Marketing And Manipulation: A Consumer's Guide
4.6 (136 ratings)
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Marketing And Manipulation: A Consumer's Guide

Discover how Neuromarketing plays with subconscious triggers to make us buy more. Learn how to become immune to it
Best Seller
4.6 (136 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,273 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the working of our subconscious mind
  • Recognize the many strategies used by marketers to influence our subconsciousness
  • have fun seeing through marketing tactics in ads, commercials and point of sales
  • Use simple rules of thumb to avoid falling for impulse buying
  • Free yourself from marketing manipulation
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  • A keen interest in human behavior is the only real prerequisite for this course
  • No previous knowledge required - I will take you step by step through the different concepts and models presented in the course
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended
  • At different stages in the course, there will be questions presented about how you think and feel about some topics. It is highly recommended you answer them for yourself before you move on with the course
  • At different stages in the course, you will be invited to do some exercises. Concrete examples will be presented, however it is important (and fun) to do the exercise yourself as well

"If you buy - or sell anything, anywhere, you need this course!..."                                                                                                                              (review from Anne Jordan)

In this highly entertaining and interactive course you will discover how and why marketing works. First we will need to understand what triggers us. We’ll be diving deep into our conscious and subconscious decision-making processes and I’ll show you, with tons of concrete real life examples, how marketing strategies have been able to cash in on those processes.

Now marketing hasn’t been waiting around for neuroscience to come up with insights about the brain to start applying these principles. Through trial and error, and a lot of testing, marketing departments were able to develop sound principles based on empirical evidence. In this course, not only will I show you what works, but also why it does so well. The scientific part of this course is based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology and is brought to you through an easy-to-understand model of how our mind works.

And we won’t stop there. You see, this is not a course on how to apply neuroscience to your own marketing efforts, even though I guess you could use the information here to do so.

The real aim of this course is to educate consumers, and aren’t we all, so that next time we feel the urge to buy something, we are able to look beyond the marketing, and see if we’re just being manipulated or if we genuinely need or want to buy something

Because in the end, this course is about empowerment. It’s about being able to free oneself from consumerism. It’s about living consciously, being aware when we’re being played, and making educated choices.

So what should you expect?

  • Understand your subconscious mind - and how we make buying decisions
  • Recognize strategies used by marketers - and how they try to influence us
  • Use simple rules of thumb - and avoid falling for umpulse buying
  • Free yourself from marketing manipulation - and make conscious buying decisions
  • And So Much More... such as survival instincts, sex, herding, obedience, starvation, neurotransmitters, countless commercials, and so on ... 
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with an interest in human behavior
  • Anyone who has ever wondered why we buy the things we buy
  • Anyone who has ever bought something and regretted it later
  • This course is not for people looking for ways to manipulate others. It's about empowering, not taking power away from others
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Curriculum For This Course
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Welcome to the course and general overview


An overview of the model we will use to explain the different subconscious programs triggered by mareketers

Preview 05:59
We are instinctive beings
4 Lectures 33:08

A couple of questions to have you reflect on what will be covered in this section

Before we start

An overview of our survival instincts

Survival instincts

How do marketers tap into our survival instincts?

Survival instincts in marketing

Can you recognize which survival instinct is used in these ads?

Let's practice

Survival Instincts quiz
6 questions
We are emotional beings
4 Lectures 20:40

A couple of questions to have you reflect on what will be covered in this section

Before we start

What are the mechanics behind experiencing the world

Our learning experiences

How do marketers generate a dopamine release in our brains?

Preview 10:09

Let's see what associations are in your brain

Practical Exercise

Emotions quiz
6 questions
We are contextual beings
3 Lectures 23:18

A couple of questions to have you reflect on what will be covered in this section

Before we start

What do we understand with 'context'?

3 types of context

How do marketers use context to their advantage?

Context in marketing

Context quiz
5 questions
That voice in our head
3 Lectures 10:00

A couple of questions to have you reflect on what will be covered in this section

Before we start

How can we stop this subconscious influence?

Take control

Why willpower isn't everything

ego depletion

Reason quiz
5 questions
2 Lectures 04:22

Final overview of what we covered during this course

Final conclusion

Final quiz
10 questions

Thank you and a final request

Thank you and final request
About the Instructor
Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy
4.4 Average rating
5,290 Reviews
56,746 Students
10 Courses
Neurocognitive and Behavioral Expert

Hi, my name is Gregory Caremans. I'm the founder of the Brain Academy. 

I'm a psychologist with a Master in communication, specialized in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. I'm the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels (Belgium). 

Today, I've specialized in writing and producing high quality brain-related content. I have my own blog and create online courses. I'm very proud to say that The Economist contacted me to start a partnership where they offer my courses to their readers. My courses were also recently featured in the magazine Entrepreneur.

Here at Udemy I teach over 50.000 students and most of my courses are best-sellers: 

  • Neuroscience for Parents is the N°1 course on parenting 
  • Master your brain is the N°1 course on Brain Science
  • Meet your brain is the N°1 free personal development course 
  • My Stress Management course is N°1 out of almost 900 courses on stress.
  • My Neuroplasticity course is N°1 in its category
  • My leadership course is N°4, right behind Seth Godin and Brian Tracy

A lot of people who follow my blog or enroll in my courses are quite curious about this NBA-thing, the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. When you google it, you hardly find information on it. The reason for this is simple: The NBA has its origins in France, and is called ANC, l'approche Neurocognitive et Comportementale. Now when you google that, you'll find loads of information, unfortunately, the vast majority of it is in french…

So that's where I come in. I have been the Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism, which task is to spread the NBA, for several years. I worked directly with the founders of the NBA, Dr. Jacques Fradin and his colleagues, and became an expert in his approach.

in 2014 I created my Brain Academy and took the decision to take the NBA one step further by elevating it's reach from a regional scope to a worldwide reach, by translating the work of Jacques Fradin into English, and make it accessible to everyone. With my team, we decided to translate the NBA into every day, real life applications: How to use the NBA to raise children, to become a better manager, to deal with stress, and so on… We've added new perspectives and insights from brilliant minds such as Daniel Kahneman, David Brooks, Dan Ariely, Antonio Damasio, Steven Pinker, and many more

My blog and these courses were born out of a frustration, that regardless of the time and effort me and my team would put into coaching and training people, we would only reach so many people. It's great to have a vision to change the world, but if you don't have the means to activate it, your vision is no more than a fantasy…

By the end of 2014, the first course got online. Since then, over 40.000 people have joined us already. Still, personally, I won't rest before reaching at least 100.000, and then one million, and more. And there's a simple reason for that: Understanding how our brains work and their impact on our behavior has a major impact on how we see ourselves and others. It helps us be at peace with ourselves and be more tolerant towards others. In other words: it makes the world a better place to live in.

So join us in this brain-revolution. Join one of my groundbreaking courses and become part of the tribe