ajax code because the plugin has ajax function specified which will be called automatically as a common function

(3) Developer won't need to specify routing as like AngularJs because My plugin will follow ASP.NET MVC routing by default.

(4) Developer can learn using my plugin easily and quickly. just need to follow only 5 rules of my plugin and any complex scenario can be achieved through this plugin like AngularJs [i will prove] 

(5) Developer can also make Single-Page app even not following those 5 rules of the plugin. Those rules are for critical situation. First 2 rules is enough to solve any heavy lifting work.

What technology is used in front-end?

  • Mainly Jquery
  • HTML & Razor Code

What technology is used in back-end?

  • c#, Linq
  • Entity Framework

What tools you will need?

  • Any Version of Visual Studio will Work but try to get Latest Updated Version
  • .NET Core 2.0 will need to be installed in your Machine
  • Any browser Whatever you like most

Why I applied My Plugin to Asp .NET Core application:

  • Cross-platform needs.
  • High-performance and scalable systems.
  • All coding best practices (asynchronous programming, dependency injection)

Within this course I will Show:
 How powerful and complex cross-platform single page application we can build with my Plugin  And how my SPA technique can improve the Software performance both on server and client side.

How toufiqElahySPA.js(jquery plugin) works:

  • If End user click any Link or submit any Form or click Backward or Forward button on browser, the common ajax function of the Plugin will be invoked automatically.
  • 5 rules of the plugin to handle critical situation:

(1) Assign ajax-target="selector" if you want to partially update the content.
example:<a href="/" ajax-target="selector"></a> <button href="/" ajax-target="selector"></button> <input href="/" ajax-target="selector"/>   <form action="/" ajax-target="selector"></form>

(2) Assign eval="functionName(parameters....)" if you want to play more with the ajax callBack response(data),status,JqrXHR
console.log($this); //here, $this is the object seletor which is responsible for click or submit event
console.log($ajaxTarget); //here, $ajaxTarget is the object seletor from ajax-target's value[example: if ajax-target=".abc" then $ajaxTarget=$('.abc')]
console.log(data); //here, data is the ajax response..data can be anything like json,string,html,decimal,integer..anything
console.log(JqrXHR); //here, JqrXHR is the xmlHttpRequest of ajax response[to access statusCode write JqrXHR.status]

(3) Assign onClick="functionName(event)" or onSubmit="functionName(event)" if you want to do something before calling this plugin's ajax method
example:  <a href="/" onClick="functionName(event)"></a> <form action="/" onSubmit="functionName(event)"></form>
function functionName(event){
if(confirm('do you really want to delete this?')==false){
event.stopPropagation(); //it will prevent the further event bindings
event.preventDefault(); //and it will prevent using this plugin's ajax method

(4) Remove data-toggle="modal" while using both modal and this plugin side by side..keep the data-target="selector" all time
example: <a href="/" ajax-target="#globalModalContent" data-target="#globalModal"></a>  //here, data-toggle="modal"(attribute) already removed from anchor tag

(5) Assign class="stopAjax" if you don't want to use this plugin.
example:  <a href="/" class="stopAjax"></a>   <form action="/" class="stopAjax"></form>

I will explain all these 5 rules in 10 minutes within this course. True fact is: learning these 5 rules are enough to learn this entire Course. 

Money-Back Guarantee:

After taking this course, if any student fail to achieve his goal, i will refund. Make sure you followed my video's and source code and specially my 5 rules. If something is still unclear, you can ask question in the forums, i will reply. Happy Coding!

I hope! You will Enjoy this magic Course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who loves Strongly Typed, Compile time error checking, auto code completion(IntelliSense)
  • Students who are tired of working with AngularJs,React,VueJs,Knockout in .NET MVC application
  • Students who want to turn any Web application Into single-page application Within 2 Minutes
  • Students who don't want to waste their time in learning any Javascript Framework like angular 2/4, react, knockout e.t.c.
  • Students who want to learn building single-page application only with jQuery
  • Students who don't want to learn much Front-end Stuff in building Single-Page Application
  • Students who want to create cross-platform single page application with .NET Core
  • Students who is looking for creative way to solve his daily life problems easily
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Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures 25:40

solve complex scenario using the plugin

single row update is better than updating the table rows

updating single record is better for performance

deleting single row

delete associated course of the student
CRUD operatin in Course and Department Page
8 Lectures 12:07

adding multiple records

updating multiple records

deleting row dynamically

partial content in modal window

adding department record from modal window

editing department record

deleting department record
Let's see everything in 1 Page
1 Lecture 02:14
Final Thoughts
1 Lecture 04:01
About the Instructor
Toufiq Elahy
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Software Developer

 have a strong working experience with following technologies:

1. Visual Studio 2017, C#, Asp-NET-MVC, Linq, SignalR,ASP.NET Identity 2.0, S.O.L.I.D principles
2. MS SQL Server, Entity Framework,AutoMapper, Design patterns, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing(TDD), Selenium,SpecsFor
3. Web Services(asmx),WCF(SOAP), Web API 2(RESTful services), JSON
4. JQuery(consume api), Ajax, JavaScript, Angular 2(consume api),node.js,react.js,mongoDB(noSQL)
5. HTML5, CSS ,Bootstrap
6. Bitbucket , Git,Agile project management and bug tracking tools (JIRA), slack
7. Expert in developing [Single Page Application(SPA)] using jquery ajax or AngularJS
8. Desktop app development: winforms , WPF(windows presentation foundation) with MVVM
9. ASP-net core with Entity Framework core =[The FUTURE]
10. Mobile app development: Xamarin, Cordova(ionic 2+)