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A Java certification is a valuable addition to any developer resume. So many applications are written in Java that there is a steady need for programmers with working knowledge of the language, and certification proves you have the skills. Begin a Java certification course on Udemy today, and real world experts can get you ready for the exam.

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Java is one of the most used programming languages for creating applications on just about any platform, from desktop and web applications to proprietary devices, such as disc players. A certificate in Java proves your proficiency with the language, and certification classes can better prepare you. Udemy offers Java certification training that can help you pass the required exam.

Frequently asked questions
Professionals looking for a Java certification to improve their career standing should look for certifications by recognized names within the technology industry. One such certification is the Java SE 11 Developer Exam provided through Oracle. Oracle's Java certifications are well-regarded in the industry, and Oracle has several certifications targeted toward Java developers, generally classed by experience level and the version of Java used. Those new to the certification process may want to start with a low-level, beginner certification in the Java version most familiar to them.