Access The Magical World Of Muses To Create And Write Better
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Access The Magical World Of Muses To Create And Write Better

Muses Have Helped Creatives For Generations - Let's Learn How To Access Their Power More Effectively
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Created by Ms. Boom Shikha
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn what the magic of Muses is all about and how to use them better as a creative person so you can create at your utmost capacity and die empty.
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  • You should have the desire to create at your biggest, and brightest capacity.

I have been writing using the help of my Muses since I was 12 years old. So for more than 2 decades, the magical world of Muses has been part of my creative experience.

Recently, I was speaking to another writer, and they were surprised that I had the world of my Muse laid out in such detail, so that it wasn't just an idea in my head, but it was reality. I use my Muses on a daily basis to write out thousands of words, and I have been using them for years now.

I realized that most people might have Muses, but sometimes the world and ways of the Muses might confuse us. I created this course to help out all creatives on this planet, which includes basically anyone alive, so that you can use your personal Muse to create more, and better.

The creative person's life is hard and filled with solitude. To have the Muse by our side, while we create can be quite the solace. I want to help make this creative journey easier for you, because as creatives we are on this journey for life. I'll be creating with my Muses until the day I die, and I'm sure you are exactly the same. 

Please do not falter, and keep on going with the help of your Muse, who is always by your side, unless you annoy them for some inexplicable reason (or explainable reasons that I'll talk about in the course).

This course is for all creative people who are interested in using their Muses better, communicating better with them, bringing them into their lives more, and creating as much as possible, so that they Die Empty as Todd Henry says.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who considers themselves to be creative and wants to commune better with their muse.
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
9 Lectures 44:47

In this lecture, I give a brief introduction into why I decided to spend the time and energy to create this course. I have been using my Muse quite effectively for years to write my novels, and blog posts. I wanted to share the techniques I have learned over the years with other writers, beginners or not, who are either struggling with writing, or are needing some extra something.

I am always here to answer any questions. Please email me on Udemy or at my email at 


P.S. Check out the external resources - one of them is the book in which Stephen King speaks about his Muse, and the other is an 8 minute read - a blog post I wrote about what I think about Muses.

Preview 03:12

Muses can be anything and whatever we wish for them to be. There are so many different versions of Muses that I don't think I could list them all here. In their essence, Muses are creatures, either real or energy, who help us write better, write more confidently, and be more creative.

Muses aren't just for writers, of course, but for anyone creative. But I am used to speaking to my Muse for writing, so I created a course specifically about that. You can transmute everything I say to attach to any other creative endeavour you wish, not just writing.

Muses are essential to my creative work, and perhaps, to yours as well.

I would love to hear from you on what your Muse looks like. Send me a message on Udemy, or email me at

Preview 06:05

There are as many Muses on this planet as there are creative people, and as I believe everyone on this planet is creative, there are many different kinds of Muses.

They all take different forms, shapes, and sizes, depending on the persons' needs, desires, wants, and loves. 

The essence of them is that they help us create better. Whatever that might mean to you.

Preview 05:26

Even though Muses look differently to different people, they help creative people in exactly the same way. They are here for us, no matter what we need.

Creativity can be a very isolating experience. We are creating mostly on our own and it feels like we are isolated, and solitary. It can be a lonely time. Muses are there for us, and they help us realize that it isn't all, we are not the only ones here, the Muse is there with us throughout the process.

Also, we are not the geniuses that society makes us out to be, it's the Muses in fact that does all the creative work. Takes a whole load of pressure off of us.

The link to Elizabeth Gilbert's book is in the External Resources. Check it out! It's a great book on Creativity and she speaks a lot about Muses in there which I find fascinating.

How Do Muses Help Our Creative Work?

Why do we have this desire to create? Where does this need come from? 

Sometimes we might think it comes from outside of ourselves and other times, it seems to come from within ourselves.

Perhaps, it is the Muse who is giving us this need sometimes, and other times, we are creating without the Muse.

The essence of creation for me is about living - if I don't create, I am not alive. When I create regularly, I'm most alive.

Why do you create? Have you asked yourself that question recently?

What Is The Need To Create? Where Does It Come From?

When the Muse is around or near us, and working through us, I feel like I'm in absolute flow state - everything I create is absolute magic and gold. I can't write anything wrong, and everything I write flows through me effortlessly.

Effortless creativity, that is the Muse's influence.

It feels joyful, effortless, selfless, and timeless. Essentially being in a rich flow creative state.

Nothing like it on this planet. No drug can compare. No high can compare.

What Do Muses Look Like Or Feel Like?

Muses are creative energy beings that have an idea that they need to bring into this world, and they do that by engaging the services of a human being who's ready, willing, and able.

When they have an idea, they are roaming about the Earth searching for someone to give their ideas to, so they can make their ideas happen. They come to visit us only when they need to get an idea through, but there are so many of them with so many ideas, that it feels like I'm being visited on the daily.

They will come visit at any time - there are no spaces about that. While you are on the toilet, or while you are sitting and waiting for a text message from an ex, or while you are at a baseball game.

Always keep a pen and paper with you, for those moments when the Muse randomly gives you an idea, and expects you to remember it.

When Do Muses Come To Visit Us?

The Muse cares about consistency more than any other creature on this planet. And a lot of times, we are getting signals from Muses, but we are too busy in our heads and lives to get the ideas from them.

We need to bring routine, consistency, and presence into our lives to bring more of the Muse into our life.

What Can We Do To Bring The Muse To Us More Often?

If we can our Muses into our friends, perhaps imaginary, but still real enough, I think we would get further with our creative endeavours, then if, they were just some creatures who were out to use us for their own agendas.

I implore you to give your Muse a friendly form, and face, so they can be your friend, in times of need, and can help you gently and kindly through the writing or creative process, rather than being dictators who are out to get the best out of you, no matter if you live or die.

Give Your Muse A Name, A Form - Make Them Your Friend

Section 1 Quiz
2 questions
How Do Muses Work?
7 Lectures 26:17

In my world, my imaginary world, there are hundreds or even thousands of Muses who are roaming around all over the world, looking for their next victim, so to speak. They have ideas, hundreds of ideas, that they want to put out into the world, and they are looking for suitable human candidates to make that happen.

There is never a deluge of ideas in my world, because there are always more and more ideas and Muses where that came from.

There Are Hundreds Of Muses Around All The Time.

Even the friendliest of Muses have this fanatical streak to them, where all they care about is getting their ideas out without any delays or hesitations. They care utmost and ultimately about the idea being translated and transmuted properly. Everything else, including our health and aspirations are secondary.

So we have to remember that and take care of our health, relationships and lives on our own, without the help sometimes of the Muse.

All Muses Care About Is Getting Their Idea Out

As I have said before, Muses do not like hesitations or delays. They like their fanatical visions to be translated right now, here, and quickly. They don't want us to dally over it, or think about it too much.

That is the reason they are so specific about the creative people that they choose. They are always testing creative people out to see if they are going to be the right match for them or not. We are honoured by their choosing and we should ensure we do their work right.

Muses Do Not Like Hesitations Or Delays

Like any fanatic, Muses want their visions translated perfectly. But that doesn't mean that we cannot put our own life experiences, and our own panache into the creative process.

We were chosen for a reason, we should ensure that we let that reason show through to the creative process.

Even if the Muse touches two different people with the same project, both of the creative end product will look entirely different. Because each person will put in their own final touches to it, which is why every story even if similarly themed is completely different from each other.

The Muse Always Wants Its Vision Transcribed Perfectly

If we don't trust the Muse implicitly, then we are going to have a harder time translating their vision into reality. Because we are always going to be doubting them, questioning them, and doing things differently from what they tell us.

Remember to trust the Muse, as they are creative geniuses who are on our side, and here to help us out. Don't negate their actions too much - it won't be good for the creative end product at all.

Muses Want Us To Trust Them Implicitly

In my opinion, there is really no difference between the Muse and the Universe, or God, or Holy Spirit. But I create a difference in my mind, so I can kind of separate out my creative process from the rest of my life. That is how important my creative process is to me. 

I want to be able to get guidance from my Muse, without interference from the rest of my life and all of the different things going on in my life. That's how I do it, but you don't have to do it that way necessarily. 

Choose your own way.

What Is The Difference Between A Muse And The Universe?

The Muse doesn't care about anything else on this planet, except our creativity and getting its vision out into the world. It is absolutely fanatical about it.

But we can get distracted and think that we could gift it a gift of praise or chocolate, and it will be placated.

No, it will not. All you need to do is do your creative work every single day, consistently, and without fail. That's all that matters to our Muses.

The Only Gift Your Muse Wants Is Creativity

Section 2 Quiz
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Flow State And Creativity
2 Lectures 12:14

Getting into flow state is one of the best ways to create in my opinion. It makes it effortless, egoless, timeless, and so rich that I can't create nowadays without being in flow, because I see the difference instantaneously. 

There are many ways to get into flow state, so you and your Muse can ride the cosmic surf of flow and get your creative work even better.

I have shared many resources below for you to check out and learn more about bringing flow into your own creative life. 

Check out Jason Silva, Jamie Wheal, and Steven Kotler for more on flow as they are the experts.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me here on Udemy or at my email at

The Muse Is A Cosmic Surfer Looking For A Nice Wave Of Flow

When we are aligned with our true self, our authentic self, that is the place from where the best creative work comes.

I think for the longest time, I created from a place of fear. Now I create from a place of love and truth.

The difference in palpable.

How Does Our Alignment With The Universe Help Our Muses?

Section 3 Quiz
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How To Bring The Muse Into Your Life More?
14 Lectures 57:38

Never ever worry about the fact that there aren't enough ideas for you to work on. There are literally billions of ideas and hundreds of Muses floating around in the ether around you right now, waiting to get their ideas into you and get you working on their creative projects.

You have nothing to worry about.

Nothing at all.

If one idea leaves, another one will come up. Believe that, create the space for the Muse to enter with their idea, and start creating.

Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen - One Leaves, Another Arrives

In order to create the space for the Muse to enter us and give us that transmission of creativity, we need to become still. It is the only thing that most creative people are unable to do, especially if they are feeling like they have no ideas in them at the moment.

We want to rush around and work and do. But the only thing we need to do is be. Be present, be still, be space.

So that the Muse can come in and give us all the great juicy ideas.

Meditate, Become Still, Or Dance - So Many Ways To Invite The Muse

Different Muses will need different kinds of invitations. You will notice this with yourself. Sometimes your Muse enters you in the shower, sometimes while you are dreaming, some times when you are with a friend, and some times when you are watching NetFlix.

Different avenues, same end result. You end up creating like a fiend.

That's why you need to always carry a piece of paper and a pen with you everywhere you go. Yes, even into the shower!

Different Muses Need Different Invitations - Try It All

Muses are no different from you and I, in that they have different personalities, and quirks about them. Some of them are lazy. Some of them are fast. Some of them are stupid. Some of them are too fast for us.

We need to remember that, and manage each Muse accordingly. We are the ones who the managers here. We need to remember to change our tactic according to the different Muse that enters our creative space.

Muses Are Just Like Humans - Some Are Lazy, Some Are Hard-Asses

In life, we have a tendency to close ourselves off, and remain closed off, more often than being open to everything that comes at us. We have a tendency to say 'No' more often than 'Yes'.

But the Muse needs us to remain open to everything she/he throws at us. We need to remember to stay open to all ideas that are coming at us, as potential sources of great creative projects. Nothing is too small or too big.

Everything is important for us to keep on going with the Muse's direction behind us.

Remain Open To Everything - Everything Is An Idea For Our Creative Projects

Without a routine built into your day, it is very unlikely that you will sit down and do the work you need to do for your creative projects. Everything is going to come in the way, preventing you from sitting down and writing your words, or doing whatever else you need to do.

Like Brian Tracy says in his book, Eat That Frog, you need to do your hardest task in the morning. That usually means getting up and doing our writing or creative work right away, before we can make any other excuses.

Learn more about my routine, and use it to build your own.

Building Routines Are Crucial For Flow State And For Muses

The Muses are always looking to ensure that they can trust us with their vision translation. Even the slightest bit of change from the routine that we've set up, and it freaks them out. They go running out of the doors, not coming back for a while.

They are highly sensitive and touchy to any changes, so we need to be careful and keep our routines with our creative work as similar from day to day as possible.

Muses Are Very Touchy Sometimes And Very Sensitive To Change

When I was younger, I didn't know that I was going to die soon. Like most young people, I felt invincible, and like I was going to live forever. Now, I know I have a limited time on this planet, and I want to get as much creating into this short life as possible, which means writing thousands of words every single day.

I implore you to do the same, not only because we are going to die sooner rather than later. But because the Muses are always watching us, and we want to look good to them. So that they will stay with forever.

Create As Much As Possible - The Muses Are Watching Us To See Our Commitment

There is this spot for everyone where they do their best work. It is where the Muse likes to reside, and that's where the person does their creative work in the best flow state possible.

Figure out what that place is for you, and go back to it as often as possible. That is your temple, and your paradise. That's where you should live and die.

Where Do You Create Best? That's Where Your Muse Hangs Out.

I have said this several times before that the Muses are always in the air searching for their next human victim. But I say this over and over again to remind you that there are always hundreds of ideas floating about in the air, and you don't need to either get too attached to an idea, or too detached to one.

The ideas will come and go, and hundreds of them. There is no need to hoard, and there is no need to panic.

The Muses Are Always In The Air Searching For Their Next 'Victim'

Sometimes, I hear writers saying things like, 'Oh that writer is blessed by the Muses, they always write a lot, publish a lot, and are paid well for it.' 

I beg to differ.

There is no nepotism or favouritism in the Muses' world.

They only care about giving ideas to the people who do the work. If you sit down every day, and write, and show them you are serious, they will be at your doorstep as much as they go to Stephen King, or James Patterson.

Muses Don't Have Favourite Creatives - They Just Go To The One Who Can Help Best

Not only are all of the books I have read over the years, my writing coaches. But also, my Muse is my daily personal writing coach who is with me all the time, answering questions, and working on my writing technique with me.

You should use the Muse as your writing coach as well. She/he is an invaluable tool in the creative trade.

My Muse Is Like My Personal Writing Coach - I Talk To Her, Ask Her Questions...

Neither are we special because we have been touched by the Muse, because in fact, she probably touched several different people with the same idea.

Not are we not special, because the Muse only goes to the humans she trusts and believes will translate her vision well.

So let's keep it all on the level, and just keep on writing, using the ideas that the Muse gives us and be that creative force that all of us want to be.

The Muses Touch Several People With The Same Idea - Most Will Not Take It On

I don't know the answer to this question really, but I am putting it out to all of you.

Do you think Muses behave differently in different culture, countries, and cities? I would love to hear from you about this.

Email me on Udemy or at

Can't wait to hear your ideas on this thought experiment.

Do Muses In Different Cultures Behave Differently?

Section 4 Quiz
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Forget About Appreciation Or Accolades - The Muse Is The Real Genius
7 Lectures 31:58

Always remember to take the pressure off of yourself, by attributing all praise or rejection to the Muse. She/he is the reason for it all, not you. You can just create and write as much as you want, without worrying about the consequences.

Blame the Muse for all the bad and the good, just create in peace.

The Muse Is The Real Genius, We Are Not

I can't repeat this enough - don't worry about the rejections or the praise. Don't worry about the trolls that are always going to be out there telling you, 'You suck.' Forget about all of them.

We are not creating for the praise, we are creating because we have this ardent desire inside of us to create. We need to create, otherwise we will die on the inside.

All Accolades Or Rejections Belong To The Muse

I use meditation to let go and let the Muse speak through me without censorship or criticism. You can use your own special technique to do that, but it is paramount that you do so. We need to let go in order to create and write. Otherwise, we are going to write in halts, and stints. We are never going to let go enough to write effortlessly and let the Muse speak through us without any censorship.

Let go, let go, let go.

That is the ultimate lesson in creativity.

The More You Can Let Go, The More Muses Love You

Be happy that the Muse is speaking through you and has chosen you. But remember that the Muse can leave us at any point, if we don't keep doing the work.

Don't let go of the little things that bought you to this place. The little things add up to make up the big things. Don't give up on your routines, keep at them even when you feel like you don't need them anymore. You do and you need to keep on going.

Our Muses Have Chosen Us For A Reason - But That Reason Can Fail Any Time

The Muses are creative geniuses - they know what they are talking about. Don't censor their words. Keep on going forever and ever with them besides you.

Do not censor them - take their words in exactly as they want it, and put it down on paper as faithfully as possible.

Be the best conduit ever.

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Censor The Muses' Words Or Change Them Up

The Muses have been helping generation after generation of creative people, since the beginning of time. We are not the first ones they have helped and we will not be the last ones they will help.

Trust them, and trust they know their stuff.

Keep on trusting them and creating as much as possible.

The Muse Is An Expert Helping Writers For Generations - Let Her Do Her Job

Remember, that the Muse is always besides you urging you on and on to keep on creating as fast as possible.

That's the Muses' job. Don't worry, do your creative bit, and take the abuse. That's how we get better and better as creative beings. 

Love it, and live it.

The Sense Of Urgency You Feel When Creating Comes From The Muse

Section 5 Quiz
2 questions
1 Lecture 03:14

The final lecture and here are the seven take-aways I want you to remember from this course, even if you remember nothing else:

  1. Every single person on this planet is creative in some way and has Muses trying to give them inspiration in some direction.
  2. The Muses are the creative geniuses, so take the pressure off, and create as much as you want, because you want to.
  3. The Muses are always trying to give us new ideas because they trust that we are going to translate the ideas well for them.
  4. The Muses are always watching to ensure that we do not falter, or stop creating, or stop with our routines. Don't let them down or let yourselves down either.
  5. The Muses are fanatical about their vision and that is a good thing - they are going to be on us to create fast so we can get their vision out on paper.
  6. The Muses love us, but they can fall out of love very easily if we don't do what they want.
  7. Our health is paramount throughout, no creative endeavour is as important as our health.

Thanks again for taking my course. Please give me a five-star review if you liked it, or if you didn't, let me know how I can improve the course. Have an awesome time with your Muse! 

Love and light, Boom Shikha.

Final Seven Take-Aways From The Course, And Thank You!
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There are so many questions that she had that she answered by learning more about her own psychology.

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