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Whether it’s your full time job or favorite hobby, video editing has constantly evolving quality standards and tools. Staying up-to-date on the newest video editing software and techniques is essential for creating top video content.

Frequently asked questions
Video editing requires manipulating and re-arranging raw video footage. It is part of the post-production process of video production. This means that you edit the video after completing all the shooting and recording. During filming, the director will often record multiple versions of the same content. Part of the editor’s job is to select the best versions to include in the final product. The editor may remove some footage altogether if it is unwanted or exceeds time restrictions. The editor can also add effects, graphics, or music to the video. The editor's goal is to create a final product that tells a story. This could mean creating a specific mood, flow, or supporting a particular view on a topic. The video comes together in the editing process.