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Fusion 360 is a CAD in the cloud design software, used most often by engineers and product designers. This powerful software enables you to create 2D and 3D models and simulate conditions to virtually test the integrity of the rendered creations. Fusion 360 even gives you the capability to animate models, test loads, and prepare your models for industrial CNC machines. Udemy offers a range of Fusion 360 classes to fit your specific design needs.

Frequently asked questions
Fusion 360 is a 3D modeling and architecting solution designed for prototyping, manufacturing, and design. In Fusion 360, engineers, designers, and developers can work with a 3D image to create a design that gets extrapolated into a physical object. As a CAD solution, Fusion 360 makes it possible to export 3D work to many production and design devices, such as CNC machines, 3D printers, and other production equipment. 3D images loaded into Fusion 360 can be edited to look better, operate more efficiently, or otherwise meet product specifications. As a collaborative solution, multiple people can work in Fusion 360 on the same project.