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Whether you’re trying to build a full single-page application or merely add a bit of interactivity to your existing app, Vue.js has a spectrum of tools to help you get your job done, and Udemy has a course that can help you get up and running quickly.

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If you’re looking for a JavaScript web framework that isn’t going to drown you in complexity, take a look at Vue.js. Vue.js takes what other frameworks have done before, but does it in a way that’s fresh and easy-to-use. Using Vue.js lets you focus your application rather than on your framework.

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Vue (pronounced like view) is a frontend development framework for JavaScript (JS) that you can use to build web-based user interfaces. You can also use it to create one-page applications and handle animations, interactive elements, and graphics. Generating projects is also possible with the user-built presets, which is commonly applicable for coders working in enterprise environments. Because it is based on JavaScript, you can easily integrate Vue into an existing JS project. Vue uses the traditional Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which means that the core library of Vue.js focuses on the view layer by default. It enforces a one-way data flow between components. This also makes it easy for you to integrate with other libraries or existing projects. Vue also uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which makes it faster than regular DOM. Instead of re-rendering the whole page, Vue only updates the objects that you change.