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Our unique skill

Learn how to control your Willpower
4.7 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
25 students enrolled
Created by Chaim Goldberg
Last updated 10/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the deeper levels within me.
  • Characterize the uniqueness of man based on these deep levels.
  • Live life in an uplifted way by fully understanding these deep levels.
  • Utilize these insights to practice and strengthen my self-control.
  • Define the primary goals in life and learn how to live the moment in the most optimal way.
  • Recognize the deep meaning of our presence as human beings in the world.
  • At the end of the course, there is a special exercise to practice controlling your willpower.
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  • Come to the course with an open mind and willingness to be exposed to ‘old-new’ truths.
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed.

In this day and age, acquiring various skills is more important than acquiring extensive knowledge. Skills are what help you get ahead and succeed in our modern world. In academia, researchers speak of  “soft skills” – types of social capabilities – that are the keys to success. Some skills are external to us, but there are important skills that are our internal tools, and each one of us has these tools inside. Above them all, the central tool that we have is our willpower, that strong force that motivates us and leads us. As strange as it sounds, this is the one skill that we never learn about at any school…

In this course, we will begin to learn exactly how this intricate system [the human body – you and me] works – and progressing from there, we will understand how we can operate this system. We will learn how to swim through life in the direction that we want to go and to aim for the goal that we are dreaming to reach.

In this course, you will begin to learn how to empower the skill that makes you unique as a human being, to set goals, to meet them and in short – to have more control over your life!

  • You will become familiar with the first two levels, which enable human beings to control the world around them and do as they please.
  • You will discover the deep meaning of this human advantage and learn how to leverage it to jump to a higher level.
  • You will understand the reason for the inner struggles that take place inside of you.
  • You will recognize where your freedom of choice comes from, and discover how far you can go.
  • You will practice controlling your willpower.

In short, this is your opportunity to take a closer look at the factors influencing you from the inside. It’s your chance to identify the inner strengths hidden within you and learn how to utilize them to your best advantage.

During the course, we will touch upon understanding the complexity of man, and we will try to explore and understand how the spiritual side in us is able to cause our physical side to take action? If the power of our thoughts cannot move a physical object that is outside of the person, then how do your thoughts make you move? We will deal with this question by exploring a new dimension, related to the chain of secret-keepers of the Jewish nation. We will encounter the stories of blind people and hear how they perceive their surroundings and what we can learn from them to help us answer our main question. We will begin to deal with the topic of freedom of choice, one of the amazing powers that only we, human beings, possess, in contrast with all of the other strong forces in nature. Finally, we will conclude by connecting all of these ideas to one dimension and we will sum up with a fascinating exercise that will help us control our willpower.

To internalize the deep subject matter of the course, we have divided the course into “small portions” and added examples and real-life comparisons – all to help you absorb the material better.

You will also find questions in each part that will help you focus on the material learned and which essentially explain the core ideas of the current lesson. You can find the answers to these questions in your email when you finish watching the entire course. In general, we recommend listening to the course quickly at first, and then going back and contemplating each part by re-listening to them and simultaneously searching for the answers to the questions.

The course has been carefully organized so that without any prior knowledge, anyone can develop the strongest power that we all have inside, our willpower. The plan is to complete this course with relevant exercises that will be the first practical step toward self-control.

You can view the full details and the contents of the course according to the different lessons further down on this page.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for people who desire to take control of their lives, and focuses on internal self-control.
  • Those who are interested in being exposed to a special, esoteric way of thinking that has been passed down secretly for almost 5000 years.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with others.
  • This course is suitable for anyone who wants to live their life in a way that is infused with meaning.
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Curriculum For This Course
14 Lectures
The different elements within us.
4 Lectures 18:02

Personal empowerment begins with understanding the internal processes that are taking place inside of us. Let’s take Nelson Mandela, for example, who was the president of South Africa. At the beginning of his career, he fought the tyrannical apartheid rule, was imprisoned and even tortured. What kept him going strong?

We will learn to differentiate between different elements within us. There are parts within us that are “objects,” and we refer to them as “it” and view them as “ignorant.” But there are also parts within us that we personally identify with, and we refer to them as “me.”


"Everybody needs a principle goal for living" 

Preview 04:17

Text of Lecture 1

"Everybody needs a principle goal for living"

What is the meaning of this declaration: "I am here, know that I exist!" For you?

Questions on "Internal process" [Lecture 1] - to deepen our understanding
2 questions

Have you ever watched a 3D movie? On the outside, to someone who isn’t wearing 3D glasses, it looks funny and even ridiculous…a theater full of people sitting calmly, and then suddenly, without any prior warning (to someone who isn’t wearing 3D glasses), the entire theater is frightened, fidgeting in their seats, for fear that some character on the screen is going to jump out and hurt them…All this happens because of the additional dimension that those wearing the special glasses can see…

In this part, we will take a deeper look at the world and “jump” and “skip” to special places that can only be seen with the “special glasses” that we will receive during this part.

You’re invited to join us!


  • We treat the part of us that is our body as "something," an object. We treat the part of us that is our spirit as "somebody” with a will, someone we can talk to.

Preview 06:08

Text of Lecture 3

Heidegger and Sartre taught us that "The entire world of spiritual phenomena is relevant only to the spirit itself and it has no meaning in the physical world...

Questions on "Additional Dimention" [Lecture 3] - to deepen our understanding
2 questions
You, we, can talk !!!
2 Lectures 07:26

Fire. This word “conceals” an entire world. Fire is something hot that helps us control the natural world. If we aren’t careful with fire, it can cause serious damage. A regular person cannot stand up to the intensity of fire. Essentially, this isn’t just a word, it’s a concept! Moreover, we can talk about fire and its characteristics even when there is no fire present.

The truth is that every word written here is an entire concept that includes within it additional components. For example, the word “nature” refers to the entire earth, but not only that. Nature also includes systematic laws that balance this world and facilitate life on earth…and so on.

  • How exactly does a person learn to speak? How does a baby learn to speak?
  • What does this amazing ability include?

We will learn all of this and more in this part.


The link between physiological processes and corresponding phenomena of awareness is not something that can be understood easily.

The "Singularity" between Man and the Animal World

Text of Lecture 5

The link between physiological processes and corresponding phenomena of awareness is not something that can be understood easily.

Thought and speech are a hint of a dimension that lies beyond the physical senses.

Questions on "Singularity" [Lecture 5] - to deepen our understanding
2 questions
Generosity & Altruism
2 Lectures 14:40

Have you ever seen a cat rummaging through garbage? Or a squirrel in the park? They don’t have any feelings of indecision. When they are hungry, they search for food. And…let no other animal dare to bother them. If another cat/squirrel tries to take another animal’s food, we will witness a “world war,” or more precisely – a war of survival.

For us humans, things don’t exactly work the same way.

We often feel generous in our hearts, altruistic, willing to forego what we have and give it to someone else.

Where do people get this feeling from?

What is the significance of this type of behavior?

These questions and more will be answered in Part 3.

Where do people get this feeling from?

Text of Lecture 7

Thought and speech are a hint of a dimension that lies beyond the physical senses

Questions on Generosity & Altruism - to deepen our understanding
2 questions
Nature and Man
2 Lectures 12:03

When a natural disaster occurs, like a hurricane, powerful earthquake or tsunami, can we confidently say that only people who behave improperly will be hurt? Of course not. Nature does not differentiate between righteous people and wicked people. These are two different dimensions. The question of morality [personal behavior, righteous or wicked] does not apply to nature.

Are you sure?

In this part, we will begin to question this axiom.

Two Opposites within Mankind

Text of Lecture 9

Is faith in G-d forced on human beings?

Questions on "Nature & Man" - to deepen our understanding
2 questions
Practice... Practice.... Practice
2 Lectures 08:47

Learning such an important and essential topic is only meaningful if we then practice and internalize the ideas. Staying at the theoretical level is not what Jewish morality intended!

Therefore, we will try to also incorporate practical applications into everything we study, so that we can improve the way we interact with those around us.

Of course, the theoretical study is connected to the practical exercises.

This time, we will choose the definitions that we learned in the second lesson [about Helen Keller] to discuss our self-control of our willpower. After all, the main thing is our ability to control our will, so that our will doesn’t control us.

We would be happy to hear your comments, and especially happy to hear about your successes!

Good luck!

Practical Tips

Text of Lecture 11
2 Lectures 05:19
Is there such a thing as a miracle?

What is the next step?
About the Instructor
Chaim Goldberg
4.7 Average rating
9 Reviews
32 Students
2 Courses
Educator, Spiritual Coaching, High school principal

I have been working in education with teenagers and young adult students for over thirty years. During my educational career, I served as a high school principal for over 15 years. One of these high schools was a special school for students with ADHD, where I worked for over a decade, helping students reach excellent achievements and facilitating their successful incorporation into the adult world in Israel. Over the years, aside from being an ordained rabbi, I have studied with rabbis who are part of the “chain of secret-keepers” of the Jewish nation. 

My experience has shown me that there is a huge gap between the world of maturing youth today and their conduct in schools (which are part of the organizational structure of the "Industrial Revolution").

In view of this gap, my team and I have developed a different way of working with students - a way that is more compatible with the "Information Age" and that leads to greater success!

As someone who has been working with adolescent youth who have ADHD for more than ten years, I can testify from my personal experience to the well-known fact that these special children typically have a high level of Emotional Intelligence. And it is clear that in the modern era, when every type of information is readily available to everyone, the role of the teachers has changed, and they must take this realm of Emotional Intelligence into account in their work.