How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding
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How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding

How Germany reinvented her Country Brand during the FIFA World Cup through Experiential Marketing and Brand Advocacy
3.9 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,859 students enrolled
Created by Dr Nikolaus Eberl
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • To understand the key drivers of national Brand Image
  • To identify the primary Archetype of the Country Brand
  • To coin a Brand Promise that is genuine and authentic
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In depth analysis of how Germany managed to rebrand the entire country through the 2006 FIFA World Cup - and how country brands might apply this formula to rebrand their national image. This case study is the first ever detailed analysis of the newly emerging discipline of Destination Branding through Movement Marketing and has had significant impact on Germany's tourism brand, yielding a 31% increase in international leisure tourism year-on-year and a 47% increase in business tourism for the host city of Berlin (which has also doubled the number of hotel bookings over the past five years)

Who is the target audience?
  • Destination Branding Executives
  • Nation Branding Executives
  • Marketing & Brand Executives
  • Government Communicators
  • Heads of State
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
Course Introduction
2 Lectures 10:47

Interview on CNBC Africa with Peter Ndoro about lessons from Germany's Brand Transformation during the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the 2010 Scorecard for South Africa's Nation Branding Campaign

Who is Dr Nik?

In depth analysis of how Germany transformed her national brand image through the 2006 FIFA World Cup and lessons for country brand managers

What this Course is all about
Transforming the Country Archetype
5 Lectures 06:33

How Germany transformed her Country Archetype from Ruler to Lover

Reclaiming the Archetype

The socio-economic benefits of Germany's rebranding campaign, one year after the World Cup

The Transformation of Brand Germany

How Germany transformed 82 million Citizens to Brand Evangelists

From Grumpy to Happy: The NEW Germany

Nation Branding Scorecard: Reclaiming the Archetype

Nation Branding Scorecard: Country Archetype
2 pages

Find out which is your country archetype by answering these ten questions

Self Assessment: Discover Your National Archetype
Activating the Brand Promise
6 Lectures 10:57

Germany's Brand Promise "A Time to make Friends" - aimed at internal branding and encouraging Germans to make visitors feel at home

Coining the Brand Promise

How Germany communicated the Brand Promise effectively to their citizens

Navigating the Brand Promise

How Germany designed the Friendliness Campaign to enable citizens internalise the brand promise

Internalizing the Brand Promise

How the German goalies Kahn and Lehmann symbolised the brand promise of making friends on the field

Symbolizing the Brand Promise

How the German Police delivered the Brand Promise and went out of their way "to make friends"

Delivering the Brand Promise

How Germany upheld the Brand Promise of "A Time to make Friends" after the semifinal defeat against Italy

Upholding the Brand Promise

To assess the understanding of Germany's Brand Promise Activation

Activating the Brand Promise
4 questions
Restoring Civic Pride
5 Lectures 02:17

Germany tapped into a psychological phenomenon of brand transformation called 'The Hero's Journey'

Reuniting the People behind the Common Cause

Case Study: Team Spirit 82 (Million Citizens)

Creating the World's Biggest FAN Club
6 pages

Case Study: Fan Club Germany

Uniting the Nation behind Symbols
8 pages

How Germany extended the legacy of the 2006 World Cup by documenting the Journey of the Team and sharing it with the Nation

Capturing Moments of Glory
8 pages

Nation Branding Scorecard: Civic Pride
2 pages

Measure the Civic Pride Index of your Nation

Restoring Civic Pride
3 questions
Reversing Media Stereotypes
4 Lectures 00:00

The Perception of Germany in the UK media before the World Cup and after

Reversing Stereotypes about the Country & People
8 pages

Replacing the Old Cliches: Partyotism 2.0
11 pages

What the International Press had to say about Germany after the 2006 World Cup

Converting the Media to Brand Advocates
17 pages

Nationbranding Scorecard: Media Perceptions

Nationbranding Scorecard: Media Perceptions
2 pages

Managing Media Perceptions

Reversing Media Stereotypes
3 questions
Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
6 Lectures 06:13

How Germany conceptualised their Friendliness Campaign to transform the brand image from boring to friendly

Germany's Service & Friendliness Campaign

Germany's Hospitality Campaign that was instrumental to converting Visitors to Brand Advocates

Delivering World Class Service with a Smile
12 pages

The Knut Phenomenon that extended the tourism legacy of Germany's rebranding campaign to attract one million visitors to the Berlin Zoo

Attracting 1 Million Visitors in 100 Days
7 pages

What English Fans had to say about Germany at the end of the 2006 FIFA World Cup

The Verdict: What Visitors had to say

How to measure Brand Advocacy from Visitors: The Net Promoter Score

Measuring Brand Advocacy

The Benchmarks for delivering the best Visitor Experience Ever

Nationbranding Scorecard: Brand Advocacy
2 pages

Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates

Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
3 questions
Reversing Domestic Perceptions
4 Lectures 01:54

How Germany extended the Friendliness Campaign to the entire nation

Transforming Citizens to Brand Ambassadors

How the World Cup transformed the German collective psyche from pessimistic to optimistic

Turning Pessimists into Optimists
6 pages

How the World Cup helped heal some of the unpleasant idiosyncracies of German people

Overcoming National Idiosyncracies
4 pages

Nationbranding Scorecard: People Brand

Nationbranding Scorecard: People Brand
2 pages

Reversing Domestic Perceptions

Reversing Domestic Perceptions
1 question
Socializing the Country Brand
5 Lectures 01:39

How Germany placed the visiting fans at the center of the event (rather than the country brand)

FAN Centricity

Turning Visitors into FAN's
6 pages

The FAN Festival Phenomenon
13 pages

Reinventing the Visitor Experience
12 pages

Nationbranding Scorecard: FAN Centricity
2 pages
Positioning the Country Brand for Business
2 Lectures 01:40

The Land of Ideas Campaign - to reposition Germany as a place of innovation

Land of Ideas Campaign

Wirtschaftwunder 2.0
11 pages
Course Conclusion
1 Lecture 02:33

How Visitors rated Germany's new brand image after the world cup and how the media reported about Germany's Brand Transformation

Course Conclusion
About the Instructor
Dr Nikolaus Eberl
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Chief Executive Officer: Disruptive Innovation Centre

When I first came to the shores of the Zulu Kingdom and joined the University of KZN as a Research Associate, I was intrigued to discover that the legendary ZULU KING SHAKA had suffered a branding fate similar to the subject of my PhD thesis, the much maligned Roman Emperor Nero

This is why for the past 20 years, I have been digging through the Archives, visiting the Battlefields and sifting through the Propaganda of the History Books, to uncover THE TRUE LEGACY of the Great Emperor - a Legacy that is best described by a Term that has gained notorious Acclaim:


Emperor Shaka’s military Innovations, from Weaponry to Battle Formations and even new Societal Norms, incorporate many of the Strategies the World’s greatest Innovators of recent times have adopted to conquer hitherto unassailable Industries and build BILLION DOLLAR BRANDS (such as Uber, AirBnB & Whatsapp)

Over the past ten Years, I have developed a uniquely South African Formula for identifying the MISSING LINK in the Customer Experience and creating a Disruption MAP for your Industry, code-named The IziCwe Code which was introduced to the international media at the GLOBAL LEADERS SUMMIT, sharing the platform with Leadership Gurus Tom Peters, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Porter. 

And helped clients such as IBM, SAP and HP recreate the Customer Experience and build New Products (such as the FAN World Cup) - and designed a CX program for the 2010 World Cup that achieved an unparalleled 92% NPS from Visitors

The IziCwe Code has been implemented successfully by Clients such as Metropolitan, DBSA, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Cableways Cape Town who were voted one of the SEVEN NEW WONDERS OF THE WORLD - and a Mining Supplier who has credited The IziCwe Code for having grown his Business 10X