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Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and DAPPs (Decentralized Applications). A blockchain is a computer program that serves as a shared, unchangeable ledger that is completely transparent, highly secure, and viewable only by those on a permitted network. Blockchain classes on Udemy can teach you the intricacies of this growing and evolving technology.

Frequently asked questions
A blockchain is a certain kind of database, and like all databases, it is a collection of structured information. However, a blockchain stores information in blocks, which are chained together. Every piece of new data that comes into the blockchain gets put into a new block. These blocks get filled up with data, and after a block is filled, it is chained to the block that came before it. In this way, data is chained in chronological order. In the context of cryptocurrencies, blockchains are used as ledgers that keep track of financial transactions. They are also used to mine new cryptocurrencies. Nodes, which are computers run by individuals or organizations, solve mathematical puzzles, and when they are verified as accurate and legitimate, they get added to the blockchain. With bitcoin, for instance, the blockchain generates about 12.5 new bitcoins every 10 minutes.