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Whether alone or on stage, singing is a terrific way to express yourself artistically, diversify your skill set, and help relieve stress. Singing classes can boost your musical comprehension and teach you techniques for achieving greater vocal range. Udemy offers a wide range of singing courses that can introduce you to singing as an artform, teach you new singing styles, and much more.

Frequently asked questions
Singing is making musical sounds using the voice. Learning to sing involves training your vocal cords and ear to hit and monitor pitch, though the vast majority of power, volume, and breath control come from the diaphragm. Singers, also known as vocalists, can perform music with accompanying instrumentation, other accompanying vocals, or without any accompaniment (known as a cappella). Using accompanying vocals can be a beautiful way to enrich your own singing, as multiple voices can add a richness of tone and harmonies that sound pleasing to the ear.