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Six Sigma is a structured process implemented by businesses to streamline operations and management better. By reducing waste, whether time, workforce, or materials, Six Sigma tools help minimize output costs, maximizing revenue. Udemy offers a range of Six Sigma courses that can teach you the top down processes and strategies for optimizing operations for any organization.

Frequently asked questions
Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that is very popular in manufacturing settings. It is used to ensure the best quality possible with the fewest defects and reworks required. The standard for Six Sigma is that 99.99966% of products created (usually tangible products or parts) should be completely free of defects. Six Sigma seeks to find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manufacture items or conduct processes. It has many standards and methods of doing work that is consistent and can be replicated every time a process or function is performed. In manufacturing, it is often used to solve failures and identify root causes so that corrective action can be implemented immediately.