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Customers gravitate towards products that are intuitive and delightful. That’s why product design is as much about human psychology as it is about design elements. Understanding user motivation and experience will help you design better mobile apps, appliances, and much more.

Frequently asked questions
Product design is the process of coming up with ideas for new products, creating new products, and upgrading current products to solve problems users have or to address the needs of a specific market. There are many steps to product design. It starts with a need that can be addressed, so there is a reason to create a product. Potential users of the product are researched to ensure that the idea for a product fits their needs. The user interface or UI for the product will be created based on end users' needs and their behavioral patterns. Prototypes are created so that UI designs can be reviewed by the business and users to determine the final look and functionality of the product. Finally, as the product is being developed, product design continues as users interact with the product, and new features are added to keep up with their changing needs.