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Easiest and quickest method. Discover how four simple shortcuts has complete beginners playing whole songs in the hour
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Instructed by Simon Glenister Music / Instruments
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  • Lectures 15
  • Contents Video: 1 hour
    Other: 14 mins
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

Course updated 11/01/16

“I would have been playing piano for years by now if I'd realised how easy it would be...." Sue, one of our students. Discover the four simple shortcuts that helped this student achieve their dream of playing piano

What's stopped you so far?

Two things are usually responsible for preventing people learning how to play Piano (1) Thinking it's too complicated, because you have to know how to read music and (2) Having been made to think you're not musical, due to negative music experiences at school. That kind of thinking stops here, Just like Sue, neither of these need stop you achieving your dream of playing piano anymore!

"For years I've been wanting to learn the piano, but always postponed it as it seemed so difficult. Half way this course I was already trying all kind of things out on my piano, and was in shock that it all worked out." Gregory, One of our students.

Why a short course rather than really long one?

Designed to be just long enough to give you exactly the knowledge and confidence in themselves beginners need, yet short enough that you actually complete it (no filler or rote learning) over a thousand students have discovered it really is possible, in just one hour, to learn enough to have a lifetime of fun and enjoyment actually playing. And you can do it using a completely different approach using shapes and patterns rather than notes and theory.

"I'm more of a pick up and play sorta guy! This course has literally taken me from knowing a few chords (and not remembering them!) to opening up a whole new world of musical possibilities" Adam, one of our students

But is it 'Proper music'?

One of the things people sometimes worry about is "but is it a proper way to learn?" The dominant form of traditional piano teaching is focussed on first knowing how to read music, with the majority of people falling at that hurdle. By removing that barrier we enable anyone to experience the joy of playing, incredibly quickly and easily.

You don't actually have to suffer the tyranny of theory or reading to enjoy getting started on the Piano and don't you think you might learn far quicker playing the songs that inspire you rather than those chosen for you?

"Making something that appears extremely complicated into something simple and understandable is an art. This course is the first I have ever done that had me hooked from the first minute and Simon is a superb instructor" Gerry, one of our Udemy students


Nothing we do prevents you learning traditionally, We are so confident in the effectiveness of our method that there is a guaranteed 30-day refund if you're not satisfied, but you will be.

Read enough? Enrol now and get playing!

What are the requirements?

  • Absolutely no prior music experience needed
  • If you have a piano or a keyboard then great!
  • If you don't it's not a problem just download a simple piano app onto your phone or Ipad and see if it works for you before investing in a keyboard

What am I going to get from this course?

  • A Manageable condensed course that's full of content and no filler, getting the job at hand done as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Learn every note on the keyboard in 5 minutes
  • Intuitively understand how to play chords, the building blocks of the vast majority of songs
  • Have the independence and knowledge to search the internet for the chords of the songs they love, and be able to play them!
  • Be able to play Major, Minor, Sharp, Flat and 7th chords
  • Develop independence with your left hand
  • Be able to improvise on the Piano, no written music needed
  • Be able to build your own chord progressions, even write your own songs
  • Read a chord chart
  • Have a world of fun and satisfaction inherent in being able to play a musical instrument opened up for them

What is the target audience?

  • For those that are realistic to know they won't actually wade through 20 hours of video tuition but do want to get serious results, quickly
  • Parents who want to be able to introduce effective, meaningful and quick music making to their kids
  • Bedroom music producers who want to be able to use their midi keyboard more effectively
  • Those who have been put of learning an instrument by traditional methods of teaching
  • Anyone who wants to feel great about themselves finaly realising their ambition to play a musical instrument!
  • For beginners
  • Not for advanced players

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Know the names of the notes - a 5 minute job and so worth it - Try it for free!

It looks really complicated doesn’t it the keyboard. But if it’s broken down it’s actually really really simple. We’ll show you in five minutes how to work out which note is which. We will use shapes and patterns to do this so it's something you know and understand not something theoretical. That basic foundation will be vital in your journey to playing the songs you want in less than an hour.

1 question

Knowing where the notes are is the key to this method - lets check what you remembered from the video.

Section 2: Play your first chords major/happy chords using Shortcut 1

Here it is the bit you've been waiting for! In this lecture I will give you the formula or rule that will enable you to work out how to construct a chord. This is the building block on which everything else sits. Get this right and you are well on your way to playing chords on the piano and unlocking it as an instrument.

3 questions

here are some questions to help you consolidate what you've learnt

Section 3: Test it out by playing some simple songs
9 pages

A few songs with lyrics and chords so you can try your new skills, Some Dylan, Rollling stones, Bruno Mars just to get you started

Section 4: Learn to play seven 'sad/minor'' chords using shortcut 2

OK we've got 7 chords down. If you listen carefully in this lecture we will show you how just by making one simple change to all those chords you have already learned you can access another seven chords - making 14 in total

Section 5: Mindblowing video - showing how many songs you can play with what you've learned
4 chords to play hundreds of famous songs?
Section 6: Discover sharps and flats (black notes) and use them with shortcut 3
Another simple easy to understand tweak takes us to 24 chords or building blocks
2 questions

Theres a rule for remembering their name. Here it is

Section 7: Finding the songs you want to play on the internet - chord charts
More resources for finding chords for songs

Here is a pdf with the chords for a song clearly mapped out and a walkthrough of how you interpret how to translate chords written on a page to a recognisable song.

Section 8: Add one more finger to our chords, Shortcut 4 builds 7th chords
7th chords - taking you up to 48 chords!
Section 9: Left hand Bass - building independence
Left hand bass notes
Section 10: Left hand rhythm - starting to sound hot
Two fingers on the bass line - Rocking!
More rhythm variations for the left hand - hear the bass line :)
Section 11: Songs for you to try - you can play these now! and thousands of others like them

This video takes you through the sections of the song and demonstrates which chords to play where - give it a go Once you have done this a few times you will be able to apply this to any songs you find the chords for on the internet. Word of advice - for now, until we add some more stuff to the course, keep it simple with songs that only have Major and minor or 7th chords - avoid anything that looks like this A/B or D/G we' will get to that in the next Section :)


This video takes you through the sections of the song and demonstrates which chords to play where - give it a go Once you have done this a few times you will be able to apply this to any songs you find the chords for on the internet. Word of advice - for now, until we add some more stuff to the course, keep it simple with songs that only have Major and minor or 7th chords - avoid anything that looks like this A/B or D/G we' will get to that in the next Section :)

Skinny Love Bon Iver/Birdy

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Instructor Biography

Simon Glenister, Professional musician, Recording artist, Lecturer

I have 20 years experience as a professional touring musician. 4 record contracts, Millions of youtube hits and appearances at major music festivals around the world.

My Educational experience comes from founding and running a successful and respected social enterprise using technology and music to engage some of the hardest to reach in society. I'm a specialist in music technology, a sound engineer and producer. Our work has led to requests for me to lecture on our methodology at major UK university's including Cambridge University.

Playing an instrument has many benefits. I've helped hundreds of people to realise that actually they can play an instrument even if they have had bad experiences before. It's not an impossibility and it can be a lot of fun, and it can make you feel really great about yourself.

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