Life Coaching: Create Your Signature Coaching Package
4.6 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
259 students enrolled
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Life Coaching: Create Your Signature Coaching Package

Sell results, not your time! Package your GIFT, get MORE clients, more COMMITTED clients & a more PREDICTABLE income.
4.6 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
259 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop custom COACHING PACKAGES based on your unique experience, knowledge, or skill.
  • STOP REINVENTING the wheel and create a curriculum you can follow with each client.
  • Attract your ideal clients who ALREADY WANT what you have to offer (no more “selling”)!
  • Create a PREDICTABLE INCOME with upfront or recurring payments (getting beyond being paid for your time).
  • Focus your coaching on the MOST MEANINGFUL result you can help your client achieve.
  • Determine the BEST way to STRUCTURE your coaching package, including in-person vs virtual coaching, individual vs. group coaching, frequency and duration.
  • SET A PRICE that honors the true value of your offer and is priced perfectly for your market.
  • Create a compelling package NAME and write clear, enticing DESCRIPTIONS that make it easy for your clients to decide to work with you.
  • Stop chasing clients by creating a Client Ascension Process that creates repeat customers who keep coming back for more.
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The #1 biggest mistake most life coaches make is trying to sell coaching

People don’t want to buy coaching, they want to buy “results”!

The solution is to create coaching PACKAGES, which:

  • Focus on a specific result that your clients already want
  • Bundle together your coaching and other services (instead offering single coaching sessions)

By doing this you are able to:

  • Get more clients because a well designed package makes it an easy decision for clients to enroll
  • Have more committed clients because they are investing in a long term process
  • Stop selling your time or trading your time for dollars
  • Create a more stable income because you are either getting paid up front or receive predictable recurring payments

Sounds great right? So, you may be wondering, how do I begin? What do I include? How much do I charge? And, how do I create a SIGNATURE coaching package?

These questions are exactly why we created this course.

First, you must clearly identify the result you are offering—your GIFT.

So, what is your gift?

Your gift is the best of what YOU have to offer, which means it is based off YOUR unique knowledge, skill, or life experience. It’s the result you’ve gotten for yourself—and if you package it, you can offer your client a shortcut to the success that you have had in your life.

So, once you know the result you want to achieve with your client, you need to break down HOW you are going to coach them to this end goal.


In this course we take the mystery out of how to create a signature coaching package that sells!

  • You’ll IDENTIFY YOUR COACHING NICHE and the specific gift you can offer your clients
  • You’ll develop a curriculum based your recipe for success
  • You’ll decide how to structure your coaching package, including:
    • whether to offer individual or group sessions
    • how frequently you will meet and for how long
    • what add-ons, elements or bonuses to include
    • whether to offer sessions in person or virtually
  • You’ll answer the question “how much should I charge?”
  • You’ll create a compelling name for your package and write descriptions that capture the outcomes while jumping off the page because you’ve written them in your ideal clients’ language.

Plus, this course will help you stop making the 2nd biggest mistake most coaches make: wasting their time stuck in the hamster wheel of client chasing!

The solution? Keep your clients coming back for more with a Client Ascension Process, which is just a fancy name for a coaching ladder of multiple packages.

So, are you ready to create your signature coaching package? We look forward to taking this journey with you. We’ll see you in the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Life coaches who want to create a thriving coaching business
  • Life coaches who want to offer signature life coaching packages
  • Life coaches who want to develop a personal brand that’s in alignment with their authentic gifts
  • Coaches, consultants, counselors, therapists, speakers, or practitioners who want to package their services in a way that attracts their ideal clients and makes joining your program an easy decision
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
Getting Started with Coaching Packages
2 Lectures 10:11

Find out what coaching packages are all about and why we're here with you!

Preview 04:08

Packaging your coaching services is absolutely vital for long-term success and creating a thriving coaching business! Find out why.

Preview 06:03
Package Content
5 Lectures 30:36

Before you can create a coaching package you must know WHAT you are packaging! Find out how to identify your coaching niche and the GIFT (result) you can offer your clients.

Identifying Your Niche and Gift

Identifying the journey YOU took to get to where you are today is the first step to creating a program that can walk clients through that same journey.

Identifying Your Journey

Dig deeper into HOW you can help your clients get the RESULTS they desire by exploring the steps, phases, keys or milestones along the path, depending on whether your niche is based on your knowledge, skill, life experience or a process.

Packaging Your Gift

Identify your model or recipe for success so that you can guide your students through this PROCESS (yes, you have a process!).

Packaging Your Recipe

Once you have an outline, it's time to fill in all the details of your full package curriculum and all of the materials you'll need. Blueprint included!

Developing Your Curriculum
Package Structure
5 Lectures 43:47

Explore different components of package structure, such as in-person or virtual, individual or group, frequency and duration, add-ons and elements, and pricing.

How to Structure Your Package

There are 3 main models of coaching packages: One-on-One Sessions, Leveraged One-on-One, and Group Coaching. Find out which one is best for you!

3 Coaching Package Models

When offering one-on-one coaching packages, there are several ways to package your sessions, including simple bulk sessions, VIP sessions, long-term package, and outcome based packages.

One-on-One Package Options

What different elements or add-ons are you going to include with your package? Find out your options.

Elements of a Package

Once you have one package, there are several ways you can add on additional packages, whether that means having multiple tiers of the same package (with added value) or creating new offerings within the same niche.

Offering Multiple Packages
Set Package Pricing
4 Lectures 44:59

It is important for you and your client to understand the true value of what your coaching package will do for them.

Determining Your Value

Conduct market research to compare how your coaching package compares to other similar businesses/coaches. This will help you assess the relative value, and therefore pricing, of your package.

Evaluating Where You Fit in the Market (Determining What to Charge)

Look at industry pricing, your market research, and the value of each element of your coaching package to establish a final price for your program.

Setting Your Price

Playing the Money Game is a way to look at your financial goals and different ways to reach them.

BONUS: The Money Game (What You Need to Make and Different Ways to Do It)
Client Ascension Process
3 Lectures 23:40

Find out how to take the ideas you had for offering multiple packages and create a COACHING LADDER that allows your clients to "ascend" the ladder and stay with you longer, while meeting more of their needs.

The Client Ascension Process

The key to an effective client ascension process is to understand what problems your clients STILL have. Find out how!

The Problem Solution Method

Once you have a package developed, it's great to identify additional ways you can present the information OR additional information or products you can create. By doing so you can generate additional streams of revenue to diversify your income.

BONUS: Additional Revenue Streams
Present Your Package
4 Lectures 22:27

Once you have a coaching package, you need to put it out there... and the most important part of HOW to put it out there is the WORDING you use to describe it. HINT: you need to write your description in your tribe's language.

Presenting Your Package

Your package name is the first thing your potential clients will see--therefore it needs to make a great first impression and capture the point of your package. You also need to create a compelling tagline or subtitle.

Naming Your Package

There are several key elements to your package description. In this video we provide an example and a template to use to write your own package description.

Package Descriptions

Find out why including a guarantee with your package is so important!

Conclusion and Next Steps
1 Lecture 01:57

You've got your signature coaching package... so now what!?

Conclusion and Next Steps
About the Instructor
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Joeel & Natalie are firestarters, entrepreneurs, coaches and professional speakers. They are powerful, passionate, and REAL! They have had over thirty thousand students from over 170 countries take their courses. They take students beyond the typical online course experience by evoking deep, emotional reactions that transform them from within. Rather than simply learning information, students finish each course with a clear, immediate action to take and practical tools to stay empowered and achieve success.

Their goal is to challenge individuals to step outside their comfort-zones and break free of their old patterns and limitations. They inspire students to rewrite their life stories, turn their curses into blessings, discover their greater purpose, and be the change they want to see in the world.

More about the instructors:

Joeel A. Rivera, MEd: From an early age, Joeel faced adversity, including failing his first year of college and losing his brother to a car accident at the age of 19. This experience transformed his life and instilled a deep sense of purpose by inspiring him to give his brother Daniel's name a meaning by helping others find their true path. He returned to college, earning a Master's Degree in Counseling, and he is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness. In almost a decade, Joeel has reached over ten thousand people from different parts of the world as an educator, entrepreneur, speaker, curriculum developer, and consultant. His clients have included school systems, the juvenile justice system, non-profits, the penitentiary system, medical centers, legal firms, individuals and small businesses.

Natalie Rivera is passionate about empowering others to live authentically and embrace their inner callings. After a decade of living a life that wasn't hers and developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Natalie let go of everything and completely transformed. Through her journey to healing she rediscovered her true self and greater purpose—to be an entrepreneur and inspire others to transform their lives. Natalie “retired" from the rat race at 24, put herself through school as a freelance designer, and created a non-profit teen center. She is also the Publisher of Transformation Magazine.

Transformation Services, Inc. (a.k.a. Transformation Academy) offers online courses, life coach training programs, professional speaking, curriculum development, life coaching, event management, and publishing for individuals on a path of transformation.