What is Video Editing?

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What is Video Editing?

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Video Editing For Beginners: Learn How To Edit

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Or Welcome to Britain 101 learn the basics of video learning. So I got an awesome lesson for you guys today. And that lesson is what is that you're getting. So let's it started in the world of video and now game is starting to be getting started by first. No way. What is video editing and B can be descrive different for every person every person has a different meaning and a different relation to it. But for me it is to me tonight is a way of suppressing a point of view and bring a message using Duminy belief in video clips. Video Editing is a way of growing every aspect to convey a message. Also beginnings we reach and beatings of two to three different type of content. So that is what we need. But what does it mean for others. So Bedeutung for others is. Here's an example of what someone says BDO thing is a process by building and rerating video shots to create new work. Editing is used to be part of the post-production process although we're testing it till teen called direction sound mixing. Federer also video audio and video editing allows you to use a video software install on your computer that allow you to cut videos to tell a story. So use skurry what video editing is and what percent see you when you start editing. And also when you get it a bit you represent something because it has a meaning that IBRD you get. So the whole way you give meaning is by having an emotion to it and you know what you share in the video. I may give happiness or sadness or confusion. Whatever music you use how you edited is and what her possessions are and represent something different and what are the goals of video editing. So the main goals of beginning is to leave unwanted footage. This is a task in a video editing where you delete the clips and footage that are not needed in the story. Number two is choose the best footage. This is a task getting even more used. Get the best clips and footage there are at their best needed kinda story. Number three Curtis Dorland when editing the main goal is get a story and provide that viewing experience. Number four is give live to your story. This is the part where you use music text in graphics to give a mood to the story and creating experience to the audience. Number five is keeping the mood as a meter or you creative mood and this can be horror comedy and all. This is what a video editing you do so I will get more in depth in this information in upcoming videos. Step by step but up to now I will see you in the next buddy. Thank you for watching.