The Mystery Of Problems
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The Mystery Of Problems

The Art And Science of Solving Problems
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
202 students enrolled
Created by Joseph Adenuga
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of each lecture and the entire course, every student who enrolls and take the course seriously will be able to Understand the mystery of problems.
  • Know how to solve problems as they appear in your life
  • Understand that there is an art and science of solving problems
  • Mention the origin of problems and the powers that enforces problems
  • Understand the spiritual dimension of problems and the reason to start seeking solution to every problem from the spiritual angle of life.
  • Understand the three main methods of solving problems and how to use each method to practically solve any problem you may ever be facing in life.
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  • This course shows you the art and science of solving problems. Whatever the type of problem you (or anyone close to you) is going through, the principles in this course will help you to turn the situation around.
  • To enrol in this course you must be tired of the problems fighting your life to a stand still
  • You must be passionately interested and determined to make use of all the principles taught in this course to bring the desired solution.
  • You have to know and understand that the problem you are going through is not bigger than you. You have to understand that there is something inside of you that can walk over that problem and not only get solution but turn it around and make a good fortune out of it.
  • You have power to overcome all problems
  • You are created to win, to shine and that you are ready and willing to go to any length to get the solution you desire.

Those who master the art of solving problems rule in this world. Every man is created with power to solve problems and defeat anything that threatens his existence. People die in problems because they have not learned or understood the mystery of problems. Register for this course now and start immediately to turn every problem around for your own good.

What is problem?

Problems are challenges that makes life difficult and unbearable for people. Problems bring sorrow and incapacitate people from doing and getting what they really desired. The world is full of problems and it seems as if there is no human being who does not have his or her own problems at one time or the other. Problems devastates, weakens, threatens, and sometimes kills its victims if timely and adequate solution is not in place.

Problems are serious and must be addressed rightly and timely because problems have the propensity to increase and multiply if they are not taken care of on time. Problems does not regard class and status of people, it comes to the high and the low, it infest both the bad people and the good. Some people thinks that been good will exempt them from problem in life, but reality soon set in to make everyone know that problems can come to anyone.

In this course, I am out to show you that you've got power on the inside of you to defeat that stubborn problem, you are about to discover what it takes not only to win and overcome every difficulties, but also succeed beyond your widest imagination. There will always be problem as long as you live, discovering the art and science of solving problems is the only way to stay afloat and win in every situation.

The mystery of Problems course was created to help you see the innate power within you that can help solve any form of problem that life may have tossed at you. It will let you see the fact that you can make it, this course will inject fire into your soul and energize you to stop at nothing less than the perfect solution to that problem plaguing you and your family. You will see the reasons why God allowed problems in your life and the way out of every problem, you will learn from this platform the powers behind your problems and how you can dethrone them. You are created to solve problems not to be overwhelmed by them. Get ready to take control over every situations and problems that had taken your life captive hitherto.  

Register now and start destroying those problems and difficulties that had been putting you down, enroll and begin on a new journey and adventure that will ensure that you overcome every problem.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for you if you are going throgh difficult challenges and problems, if you have sought the help of experts and your problem refused to go away, this course will bring you face to face with winning principles.
  • Although the principles taught in this course is timeless and universal, most of them are expressed from the Christian Bible point of view.
  • Anyone who is offended by Christian (Bible) teachings may not want to take this course. Even though the concepts and principles expressed in this course will help solve any problem, don't enroll if you will complain about core christian principles and views.
  • Anyone from any religion who is not offended by Bible teaching will find this course a great resource and eye opening experience.
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
6 Lectures 22:02

What to expect from this course

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More introductory notes on the course

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This is a warm welcoming message to this course, watch it now.

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In this lecture, I taught on the six laws of solving problems

Laws Of Solving Problems

This is a brief introduction to the course.


This is a practice activity

Practice Activity
What Is Problem?
5 Lectures 32:21

What is problem?

Problems are challenges that makes life difficult and unbearable for people.

Problems bring sorrow and incapacitate people from doing and getting what they really desired.

The world is full of problems and it seems as if there is no human being who does not have his or her own problems at one time or the other.

Problems devastates, weakens, threatens, and sometimes kills its victims if timely and adequate solution is not in place.

Problems are serious and must be addressed rightly and on time because problems have the propensity to increase and multiply if they are not taken care of on time.

Problems does not regard class and status of people, it comes to the high and the low, it infest both the bad people and the good. Some people thinks that been good will exempt them from problem in life, but reality soon set in to make everyone know that problems can come to anyone.

The proverb that says, "The rich also cry" is true because everyone is vulnerable to problems.

Problems are peculiar to individuals because the problem that kills one person may be turned around for good by another. What one considers a problem, another may see as nothing. What gives sleepless nights to one may not affect another man in any way.

Some problems are hereditary, they are passed from one generation to another in a family.

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Categories Of Problems

In this course, I classified problems into nine different categories for easy understanding so that hen we begin to talk about getting solutions to problems we can understand the perspective of diffent categories.

  1. Time or season based problem: These types of problems happen to every human being at certain times and seasons of life. These problems or challenges is peculiar to all, irrespective of your color or race, financial or social status. Example includes, teething problem, problem associated with a child crawling and walking, problems associate with adolescence and so on.

  2. Problems arising from family set-up and background, this include religious and cultural setting.

  3. Hereditary problems: These are problems and disability that people inherited from their biological parents. Certain genes from the parents may set the child to start out with problems.

  4. Problems arising from personal mistakes, misdeeds, miscalculations and wrong decision. This type of problem is very common and could always be avoided.

  5. Problems arising from curses. Some parents out of anger and lack of self control curse their children and this may bring life-long problem to the children. Generational curses or ancestral curses, community curses are all real and they empower problems to rule people's lives.

  6. Problems arising from accident of any type causing physical or mental disability and permanent injury.

  7. Problems associated with poverty and lack of necessary things to take care of self and family.

  8. Spiritual Problems: These are spirit based problems and they are very real, it includes bad dreams and nightmares, hearing voices, invisible thing crawling in someone's body, and so on.

  9. Health related problems which includes, incurable diseases, seasonal sicknesses, open wounds that would not heal up and so on.

Categories Of Problems

Origin Of Problems

This physical world wherein we live is surrounded and ruled by the spiritual world which we cannot see. The fact that we cannot see the spiritual world does not make it unreal. The truth is that the spiritual world is as real as the physical world, and is much more real and permanent. The physical world called the earth is in the third dimension according to mathematicians and scientists, there is a fourth dimension, and this fourth dimension is the spiritual world. This spiritual world controls the physical.

Whatever is done and determined in the spiritual world, affects, controls and happens in the physical world.

There are two types of forces in the Spiritual World

The Forces Of Good                                                     The Forces Of Evil

Forces that solves problem                                           Forces that creates problems

Healing forces                                                               Sicknesses And Diseases

Blessing And Prosperity                                                Poverty And Lack

Origin Of Problems

The Bible helps us to understand the very source of all problems in our lives, and that is the Devil. We are told in Ephesians 6: 10-12 that, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Origin Of Problems 2

This lectures show you how problems takes root and establish itself to trouble people's lives.

How Problems Take Root In People's Lives
Why God Permits Problems
6 Lectures 40:01
The Mystery

Advantages Of Problems To Our World.

Man's problems over the years have brought tremendous improvement and technological advancement to our world.

  1. Transportation Problem has helped us to produces cars, trailers, lorries, trains, airplanes, cargo planes, ship, cargo ships, and so on.

  2. Communication Problem has helped man to invent computers, phones, tablets, laptops, internet and so on.

  3. Health related problem has helped mankind to produce great doctors, scanning machines and x-rays, eye glasses, hearing aids, wheel chairs, and so on.

  4. Consider the millions of jobs that had been created, consider the millions of dollars these things are generating to individual and nations.

  5. Rat problems in homes has generated millions of dollars in income to smart people who thought about solution, employing thousands and millions of people all around the world.

With this, I can conclude that problem is not bad after-all, problem well handled leads humanity to a better life, its time to begin to fix yours. 

Advantages Of Problems To Our World

Important Points To Note About Problems

Problem is universal, this implies that every person, family, community and nation have their own peculiar problems.

Problem is not as bad as it looks in very many cases, there is a good part of problems, it does not leave man the same, it always make man stronger or weaker, live more buoyantly or meagerly.

In actual fact, problems are opportunities to live higher and enjoy the goodness of God. Problems take you to discover God, to discover the real hidden strong you that you will never know if you had no problem.

Problem is therefore an opportunity in disguise to advance you, it has helped the scientists and inventors of this world to develop our world thus far.

The problems in our world is the reason for every institution, organization, companies, governments and all organized and non-organized efforts of man.

  • Everything we do is done to solve a problem

  • Hospitals exist to solve health problems

  • Judiciary is there to solve criminal and civil problems

  • Companies are created to produce things that we need daily

  • Schools are founded to teach people to become better and skillful at handling problems of life.

  • Governments of nations are established to protect the citizens

  • There is no institution on earth that was not created to rackle a problem

There is solution to every problem, and no matter how difficult and out of this world your problem may look or sound, there is a solution. If you search enough, you will get the solution. Remember, the Bible says, “Nothing is impossible to him that believes”. Your problem may be big, but you are bigger, it may look impossible, there is possibility inside you.

The good news is that man has always overcame every problem, that threatens his existence on planet earth.

Important Points To Note About Problems

Why Problem?

Who Is Behind My Problem?

Power To Overcome Problems
Finding Solutions To Your Problems
10 Lectures 53:54

Created To Overcome Problems

Every human being on the face of the earth is created to overcome problems and difficulties in life. 

Whatever problems is given access or permitted to come to your life is there not to kill you or wicked you but to make you stronger and bring glory to God in the end.

You were formed by a miracle, you came to the womb after a great competition involving many potential human beings of about 500 million. Scientist says that during intercourse, an average man releases 500 million sperms all strong enough to fertilize the only egg released by the woman. You are the one that made it to the egg and so you were conceived by your mother. 
You started to win from the womb. Winning is in you gene. You won the battle in your unconscious state, failing in this conscious state is unthinkable.

Problems are real, but no problem is permanent. I love Nick Vujicic because though he was born without hands and legs, yet he made a good use of his life and became super successful.

The issue in life is not the problem you are going through, many are going through worst problems and they are not complaining like you, they are fixing the problem. Its time for you to get up and started fixing your problem.

Three things to know, hold and believe
1. There is solution to that problem you are going through
2. The solution is right on the inside of you, not around or in any other
3. You have the power to overcome

Created To Solve Problems

Unfailing Methods Of Solving Problems

The course is getting very interesting from this very lecture, sit tight.

There is no problem that does not have a solution, one way or the other, every problem comes with a built in solution. It is our responsibility to find that solution out.

Unfailing Principles Of Solving Problems

Simple assignment to practice on a daily basis.

Assignment 1

  1. Note that every problem have a solution

  2. The solution is inside you

  3. You have the power to overcome that problem

The following are very powerful and if used as prescribed in the Bible, every problem in your life will thin out in no time.

You have to understand that God loves you and wants you well no matter the condition or problem you may be facing as of now.

This is faith, believing that God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. You need to know this and believe it with all your heart, that God loves you and wants you well. It is an eternal truth that no problem, situation or circumstances can fault.

Unfailing Principles Of Solving Problems 2

Dethroning The Powers Behind My Problems

Unfailing Principles Of Solving Problems 3

  • Note that every problem have a solution

  • The solution is inside you

  • You have the power to overcome that problem

  • God loves you so much irrespective of what you are going through

  • God wants you well, He is happy when you solve that big problem

It is common to find out that during difficult times people who ought to understand and stand by you are the first group of people that raise eyebrow to criticize you and broadcast your weaknesses.

You need therefore to be strong and learn to fight and tackle your problems alone. We do need help most of the time, but you will need to be sensitive to know where to direct your request for help.

This is the reason the bible says in Ephesians 6: 10 that, “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

  • Be strong because some may make jest of you

  • Be strong because some may criticize you

  • Be strong because many are praying that the problem swallow you up

  • Be strong because the problem you are going through need power for it to move

  • But it has to be in the Lord, be strong IN the LORD

Unfailing Principles Of Solving Problems 3

The Power That Solves Problems

In Elementary Science, we are taught that an object will remain where it is forever except a external force is applied to move it. Problems are real, and they came to stay in your life. You need to apply forces against that problem to make it go away or disappear somehow.

Power is needed for a problem to dissolve, forces are required for the movement of those problems troubling your life.

Where do these forces come from>

They come from your heart.

Read Proverbs 4:23, “Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it flows the forces of life”

The forces that moves the world flows from man's heart.

Your heart is where the power lies.

Think about this! Everything that you see around you was first created from the heart of a man. Whatever a man can see and believe in his heart he can see and touch in real life.

Now, when we use and enjoy all these modern day devices like phone, computers, travel by air and many other conveniences, we may not really appreciate them because they've been part of our lives from birth.

Those of us who are older know that these gadgets were not always there. They were created by people just like you and me.

Let me add that everything you see around you were created twice.

First in the heart of a man

Secondly physically.

Nothing can exist here on earth except it first existed in the heart of a man.

Whatever any man can conceive in his heart is already half done.

The greatest work on earth is creating things first in the heart of a man. It looks so simple but that is where so many people fail 

Power That Solves Problems 1

Power That Solves Problems 2

Without power, no work can be done.

Power exerts forces that gets the work done.

This power to solve problems is in the heart of every man.

You mind is what I am referring to here when I talk about the heart not the physical organ that pumps blood through our veins.

There are two types of sight (seeing):

  1. Eye sight (What you can see with your naked eyes)

  2. Mind sight (What you can see with your mind's eyes)

Your physical eyes see reality that can be touched, felt, and you can relate with it because it is physical.

Your mind's eyes see potentiality, this cannot be touches or felt but it is more powerful than reality.

What you see with your eyes is real but it is not permanent

What you see in your mind is potentially real and can outlast what your eyes see in the very near future.

Eye sight see the now

Mind sight see the future

Eye sight see what is present

Mind sight see what can be in place as soon as it is believed.

What your eyes see can be destroyed by an external factor

What mind sight see cannot be destroyed by an external factor or forces

This is the reason the Bible says in 2Corinthians 4:18, “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

What you allow your mind to dwell on matter most.

I respect what my mind see more than what my eyes see.

If you eye sight is more important, why are some blind people richer than you?

The power is not in the eye sight but in the mind sight, pure and simple.

Power That Solves Problems 2

Power That Solves Problems 3

When we talk about solving problems, you have to make a major decision, and that is; Your mind sight is more important than your eye sight.

Note that in many cases, things are not really as they first appear to be.

Eye sight is important, but unfortunately, it can deceive you when it comes to solving problems.

A problem that looks impossible in your eyes might turn out to be the easiest problem to solve because your mind does not see as your eyes see.

When it comes to solving problem, never rely at all on your eye sight because everyone that relies on their eye sight have failed without exemption. If anyone succeeded by eye sight. It is only by luck.

Those who rely on their mind sight rarely fail because when you mix what you see in your mind by faith, it is impossible to fail.

You ask me the question, if that is true, why are my thoughts not becoming reality?

The truth is that every thought that flows in your mind have equal ability and power to become reality if the continually stay in your mind and you passionately believe them, surely they will become reality.

Your faith gives power to your thought

Holding the thoughts in your mind for as long as possible empowers the transformation of that thoughts to physical reality, it's as simple as ABC

what is the implication of this?

  1. Think good thoughts in your mind continually

  2. Fire those thoughts with faith

  3. Allow your faith to produce an emotion in your heart that those thought desire has actually come to pass.

  4. Never allow you mind to dwell on your problem for one moment

  5. When your mind thinks about the problem, rebuke yourself immediately and start thinking about the solution

  6. Allow inner flow of joy despite the pain and the reality of your problem

  7. Always be thankful to God and don't allow any complaints in your mind concerning the problem  

Power That Solves Problems 3

This is a practice activity time

Practice Activity 2
Solution Is Inside You
7 Lectures 51:02

Solution Is Within You

No matter the degree of the problem you have or the reason and the source from which it came to your life, the solution to that problem is within you.

No problem is permitted by God to disturb any human being that did not come with a way of escape.

God doesn't allow any problem in your life that He did not give you the capability to handle.

We are told in the Bible, in 1Corinthians 10:13 that,

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

To every problem in your life God provides a way of escape or solution, it is your duty to find it out.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

There is always a way of escape, but the challenge is this, you need to find it out.

God always provides a way of escape or solution, but man need to do something, he needs to find out this solution.

I can tell you authoritatively that the solution to your problem is right there on the inside of you

You need to search out the solution, and sometimes it is found by collaborating with other people, but you can do it, definitely.

Proverbs 20:27 tells us,

“The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord,

searching all the inward parts of the belly.”

The story of Henry Ford's six cylinder engine in one block. 

Solution Is Inside You 1

Solution Is Inside You 2

God gave man a mind with extra-ordinary power.

The mind of man is more powerful than the best computer,

The mind of man can operate at any level imaginable.

Nothing is impossible for any man who has learnt to use his mind rightly.

Our thought, words are action can get us anything we may ever need or desire.

Our thoughts are powerful, they are what we are imagining in our minds, they are the pictures we see in our minds.

These thoughts are inter connected from one man to another all over the world.

The thought world is as real and powerful as the real, ohysical world.

This thought world controls this physical world.

Your thoughts controls and shapes your life. Even the bible attest to this assertion.

No man can be bigger than his thoughts, the bigger you think, the better.

Learn to think bigger and ahead of your problem.

Our Words are what we express verbally through our mouths, most of the time it is an expression of our thoughts. I can know at least 80% of any man based on what he says to me.

What we say and believe matters, because our words are just confirming our thoughts.

Note that God hears our thoughts as if we are talking.

When you say, you are weak, you are sending a signal to the spiritual and physical atmosphere that will attract forces of weakness that will come to overwhelm you, the result will be sickness and maybe death.

Our Actions are what we do to ourselves and others.

It sometimes includes our behavious and attitude to life and other people.

Our actions reflect our thoughts and goes hand in glove with our words.

All these three, thoughts, words, and actions are from the inside of us, they are the most important things in our lives.

Solution Is Inside You 2

Solution Is Inside You 3

Our thoughts influences our words.

Surely, our words affects our actions.

These three forces from the inside of a man makes or mar him.

Others know you and classified you based on your words and actions.

Others cannot see your thoughts, but somehow, they can feel it and perceive it based on your words and actions.

Your words and action are what tells the world how and what you are thinking.


A man who is surrounded by poverty perpetually is a man who thinks, talks and acts poverty.

It is impossible to keep thinking, talking and acting poor and yet be rich

No man who regularly thinks wealth, talks wealth and so act wealthy will remain poor.

It is a high law of life.

Thoughts Are More Powerful Than Reality

The reality you see around you is factual, but what you think in your mind have power to turn the reality around you around.

Note this and please do not be confused by it:

Reality is not as powerful as truth.

Reality is a fact that can change, truth is a fact that remains forever.

Truth does not change from time to time, from generation to generation, but reality does.

Truth is universal but fact or reality is not.

Fact is not universal because what is acceptable fact in one community is a taboo in another.

Truth is eternal principles

Reality is present fact

A thought based on truth produces a man that can solve any problem.

A thought based on reality produces a man who will be defeated by the simplest problems.

Thoughts based on truth produces strength

while thoughts based on reality produces weakness and failure

Solution Is Inside You 3

Solution Is Inside You 4

Remember that your thought affects your words,

Your words influences your actions

And your actions determines your destiny (what you become).

Thoughts of man is interconnected like the internet.

The world is constantly changing based on the prevailing thoughts.

Nothing changes our world more than our thoughts.

When you think a need, as you fix the thought steadily on that need, the universe will pick up the vibration and energy of your thoughts and transmit same to the inter-connectivity of human thought, someone will surely pick up your thought wavelength and be connected to you to provide the solution to your need.

When you constantly think about something, those thought will influnce your words and actions which all work together to give you the desired solution.

It looks or sound simple but it is the truth.

To Solve problems, it is essential for you to know the truth

What is the TRUTH?

Simply, the truth is the unchanging principles that governs the universe.

The universal laws are part of the truth because these laws does not change with time.

An example is the law of gravity, it remains true in all generation, and everywhere on planet earth.

Law of motion, a scientific law remains the same in all ages.

Law of karma is also a universal law, it is also known as the law of cause and effect.

There are spiritual laws and physical laws.

These governs the universe.

That is the reason God could rest after creation.

The laws are there, they do not discriminate or show partiality.

There is law of health, and there is law of prosperity.

All the laws are represented in the bible one way or the other.

The word of God is the truth that suspends all laws.

The laws are universal truth, but the word of God is higher than the laws and hence can suspend them

For example:

  1. Law of life was suspended in the wilderness for 40 years when manner fall down from heaven to feed people even though they were not doing any form of organized work.

  2. Law of flotation was suspended when Elisha commanded the axehead to swim

  3. Law of heat was suspended when Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego walked inside the fiery burning fire and were not burned.

  4. Law of death was suspended when Lazarus who had died for four days, rotten and smelling was raised back to life by Jesus Christ

  5. Law of cause and effect was suspended when Elijah commanded fire to fall down from heaven to consume the sacrifice

  6. I can mention hundreds

What is the truth?

Universal laws? Yes, but no.

No in the sense that the word of God can suspend and change these universal law.

My answer is, the truth is the word of God.

Example: When the disciples fished all 

Solution Is Inside You 4

Solution Is Inside You 5

The forces inside you are expressed through your thoughts words and actions.

These forces influence the elements of the universe, living things and non-living things, and human things to work for you to bring solution to your problems.

Solution to any form of problem must begin from your thoughts.
There are different ways of thinking.

Day-dreaming is imagining fantasies and ideal situations without fixing our minds on what we can do to bring those fantasies to real life facts.

Wishful thinking is the thoughts that focuses on what we want, but it stops there. There is no focus and consistency in desiring those things we wish for.

Thinking wild which thinking frivolously about dangerous things happening to us.

Negative thinking which is engaged majorly by those who are pessimistic about life, thinking that always suggest that things will not go right at the end.

Positive thinking which always believe that things will go well and that expected result of solution will be achieved.

Constructive thinking which is embarked upon by those who understands the mystery of problems. This constructive thinking is based on the art and science of solving problems.

Constructive thinking is embarked upon intentionally and consistently until the problem disappears or is solved.

Constructive thinking goes beyond thinking positively, it is powerful and focuses on demanding solution to the problem from God.

You need to begin to employ this form of thinking to solve problem.

It involves visualizing solution, demanding solution, believing that solution is at hand and waiting for the sure solution that God is working out for you through means you may expect or not expect.

It involves rejecting any negative or discouraging thought.

It involves positive affirmations of the solution in view.

It involves showing emotional joy that you already have the solution you desire.

It involves shutting out every person or object that suggests impossibility.

It involves faith that impossibility does not exist.

It involves the totality of your being.

Solution Is Inside You 5

Solution Is Inside You 6

Always remember that there is solution to every problem.

And that the solution is inside you.

The solution is enforced by your thoughts, by your words, and by your actions.

The starting point of every solution is your thoughts.

Somebody classified our thoughts into two main categories:
1. Constructive thoughts
2. Destructive thoughts

Destructive thought is any form of thought that supports poverty and lack, sickness and disease, slavery, problems and any negative or destructive activities against human beings.

Destructive thoughts are majorly negative and it comes to almost every man. If you want to master the art and science of solving problems, you must learn how to stop destructive thoughts.

Destructive thoughts is a giant, it comes uninvited, and it seeks to stay in your mind, you need to learn to wade it off from time to time.

Life will take immediate new turn as soon as you are able to put an end to those destructive thoughts that seeks to overthrow your mind.

Destructive thought affects your words, it makes you to unconsciously speak negative words and influence you to act negatively and weakly. 

On the other hand,
Constructive thoughts are those thoughts you consciously embark upon to solve your problems.

They come with plans of action
Those thoughts opens you up to possibilities of what to do to get solution

Constructive thoughts are not only positive, they are creative.
They suggest possible solutions
Necessary steps
Actionable Steps
People who can lend a helping hands
What and what not to do
They are positive that you will get result

You need this type of thinking

Constructive thinking does not allow the reality to stop him from devising a solution to the problem at hand
You need it now
Start thinking constructively about that problem
And I see you laugh with a solution

Solution Is Inside You 6

Solution Is Inside You 7
Nobody can stop you from achieving your desire as long as you draw your strength from within you.

The Bible says in 1John 4:4, “You are of God little children, for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”.

This place is telling you that you not only belong to God but that you are also from Him and of Him. 

There are tables made of iron and there are some made of wood. A table made of wood will be describe as of wood. 

When the Bible says you are of God, it means you are made of God stuff
It means that you are made of God's materials
It means that you carry some elements of God

That is why the Bible says, “Greater is He that is in you...”

Meaning God is in you.
Meaning solution is in you.
Meaning blessings are in you.

Believe it.

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
Meaning that what you have in you is greater than the problem in the world.

What is inside you is bigger than your problem
What is inside you is greater than the challenges
What is inside you is greater than whatever is making you cry and weep

Stop weeping
Look on the inside of you
Allow the Bigger one to take over
Allow the solution inside you to lead and show you the way out.

God is inside you.
Colossians 1:28 says, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”
God is in you.

Can any problem defeat God?
I am sure you will answer NO.
If no problem can defeat God and God is in you, what is your problem?

You are connected with God who can do all things and so you too can do all things.
Believe it
Accept it
Say it
Act it

I see you blessed.

Solution Is Inside You 7
Tackling Problems By Categories
12 Lectures 01:38:44
You Are Created To Solve People's Problems

Methods Of Solving Problems

Tackling Problems By Categories 1

You have to understand that this world is full of problems, and every institution you see on the face of the earth is created to solve one problem or the other.

Whatever any human being does is either to create a problem or solve one.

Solving problem is not new to mankind, hence there are three major ways I observed problems are solved

  1. Through established methods: over time problems of the same nature have come repeatedly to different people at different times in different places. Solutions had been proffered, these are tried and tested solutions that have worked over time and can not fail. Anytime you have a problem of that nature, you can use this tested and tried principles and it shall work for you and you will get your solution. Some of these methods are used in every profession to solve problems, for example, a doctor know what to do to heal a man with malaria, because there is an established method of healing it.

  2. Through human wisdom inspired from within: there are some problems that are uncommon and do not have an established way of solution, the person involved can get solution by drawing from the powers within him. This happens every time to people, I have heard of people who were in a mess and did not know how they will ever get out of it, but somehow, through inspired thought, a solution came that delivered them from the shame. Anytime you are faced with a problem, if you draw from the strength within you, a solution will always emerge.

  3. Through the supernatural and the miraculous: this is the art of God's intervention in man's affair after every established principles have failed and you could not think of any way out. The miraculous takes place when all hope that you should be saved is gone, this divine intervention can be after a session of prayers, it can be during or after a fasting and prayer is completed. There is one thing about miracles that you cannot mistake, it is the art of God.

Tackling Problems By Categories 1

Tackling Problems By Categories 2

Solving Time Or Season Based Problems

As I said in an earlier lecture, time or season based problems are common problems that happens at certain times and season in every man's life. For example, teething problem, crawling and walking, weaknesses at old age and so on.

Life is in stages and phases.

From birth time to death, we can safely predict certain problems associated with each stage or phase.

We need to prepare for the next level and phase of life.

We must understand that there are challenges to be faced by each stage we get to in life and be prepared to face it.

To succeed greatly, you need to seek expert advise, read books, and get curious about the next stage or season of your life.

A good manager in training will ask questions, observe protocols, learn by obeying managers and feel the pulse of the junior workers to become a successful manager eventually.

Face each new phase or season with confidence or boldness of a prepared mind.

This boldness helps a lot to conquer problems associated with any stage of life.

Preparedness and boldness helps you to overcome the challenges faced by occupying new and higher positions in you work environment.

It allows you to help your children as you prepare them to face problems and challenges associated with growing up.

You will need to not only use established method of solving problem, you must learn to use your sixth sense. Learn to draw from the power within to help you solve these problems.

You cannot possibly fail using the ingenuity within.

Tackling Problems By categories 2

Tackling Problems By Categories 3

Problems Arising From family Set Up

Our family backgrounds and environment have a lot to do with how we handle difficult situations and problems.

Children who grew up under a single parents faced different challenges fron those who live with both parents. Some children grew up without the love of both biological parents.

Some are in bitterness against one of the biological parents.

Some had been badly hurt, rejected, unloved, and even maltreated by one or both of their parents.

Some have taken to the street, become harlots and some join the area boys just to survive.

Some people grew up really hurt and bitter, every compassion they have have died as a result of maltreatment by those they expect to receive love.

Some ladies grew up been harassed, raped, and abused by their step fathers.

Some people are going about with bleeding heart and yet smiling to you.

Broken homes had done too much damage to our world than anyone can imagine.

If you are a victim of any of the above, how do you settlr yourself?

The most important thing to first do is to:

  1. First of all understand that you need to forgive your dad or mum

  2. Accept what happened in times past as history and challenges you needed to go through to learn about life.

  3. Forgive everyone you lived with who maltreated you, abused you and debased you.

  4. I am not say these are easy, but it is possible, though hard

  5. Resolve to face life with positive attitude

  6. Resolve that the best way to show those people who maltreated you is to become a huge success.

  7. Work, plan and pray to become greater than anyone who abused you can ever imagine.

Tackling Problems By categories 3

Tackling Problems By Categories 4

Hereditary Problems

These are problems and disabilities we took from the genes of our parents.

We are not all born equally.

We all took one thing or the other from our parents, both our dad and mum contributed to our being.

Unfortunately, some people are born with physical or mental disabilities.

Note that there is a purpose why everyone is created and born the way they are.

Nick that I showed his video in one of these lectures was born without hands and legs but is as happy and successful as any other person born without physical disabilities.

Solving Disability Problems

Every problem has got a solution

There are three ways of solving problems

  1. Established Methods such as schools, hospitals, judiciary, and so on.

  2. Creative Thinking everyone have this but we need to tap into it by faith.

  3. Supernatural and the miraculous when God steps in to help us.

Sometimes God intervenes and miraculously healed those who were born with physical or mental disabilities.

Sometimes He saves them by giving them power to overcome the difficulties associated with that conditions.

Seek for ther miraculous through prayers if you are born with physical or mental disabilities.

You need faith to enjoy the miraculously

If you believe, you will experience great miracles

Tackling Problems By categories 4

Tackling Problems By Categories 5

Personal Mistakes

People get into serious problems by making from simple to complex mistakes.

Errors of omission or commission can lead to untimely death

Miscalculations has led to accidents that claim many innocent lives suddenly

Wrong decisions have led to failures, loss of huge sums of money and frustration.

Error of judgment can also lead to choosing wrongly.

Wrong decisions is the reason for many people's failure on earth

Wrong decision comes because we do not know how to seek help from our inward man, everyone of us have creative intelligence that guides us but when we have not developed ourselves to the point we can sense his guidance we goof and fail.

Personal mistakes can be greatly minimized when we begin to learn to listen to our inner man.

Every man have that thing, some call it the haunch, some call it conscience, some call it spirit, some others call it mind, whatever you call it, learn to listen to it.

Every technological inventions came from this inward man.

Every new thing created came from this personality on the inside of man.

Solutions is always there in the inward man, the challenge it tapping to it to bring out the needed solution.

How To Get Solution To Problems From The Inward Man

Start Each day by taking some time out to be silent, maybe you start with just 10 minutes a day.

You will have to be alone

Shut out every noise from your environment

Shut out every noise from your mind, blank your mind

If you are a Christian read your bible and pray

If not, don't worry about the step above

Say these words, “I am open, and I am listening, Spirit of God speak to me...”

If you want to know about any matter, say, “Speak to me concerning...”

Wait for an answer

It may not be an audible voice

An answer will come to your mind by a strong impression. 

Tackling Problems By categories 5

Tackling Problems By Categories 6

Problems Arising From Curses

Some are operating under curses.

Some are cursed by their parents

Some come from a family that had been cursed from many generations back.

Some come from a cursed community and are operating under the influence of the curse

Curses are pronouncement made on another with spiritual backing that enforces problems.

Curses may come because of abuse, cheating, stealing, killing innocent person, and so on.

Curses works with demons and evil spirits.

Curses continues to operate forever from generation to generation until a man ordained by God breaks that curse.

There are evil spirits at the back of every curse and they never pardon the cursed until the curse is reversed by a superior power.

Don't be deceived, curses are real.

If your problem had defiled conventional solution, you need to ask the question, Am I under a curse.

If something is happening to people in your family at a certain age, meaning there is now a trend, you need to know that a curse must be broken.

If you sense a curse, don't play with your life, deal with it immediately.

How To Break Curses

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior

You need to seek help from a man of God, probably a prophet or pastor.

Tackling Problems By categories 6

Tackling Problems By Categories 7

Problems Arising From Accident Of Any Type

We are in this world and accident do happens.

Motor vehicle accident has killed many people and brought many others to permanent physical disability.

Plane clashes, trains straying from rails, ships getting sunk in the middle of the sea are all forms of accidents that happens and leaves many people in disabilities.

Even at work, there are occupational hazards that leaves injury and problems to people and some of these people may not be able to work again.

Insurance companies were made to solve these problems.

Insurance companies are part of established solution that I talked about earlier on.

Insurance policies are designed to help people in cases like this. We need to be wise and plan for the raining days when the unexpected happens.

In every Nation, there are good insurance companies that rises up to their responsibilities find them out and be wise.

Nobody pray or plan to have accident, having a policy that covers you helps you in times of need.


Again, you can pray or seek the help of Healing Miracle Evangelists to heal you.

God is still perfoming signs and wonders today

Just believe and all things are possible.

Tackling Problems By categories 7

Tackling Problems By Categories 8

Financial Problems

Most of the problems of man can be solved easily and quickly when there is money to spend on time.

Money is very important and it is the reason the Bible says, “Money answers all things”

Although money cannot solve all problems, it can solve most.

The question of becoming rich is very important and every man who wants to enjoy life should consider it properly.

Having a lot of money is good

Seeking to become rich is a noble aspiration

Poverty is not of God

Although it is not a sin to be poor, but doing nothing about your condition of poverty is a bad state of affairs.

Poverty is the inability to provide necessary things of life for yourself and family, it is a great problem

Problem of poverty leads to many other problems

You must fight poverty and reject it till your very last moment on planet earth.

There is no single virtue in poverty, it is a curse that must be broken from your life.

How To Solve the Problem of Poverty

The earth is filled with abundant wealth and prosperity that can make everyone rich. Our world is blessed with increasing abundance of natural resources.

It is not too difficult to become wealthy

there is a science of getting rich which does not fail when you follow it.

All wealth acquisition starts from the mind of man

If you can conceive it in your mind, you can have all the wealth you desire.

There are many ways to become wealth

Real wealth comes even when you are sleeping, if you can evolve a system that sets out to solve other people's problem.

It is good to get a good job and earn big salary, but to become rich you need to do more than that, you need to have a business of your own or a partnership business that pumps money to you.

I have another course on Udemy which treats this subject comprehensively, here I give you the general idea.

Get more details if you will from that course titled, “Unfailing Principles Of Wealth”

Tackling Problems By categories 8

Tackling Problems By Categories 9

Spiritual Problems

These are spiritual problems that disturb your life like

  • bad dreams or nightmares

  • Hearing strange voices

  • Feeling an insect crawling all over your body

  • Diseases that doctors cannot diagnose

  • Inability to sleep at night even after using sleeping tablets

  • Seeing ghosts and spirits

  • seeing people who had died sometimes ago

  • Getting rejected at the edge of breakthrough

  • Bound by a simple habit but lacks power and will to break it

  • Eating in the dreams

  • Having sexual intercourse in the dream

  • Curses

Dreams are not ordinary.

90% of the problems we faced had been shown in the dream but because we did not do anything about it, we fall.

If you sense a spiritual problem that will not go away, you may really need deliverance.

Give your life to Christ

Repent of your sins

Seek the help of a pastor to minister deliverance to you.

Tackling Problems By categories 9

Tackling Problems By categories 10

Health Related Problems

Health related problems includes,

  • sicknesses,

  • diseases,

  • mental instability

  • And so on

Tackling Problems By categories 10
Your Faith And Determination matters
8 Lectures 40:43

Your Faith can make You well

Faith is believing that something must happen

Bible defines faith as the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith call those things that are not as if they are

Faith overcomes

Faith wins

Faith that God is with you

Faith that you can do all things

Your Faith Will Make You Well

The Role Of Determination In Solving Problems

The Supernatural And The Miraculous

Power of Words In Solving Problems

Man is a product of words

God's word made all things including man.

All things responds to God's word

The raging storm heard the word of God from Jesus and stopped

The fish heard the words of Jesus and brought money to Peter.

When you speak the word of God to any situation it must respond by obeying the word

The word had never been seen to fail

The word cannot fail.

Man was given dominion over all the earth.

Words are what he uses to control things

You can control things and nature by your words.

Speaking About Your problem

To speak about your problem is to give it more power.

Speaking about your problem is telling people what your problem is doing to you.

It is explaining what is happening in reality.

Talking about your problem may seem factual and innocent,

But it is an ignorant way of empowering your problem to afflict you more.

Speaking To Your Problem

To speak to your problem is to tell it what it must do

It is to tell your problem to die

It is to make a decree that your problem must obey

It is speaking against your problem

It is decreeing immediate solution

The Power Of Words In Solving Problems

Encouraged you to be determined


Prayer exercise

Time To Medidtate

These books were published by me and sold in churches where I preach, in 2013, they were published on Amazon and lulu platforms, and they have been helping people to solve problems, download each of them and read them to understand the course even better.


Final words of encouragement

The Final Word
1 Lecture 04:06

I will post lectures here regularly to update the course. The title of this lecture is failure in school is not equal to failure in life, enjoy.

Failure In School Is Not Equal To Failure In Life
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