Sales Scripts for Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start
4.5 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
198 students enrolled
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Sales Scripts for Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start

Craft Cold Calling Phone Scripts for Business to Business Selling & Lead Generation. A Primer for Appointment Setters.
4.5 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
198 students enrolled
Created by Scott Channell
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Craft a B2B Sales Prospecting Script that Sells a Meeting
  • Understand the structure of a sales script that has a chance of scoring a meeting with a probable buyers
  • Choose the words within each component part of their sales script that will have the most impact on buyers
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  • Be open minded to a different strategic approach to appointment setting B2B scripting

This course will enable B2B salespeople to craft better sales scripts to schedule more sales appointments with top level decision-makers at their most desired future accounts and with their competitors top clients. Practical step by step instruction by someone that actually did it.

Starting at the beginning of the sales script creation process this course is a step by step guide to crafting phone scripts that get you more meetings, phone appointments, webinar presentations and demos with qualified prospects. Based upon the book by Scott Channell entitled "7 Steps to Sales Scripts For B2B Appointment Setting: Creating Cold Calling Phone Scripts."

Reviews of the book this course is based upon

"Lots of great ideas that stray away from the traditional training you often get about this matter. I found his ideas on voicemails very insightful. Lots of great take aways..."

"Scott refers to his book as a primer, however, his book goes beyond this by offering time-tested script strategies that work today. He tells us that, and I quote, "There is one truth. Cold calling stinks. I teach the stuff yet don't love it". Scott teaches you how to make cold calling a little easier to digest.
This may sound obvious - would you rather pick up the phone with confidence or pick it up with your voice cracking and your hand trembling - the answer is simple, buy his book, you won't be disappointed. You'll will also enjoy his light humor sprinkled throughout the book."

"Studied his thoughts and examples of brilliantly written scripts and a system to continually take action. In the week since studying and acting on these ideas, I've been able to get great traction in two F500 firms and one Global 500 firm. I've not gotten these results prior to following Scott's ideas. Just buy and then act on this book!"

"Only book that offered different techniques on cold calling that I will certainly apply. This book reminds you the very short time you have after you hear Hello. How to say the right words and use your words wisely to capture the appointment! Very highly recommend."

"Good scripting ideas that showcased some of the things I've been doing wrong over the years. I think my staff will benefit and my appointments should increase."

"Scott Channell knocked it out of the park with this book. All the scripts you would ever need are included. And he has masterful ways to handle questions and objections to getting a sales appointment."

"If you are setting appointments on the phone so that you can make sales presentations, this is the best book I've read, for that specific purpose.

It's obvious that the author really made a couple of thousand appointments on his own. And the techniques are well tested, and they work. I'm already an expert, and I picked up several tips out of the book."
"Scott doesn't give you the magic bullet phone script. Instead, he gives you a step by step process to create a winning script that fits you! It doesn't matter what industry you're in because he's proved this system works across all industries. It doesn't matter if you are cold calling or calling warm leads, his system works for that too.
This book is great for anyone who makes calls for a living or develops scripts for those that do. I happen to be the latter and will be replacing our phone script system at our 150 year old, Fortune 250 company, with a system developed based on this book for our 3600+ sales force."

"Using this book, I was able to

-sell myself on the phone and find a good sales job
-beat every salespeople's performance during my probation period
-secure my position as a new hire and gained the respect of my peers

I am currently on my way to beating the company sales national record.
Thanks to Scott, I am on the right track to becoming a successful phone sales professional."

"If you can't read these scripts, adapt them to your product, and produce appointments, you should hang up the phone and find a different method for prospecting. Scott gives you word-tracks for every situation- lead generation, finding the decision maker, dealing with gatekeepers, getting the appointment and handling objections- its all here. He breaks a script down to its six basic parts, and explains the importance of each one. It also tells you what words and phrases to avoid, and why.
I don't prospect by phone much- maybe 20% of the time. But you can bet that when I do, I study these pages first."

"What I loved about this book is that the author cuts the crap and gets to the point. It respects your time. It is a lean book that guides you step by step from picking up the phone to getting a "yes, I'm interested in a demonstration"."

"As a regional sales manager I have applied Scott's approach and can tell you from direct experience that it works. This book is a practical "how to" manual for professionals looking for a holistic and proven system to set meetings, in the right companies, with the right contacts. Professionals who use the phone to prospect typically get a few things right. Scott brings all those and more together and then guides the reader step by step on how to build a duplicable process.

Warning: Procrastinators need not apply. Also, readers should check their egos at the door. The author does not sugar coat the fact that gimmicky conventional methods don't work. My team and I learned through application of this work that the author is sharing from direct experience where there are land mines. Bottom line- this book is worth far more than the price for admission."

Who is the target audience?
  • Take this course if you must generate your own high probability leads to increase your income
  • Take this course if you wish to work a total process of script creation
  • Take this course if you wish to understand the process of sales prospecting script creation and get off the "keep changing my script haphazardly" treadmill to nowhere
  • Do not take this course if you are unwilling to reach your own conclusions about what works and then act on them. If you are uncomfortable going against advice from the mob of coworkers and others mired in mediocrity don't take this course
  • Do not take this course unless you are willing to focus solely on what BUYERS need to hear and will resist the temptation to water down your verbiage to have more comfortable conversations with those that will never buy
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
1 Lecture 11:28

Roadmap and key principles of the course.

Preview 11:28
Before You Even Think of Writing a Script
4 Lectures 28:14

Why "buyers" should be your only focus. What to do with all other suspects.

Focus on "Buyers" Only

Learn why great scripts won't save you if other parts of your prospecting process are missing or broken.

"Good Scripts" Won't Save You

There are a lot of popular myths that will lead you down the path of prospecting ruin.

The "People Are Busy" Lie and Other Myths

Learn the characteristics of those who sell the most. And the common characteristics of those that work too hard for far too little.

Who Sells the Most?
Your Core Script - The First 30 Seconds
6 Lectures 35:27

Learn how to craft the best scripts by brainstorming the best pile of words to choose from for each component part of your scripts.

Lesson 8: Your "Pile of Words"

Buyers and qualified prospects must know in a moment exactly what you might do for them. Learn how to describe it for instant clarity.

What You Do

Why should buyers take a chance on your being worthwhile and letting you suck up their time? They won't, unless they feel you are credible. Learn various means to enable them to conclude you are worthwhile.

Your Credibility Statement

Benefits, benefits, benefits. Those who communicate the most meaningful benefits win. Learn how to phrase your benefits. 

Communicating Benefits

You must communicate value that is delivered at the first meeting that is worth the time of a qualified prospects.

Your Value Exchange: What Will they Get At The Meeting

You would be surprised how many don't ask for what they want on the phone. Learn how to ask for a meeting that will get you more "yes's."

Asking For What You Want
Objections and Resistance: The Middle of Your Script Path
5 Lectures 46:20

Before you can write effective responses to objections you need to understand core principles.

Core Principles of Handling Objections

All objection responses have a 3 part formula to follow. Learn it and turn more objections into meetings.

Three Part Structure for Responses

"We are all set" " We have a vendor we love" " We are not interested" are all common objections. Learn the best response format.

Response to "We are all set"

This objection will sap the life out of you. If you don't know what to do you will be doomed to making more and more calls to people with no intention of buying anything from you. Better to not make the calls and not get the meeting.

Response to "Call me back."

The "send me info" objection has a response format all its own. Learn it and separate the potential buyers from the time-wasters right now.

Response to "Send Me Some Information."
Other Scripts You Will Need
3 Lectures 22:17

After you hear "no, no, no" there is a stupid simple question you must ask that will turn many dead-end calls into qualified opportunities.

The Magic Question Which Turns Dead-End Calls Into Qualified Opportunities

Learn how to identify your decision and pick up information regarding potential worth.

Identify the Decison Maker and Obtain "Recon" Information

What is the real purpose of a voicemail. Learn a 20-second format that supports your process and gives you the best shot at getting a return call from a buyer.

Voicemail Verbiage
Tying It All Together
3 Lectures 29:27

The good news is that you will run into the same scenarios over and over again on the phone. The bad news is that you will run into these scenarios over and over again. Learn how to be prepared and handle this.

Repetiive Scenarios

Lets walk through a sample call with various script examples and paths. Part 1.

Preview 09:59

Lets walk through a sample call with various script examples and paths. Part 2.

Total Script Path with Analysis Part 2
1 Lecture 09:33

Final words of wisdom. My fear which should be your fear and the 2 x 4 story. 

Final Words and Tips
About the Instructor
Scott Channell
4.5 Average rating
37 Reviews
198 Students
1 Course
B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Sales, Business Development, Sales Prospecting, Lead Generation & Conversion

Scott has been accelerating sales productivity across multiple industries for more than 20 years. His corporate training and executive coaching clients all share one trait. Their sales process requires personal interaction with decision-makers and influencers. They must meet top hard to reach decision-makers in order to close a deal.
Scott does not teach theory. Before he started coaching others he personally smiled 
and dialed his way to set more than 2,000 C-Level sales appointments in diverse 
industries. He relates behaviors and practices that worked for him and he has seen
work for hundreds of top producers that have worked with him. 

His style is direct and to the point. He is the author of two books "7 Steps to Sales Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting: Creating Cold Calling Phone Scripts for Business to Business Selling, Lead Generation and Sales Closing" and " Setting Sales Appointments: How To Gain Access to Top Level Decision Makers" available on Amazon.

He runs a website called ScottChannell where he shares strategies and examples of good sales and phone script strategies that work.