Awesome Live Streaming Using Wirecast on Blab
3.8 (28 ratings)
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Awesome Live Streaming Using Wirecast on Blab

you will learn how to use wirecast to live stream audio and video to the online video web video chat site blab.
3.8 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,015 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2016
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  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Articles
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What Will I Learn?
  • use virtual camera out with blab
  • understand the setup and flow of a blab/wirecast powered show
  • understand when and where to use wirecast
  • be prepared better to send or received a live video chat
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  • how to use your computers mic and video inputs (already tested blab)
  • how to navigate around a browser is helpful

This course is for the people that constantly ask.. .

'how are you doing that in blab!'

Using the powerful wirecast software from telestream i'll be showing you the basics of getting your camere and audio inputs working with the blab website. You should be able to take a lot of this knowledge and transfer it to other environments as well when it comes to live video streaming.

i'll try and keep things straight forward and simple and use as little jargon as possible but if you find yourself confused then please, just ask or leave me a comment. missed something? again drop me a line and i'll do my best to fill in the blanks.

most materials are done in video. i love video.

the course is designed so that you can 'mobile pocket snack' on this stuff. you can jump in anywhere and hopefully learn some new stuff about wirecast, blab and live streaming in general.

i suggest you start at the beginning however!

you will be taking this course if you are interested in using wirecast software with the online web video conversation site blab.


Who is the target audience?
  • people who have wirecast but don't use
  • people new to both wirecast and
  • this is for anyone with existing computer experience
  • this might not feel like a newbie or beginners course at times
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
welcome to the course
7 Lectures 17:32

wirecast is a great software switching tool for playing with video feeds, movies and audio. it's a great way of switching between multiple inputs as part of making polished video productions. it has many uses. blab is the latest shiny shiny social media video streaming conversation site to hit the internet. people are now wanting to add a level of production to their streams this course enables that to happen.

what is wirecast and blab

i want you to get maximum value out of this and all of my courses. i suggest you do the following things while listening and watching my videos. have a pencil, notepad or digital way of taking notes to then make actionable items that you can execute on straight away. remember that you can download this course to your device and watch 'offline' and remember you can do it in a number of sittings. it doesn't have to be in one go. i'll be adding to the content from time to time and improving segments. i hope you'll leave me comments and reviews and if you are confused about anything just let me know.

getting the most out of this course

i'm obsessed with the medium of live streaming. it was the one thing that really got me interested in using the internet to have my own 'tv station' to be able to share a message after i ran a bulletin board system. fast forward ten years of playing with all things internet and here we are, sharing my wisdom with the world to all that will listen.

why i made this course

i'll try and do a different version of this for every course that i do. i've got so much to tell you about. i've been super lucky in my life up to this day and i want to share with you my journey. i believe my courses bring something different in that i've actually done the majority of things that i talk about in my courses. i'm an active practitioner who works 'ontheground' capturing content using a variety of recording equipment to capture the moment. my courses are designed to give you value so you can take some of the ideas and wrap them into your own process.

why my courses

it's a process. it can be hard. mapping out everything you want to say, recording it, editing it. getting it uploaded and promoted. it's a pipeline process of laying bits at a time and moving forward a little. i'm glad to say that i've finally made the leap and i'm finally here on udemy.

fighting the fear, jumping into udemy

i've been doing live streaming for around ten years from mobile phone streaming across various places in europe, america and the middle east (over 700 streams on bambuser alone) and doing live streams for corporates including round table company events to a live bloggers lounge continuity studio setup as an anchor in iceland. i've either seen it or played with it or knows someone that use it - i'm not just repeating things i've found on the web. i've tried and tested all of it.

three real world usages of blab and wirecast

let's stop talking about hardware and start talking about content, context and organizing shows that people want to actively tune into.

the 'what microphone, what webcam' question.
getting wirecast working with blab
4 Lectures 18:31

one of the students asked for this so once i've finished the course i'm working on i'll get about doing this as soon as i can. i think this is a great question and i can step through my process pipeline for it.

pre-event checklist for doing a

in this video lecture i'll be quickly showing you around the interface of wirecast so you can jump straight into the program and get something up and running in around ten minutes. you'll be able to setup cameras and audio streams and even take a look at overlays. if you have never touched wirecast before you'll want to at least watch this from the course.

walking around the basics of wirecast, jump in guide

virtual camera out is the main way that you can capture all of the video output that wirecast creates. all of the switching of shots will be broadcast to blab. this the easy bit. but that's also when it stops being easy and you have to consider a number of things when broadcasting shots and content.

understanding virtual camera out setting in wirecast

so you'll notice that on blab the broadcasting view of your stream is a square 4:3 - i tend to use wirecast in full hd mode with my cameras input at full hd (1920x1080) which is a 16:9 format so it cuts the sides of the output when you finally get on blab.

content is reversed in browser in blab
Adding features to your show using wirecast
2 Lectures 06:44

how to get a video with audio to play in your streaming show.

adding movie playback to your streaming show

wirecast has some amazing features - one of the features is the playlist feature, it's absolutely brilliant. you can put things back to back and they play unattended. you can even jump into another playlist. you can time things and you can put any content you want in them. shots, video etc.

making playlists in wirecast for unattended playback
Streaming Basics
5 Lectures 17:01

online web chats are difficult. latency, and the lagging you can get from issues with your internet connection can cause problems with your video chat. dropping frames and techno sounds audio from the people you are talking too. all the things that can effect your experience. i'll be talking about latency, what it is and how you can make sure that what you have is enough.

latency is your web video conversational killer

you might not realise it but your computer has all kinds of junk potentially installed that is 'polling' the internet for data. updaters, scanners, background processes and just general things that ping and shout out for information to the internet. all of these things can cause disruption to your live stream. might be an idea to shut down as much as that as possible when your doing any kind of online video chatting.

cancel all non essential running programs including task bar stuff

i got your back. i've got some tools for you to check out that connection of yours. see how it's doing, see what speeds your getting and how using these tools can help you over time get an idea of how good your connection is, peak times and other important stuff like it.

checking internet speeds with speedtest & pingtest

urls of some great tools to help with checking your connection, latency etc.

checking internet speeds with speedtest & pingtest urls

if you can be wired, always be wired. seriously. wireless brings together all kinds of problems. lots of other people over your network, interference, unpredictable situations. wired is so much better unless you have one of those new and fancy stupid fasted access points. check your router and make sure your the only ninja on the line!

if you can be wired go wired always over wifi
BLAB Features we would love to see.
4 Lectures 09:53

i've used many sites over the last ten year to do live streaming. many die out, service is poor or just hanging on by a thread of a support team. i wish live web streaming services would have a package out the gate to maintain the service instead of the usual take money, burn rate approach. everyone gets excited about being able to do live streaming and then a few years later company sells out or the focus goes to another product leaving the community high and dry. let's work on changing that.

i'd like to pay (today) monthly for usage of blab and to keep it around

i've been a focused and committed community member to a number of services over the years. the script runs the same. i get interested, i help and promote, i take part. years later the company is acquired and on the majority the service is kept alive for a year and then either phased out or merged with another product without the original premise and offer of the original. as the community that helps build up the numbers of users that make these startups get attention of investment we need to also protect our collective community interest so that can travel once that happens. this is my suggestion how we might be able to achieve that. run with it. if you make a website SaaS to do this for all startups worldwide give me props.

community focused acquistion plan for blab

it's great to get sent an email with your download links in for you to grab and process but having your content sent to an external location would be even better. i'd love for my audio sample to go to soundcloud (unlisted until i was ready to process it) and my video to go to a dropbox (for my editor to pick it up and work on it) when i'm on the ground at an event. i'm thinking that even services like transcribing would be useful as well.

sharing to external services (dropbox, transcribing)

i think blab has been doing a great job so far but we could do with some more powerful features to make regular shows a breeze. adding a voting system, timed boxes, dynamic polls and timed topics would be brilliant. also makes it easier when a new person joins a room if they can get at a glance an idea of where people are in a conversation. i realise that everyone doesn't want to to run a blab like that so maybe it can be a feature that is switched on. co-admins would be a nice feature as well. like moderators or admins for a regular blab show.

voting, topics and polls oh my, voting, topics and polls..
Come and Find #teamhumble
3 Lectures 08:06

i wrote down a list of things i've done in the hope it might give you a bit of a background about me. i really hope you get a lot of value out of this course and i hope your excited for the next massive one about being a brand advocate.

who am i

using a number of social platforms we are constantly telling our day to day story of what it is like to be a digital creative working in the cloud. our group works together using our social reach to bring a lens on the projects we do and we often use micro crowdfunding to bring in donations for those projects. recently we have been using blab sessions as an online telethon approach so we can react in real time to those putting money in.

using transmedia storytelling in a virtual co-working squad

i made you a set of three full HD (1920x1080) wallpapers (for free) just drop your email into gumroad and off you go. all yours for free. unless you want to leave me a tip of course! :)

FREE DOWNLOAD - 1920x1080 Blab Epic Win Wallpaper
About the Instructor
Mr Philip Campbell
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51 Reviews
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digital nomad | youtuber | udemy instructor

I love playing with technology and making it easier for others to understand.

My journey has taken many paths in the last twenty years and currently i'm living in Derbyshire, England from the icanhazvan project.

I've Worked with Digital Agencies over the years as a Video Brand Advocate and Blogger with 1000heads (Nokia) and Crayon (watchtv/verisign) learning the art of Transmedia Storytelling.

My intention is to push to be living off-grid (with on-grid internet!) teaching my daughter about all things sustainable in the process and teaching her and others about data.

Sold the domain name 'medm' to Evan Williams of Twitter fame during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for a five figure sum and helped out a Tornado hit town with the same name (Phil Campbell, Alabama) with Social Media and awareness to help get the coverage it deserved as part of the 'im with phil' project and documentary.

My courses are priced for everyone to afford. Purchasing my courses allows me to live out my dream of working digitally from revenue i make from my creative works.