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Producing great music is impossible without a digital audio workstation like FL Studio. The FL Studio software features an intuitive pattern-based music sequencer that allows you to seamlessly mix, master, record, arange, and edit music on a professional level.

Frequently asked questions
FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that is an all-in-one music production platform. It allows anyone with a laptop, iPad, or smartphone to create music using a small selection of outboard devices. This software includes a full-fledged recording environment where you can capture vocals, live instruments, and digital instruments as high-fidelity audio or midi tracks. Once you’ve recorded them, you can chop, scale, slice, and edit them in virtually any way imaginable. FL Studio is a powerful tool for producing synth- and beat-heavy genres like EDM and hip hop. Its visually intuitive beat-making software includes large sample libraries, and lets beginners produce high-quality tracks in little time. The same goes for its synth capabilities, including a wide array of different synthesizer banks.