Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Courses

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Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) is the standard for investment analysis, and CFA courses instruct you in a range of analysis applications. CFA online classes taught by real world experts can familiarize you with regulatory bodies and foundational accounting skills needed to pass CFA certification. Whichever level of CFA certification you are preparing for, Udemy has the courses to help prepare you.

Frequently asked questions
A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is someone who has completed the CFA program and performs a variety of duties involving the management of investments. The CFA program teaches students how to perform security analysis, apply probability theory, analyze fixed income, and perform advanced analyses of investment opportunities. A CFA also learns broader topics such as corporate finance, managing portfolios, economics, and using alternative investments to earn income for clients. Once a candidate completes the CFA program, they become known as a "CFA charterholder." Companies such as UBS, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley employ CFAs.