The 7 Essential Steps To Getting Your Dream Career
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The 7 Essential Steps To Getting Your Dream Career

A system based on the conclusions of science. Simple but not easy, effective for everybody and a lot of fun.
4.1 (57 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
11,408 students enrolled
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In this short introduction, Tom takes you through a simple system for getting your dream career. This “7 Steps for Getting Dream Career: Learn How to Choose a Career “course is an overview, an initial foray into the domain of 'getting what you want out of life', and it is a great place to start for people to get a higher awareness of all the things that need to happen.

The perfect career for you is certainly possible, in fact it's inevitable if you follow the system, but there are no short cuts. You still have to do the work, and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. It's not a magic show, but it's the next best thing - a science show, over time.

Take this FREE 7 Steps for Getting Dream Career course and learn how to choose a career.

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The 7 Essential Steps To Getting Your Dream Career
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Since the system is based on science it will work for you just as well as anyone else. It is 100% predictable. Don't confuse this with EASY, since the hardest thing in the world is sustained and consecutive thought about what you DO want and NOT what you DON'T want. However, until someone comes up with a simpler system, we're going to carry on teaching our clients this one. Because it seems to work.

Step 1: It's Based on Science

Before you can get the mystical power of the approach working for you, it's got to know WHAT you want. Easier than it sounds - most people struggle with this and never really get clarity. We can help with that - this step does it for you.

Step 2: WHAT do you want?

In order for you to get what you want out of life, you've got to be able to deliver value that greatly exceeds what you get. That's the DEAL. Most people disagree with this completely and think that the world owes them a living, a job, something for nothing. But that's OK. You don't have to be most people. A good question to ask yourself in life is: 'Who else believes this? And do I want to align my thinking with that sort of person?' Ask anybody really successful, wealthy and happy and they will tell you that they believe in giving more value than they receive. Ask anybody poor, miserable, sad, unsuccessful and they will more often than not think you are talking nonsense. Ay, there's the rub as Hamlet would say... Which group do you want to align yourself with?

Step 3: What's SPECIAL about you?

Get noticed and get people to take action. That's the whole purpose of a CV. If you can't get people to take any action then your CV has failed. Leave your brilliance to interview, just get noticed and get people to do something.

Step 4: A CV That Opens Doors [a CV is a Resume]

So, you know what you want, what's special about you and how to get people's attention. You now have to go around telling your story to as many people as you possibly can. Offline, online, between the lines - any which way you possibly can!

Step 5: Getting the Word Out There - Your Marketing Magic

Sail through interviews by just telling great stories about yourself with this incredibly simple communication tool. The same tool that politicians and spin doctors use to stay on message. The most insanely great tool that you'll ever encounter for making sure people 'get' your value and remember you.

Step 6: The Interview Funnel

How to make sure you're never ever short of job and career options by more than filling your current place once you get the job. Delivering more than you promise will place you in the top 0.1% of the population. Welcome to a ludicrously exciting future. Hey, spread the word once you get there, there's plenty of people that need to join you.

And here's where you can go next, if you want a lot more of the details there's the Learn to Get Your Dream Job course. This coupon will allow you to access the course for 50% off.

Step 7: Deliver More Than You Promise
Additional Resources
4 Lectures 01:21:28

Some great ways to Recession-Proof your career from Tom Cassidy

And here's where to go next if you are looking for more ideas

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This is the first part of Wallace D Wattles 1908 classic, 'The Science of Getting Rich' simplified and updated. I've made it nice and easy and given it a modern perspective.
The Science of Getting Rich Made Simple Part 1: Overview

The Science of Getting Rich Made Simple Part 2: The Philosophy
The Science of Getting Rich Made Simple Part 2: The Philosophy

If you've read this far...
About the Instructor
Tom Cassidy
4.5 Average rating
1,783 Reviews
129,433 Students
21 Courses
Comprehensivist, Education Reformer

Tom Cassidy - Comprehensivist, Education Reformer, Reasonable Polymath, using continuous development frameworks to help people improve all areas of their lives: self-worth, self-belief, goal-achieving, feeling good, achieving sustainable health and deeply fulfilling relationships.

My mantra is: 'Feel Good. Do Stuff.'

Life's not about meditating on the top of a mountain in Nepal, feeling great, achieving enlightenment for yourself...

And it's definitely not about going through life doing things, without having awareness, being busy, achieving a lot but not being mindful of the bigger picture.

It's about both.

Feel good. Do Stuff.

Feel great about yourself, about life, the universe and everything, but do loads of things as well. Have a family, run a business, learn Italian, travel the world, change the world - Do Stuff.

I mean, why not?

I've spent the last 25+ years combining the wisdom of hundreds of years of the study of global philosophies, human effectiveness, modern findings of behavioural science, recent breakthroughs in the understanding of brain physiology and even the results of quantum mechanics into practical, continuous development frameworks for getting things done.

Systems based on practical algorithms of thought and of operation. Algorithms that are easy enough for most people to do just as they are, without having to change any aspect of their life. 'Reasonable Algorithms for Reasonable People.'

In my experience, the most effective continuous development frameworks are those which have duration, cadence and autonomy:

Autonomy - The framework is customisable, adaptable for every participant.

Cadence - The framework has a natural rhythm to it, a cyclic frequency.

Duration - The framework is designed for longitudinal impact and long term growth.

And this framework that I have put together appears to be very robust in its ability to get results, mostly because it requires a very small amount of willpower to make it work. People can stick to it quite effectively.

You still need to do the work. But the willpower you need to get the results is almost certainly the lowest you've ever used for achieving anything in your life, ever.

Please feel free to connect with me however best suits you. I'm always open to exploring ideas either virtually or in person.

All the best


Bryan Sykes
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21,170 Students
4 Courses
Entrepreneur, Executive Consultant , Speaker

I'm a natural creative, dynamic entrepreneur and impact investor with a passion for creating and investing in projects that shape a better world to move humanity forward. My main interests lie at the intersection of innovation, social entrepreneurship, technology, and leadership. I am Founder and Co-Founder of several programmes and projects to include Co-Founder of Reasonable Leadership and Co-Founder of Career Mojo which are both Human Potential Initiatives created to bring greater life to all.

My courses are premised by the same enquiry I use to affect social innovation and change which is, “How can I offer the deepest part of me to create a product, project, or service that generates the greatest net value?”

Be sure to check out the "Mojo" brand of courses in Fitness Mojo for Life and Career Mojo as well as a host of other courses with thousands of students already in membership. I'm excited about my newest upcoming course Reasonable Leadership which is a framework for those who want to be a positive force of change in our complex and fast changing world.

We are living in a crucial transitional moment in history that is changing how we live, work, and transact business. Whether through my courses, coaching, or business ventures, I’m always on the lookout to connect with those who honor value creation for self and others as the highest leverage point in life and business. I look forward to connecting with you…Be well!

Mark Rogers
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11,408 Students
1 Course
Neuroscientist Putting Brain Science to Work For You

Mark is a neuroscientist (BSc, PhD) with a passion for understanding how brain science and neuropsychology can give us deep insights into developing ways to improve our lives.

After many decades of dry and obscure laboratory research, the neurosciences are now beginning to bring us real and practical information that we can apply in our everyday lives to increase our levels of happiness, love, productivity and harmony.

With many years' experience of research into depression as well as other disorders such as schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder, and over 40 papers published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, I have a strong science background. But this scientific knowledge is tempered by and combined with a deep concern and respect for the spiritual component of our existence.

Though these experiences I have developed a passion to share the insights I have gained into practical and powerful, yet easy to use techniques by which we can all improve both our own lives, and the lives of those around us.

Sam Brown
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173 Reviews
21,170 Students
4 Courses
Reality Engineer, An Architect of the Future of Humanity

Although an engineer by trade, I've been a student of personal development and metaphysics for 13+ years. After years of frustration with the sometimes linear perspective in personal development, I made a conscious shift to adopt a more integrative lifestyle which yielded significant results.

Nothing moves me more than being fully engaged in life and operating from the highest perspective of thinking and being. I have a natural affinity for enquiry and creative expression which serves my passion for designing ‘mind tools’ and programs that help people change their lives with minimal effort.

As a Co-Architect of the Greater Life 4 All initiative, I’m designing simple mind tools that help push humanity forward. Our aim is to create a collaborative effort that focuses on the people, possibilities, and the solutions for shaping a smarter, more regenerative world for the better.

Currently I’m on the precipice of implementing an early education initiative that builds on metaphysical principles and practices while teaching students key technological skills to advance necessary life skills along with future career potential.

The world is changing faster than ever before and what’s need more than ever is people exercising their full potential in their thinking, creating, and doing. I look forward to creating a world of change with you!

Bill Aronson
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930 Reviews
38,108 Students
5 Courses

Bill Aronson is a memory coach who supports thought leaders simplify. He has helped hundreds of people of all ages to improve their memory. Recently, in front of an invited audience, Bill recalled a string of 240 binary numbers in under 240 seconds and in 2015 recalled Pi to 304 decimal places. He does this mental acrobatics to demonstrate that anyone can increase their memory.

Bill says, “If I can do it, so can you. I have an ordinary memory, but an extraordinary process that I want to share with you.” Bill is known as a thought leader gently challenging and always on the cutting edge. Everything that he does has the context of creating transformation.  He is a member of MENSA, has an IQ of 178, a disability that he has finally come to accept.

Bill has practiced mindfulness for over forty years. He has been poisoned, almost blown up in Northern Ireland, India (twice), and Israel and is pleasantly surprised that he is still alive. Most mornings he awakens with the thought "what can possibly go right?"

Bill is a former director of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Australia), which he helped turn around from an embarrassing $800K loss to break-even in eighteen months. He has also served on the board of the International Coach Federation of Australasia, is an ICF certified coach and an active member of Rotary whose motto is service above self.

Bill divides his time between Hobart, Tasmania, and London, UK. To date, he has written nine books on business transformation including Turning up for Life (Lulu 2011) and The Lost Art of How to Find Things (2016).