Learning How to Learn
4.5 (47 ratings)
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625 students enrolled
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Learning How to Learn

Becoming your own Brain Mechanic - Know how to keep your genius mind open.
4.5 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
625 students enrolled
Created by Donna Cercone
Last updated 1/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • One purpose of this course is to make learning far easier.
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This Course is for anyone who is currently learning or wanting to learn. It is for students of all ages.

It is for parents who are looking to help their children.

Take this course in any order that you wish, learn the tools and then to back to the brain study.

This Course gives the details on what the brain needs and then the tools that make learning so much easier.  It shows us what the brain wants in order to support what we want.  If you have wanted to learn more with greater ease and retention, then this course is for you.  If you have wanted to open more of your potential, this course is for you.  This is the Course to take if you have wanted to know what the brain really needs in order to learn easily.

Who is the target audience?
  • This is for students of all ages and for those who wish to know how their brain works and why.
  • There are no specific requirements.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Understanding the mechanics of the Brain
6 Lectures 01:24:41
This course gives the currently known tools for working with the brain and achieving your Learning Goals.  Many of these concepts may be new to you but years of research and years of RESULTS have come from the use of these Brain Tools. 
 Come back time and again to listen to specific chapters as you find out what the brain needs and learn how to give the brain what it needs so that you can achieve your Learning Goals with ease and grace!
Benefits of Learning How to Learn Course
1. Learn easier and faster - at least 70%  faster and in some cases up to 500% faster.
2. Remember what you have learned far, far easier.
3. Test taking is easier.
4. Training can be done in half the time with greater retention.
5. Test scores are much higher.
6. Reduction of Stress
7. Cut homework or any learning time in half.
8. Greater ease of communication on all levels.
9. Shift into a paradigm that creates emotional, physical and mental safety.
Preview 11:28

This Chapter is the Learning Room Story which connects both sides of the brain.   It is a guided imagery into the brain to see how it works.  
It is a great story to listen to just before test taking or any time you feel the need to reconnect with that deep part of yourself and your own inner wisdom and strengths.
" Just wanted to let you know that Your Learning How to Learn course has affected every area of my life.  I had taken your course of Learning How to Learn when I was 15 and applied all of the tools in high school and college. I  received very high scores in all of my tests and in many cases, the highest score.  When I needed to change careers, I used the tools again for the new learning that I had to do and transitioned most easily and quickly.  Just a major thanks for this as it has tremendously affected my whole life in everything that I do."  Christine
Learning Room Story, Opening the Genius

During this course, we are learning about our magnificent brain and how it works.  This chapter introduces the 12 intelligences that we have so that we realize how much we have to work with.

 Then in subsequent chapters we learn how to open these areas in order to make learning anything much easier and successful.
Our 12 Intelligences

Here we introduce the 3+2 System of learning.   The power of learning that comes from using all the stimuli that the brain needs at one time is amazing!

"After taking your course, I used all the brain tools and raised my test scores by 20 points and made the Dean's list for the first time in my life."

Our Modes of Learning 3+2 System

Circular Learning is comparable to a good diet.  We do not just eat one kind of food and expect to stay healthy.  

In optimal learning it is important to give the brain what it needs - all aspects of the brain.   The brain needs some kind of picture, it needs color, music, writing and more.....

Most educational systems do linear learning, but you can do circular learning at home so that your learning becomes so much easier and more fun.

" I raised my German grades from a D to an A in one week with the help of the spelling tools that Learning How to Learn teaches."

Circular Learning

We usually consider someone else to be a genius but not ourselves.  Learn the qualities of a genius and how you can develop them in yourself if you choose.

Most people have genius capacity and for most people that part has been shut down. And if you do not consider yourself to be a genius, you can at least consider yourself to be very intelligent.

Learning How to Learn teaches how to reopen our phenomenal capacity and learn the way we would like to learn.

What is a Genius & How do We Become One?
Brain Exercises
5 Lectures 01:31:16
What would we think of a person who puts water into the gas tank of a car and expects the car to run?

Yet we do that with the brain all of the time.  

 In this Chapter we learn what the brain waves are and which brain wave is needed for learning.    When one moves into the correct brain waves for learning, learning is so much easier, much more fun and successful.

Understanding Brain Waves and How to Work with Them

Sometimes there are brain connections that are disconnected.  These can be reconnected through specific brain exercises.
Most people did not do enough creeping and crawling in their early years and areas of the brain that were in the process of being connected have remained disconnected.
   " I can play soccer so much better and spelling and math are easier.  I can focus."     9 year old.

Even if a person is older, the brain can be expanded and synapses can be created or reconnected.

These brain exercises are most powerful and people who have had a hard time focusing can now focus.  The Figure 8 exercises does wonders for the brain. 

Important Brain Exercises

This is another powerful brain exercise that especially moves through blockages.  
Sometimes we do not know where a blockage may be to learning or doing something that we want to do.  This exercise finds that blockage and removes it.

"I am a singer and have had to really work to stay on time with the song.  When Donna showed me how to do 6 point access, I was able to keep time correctly and easily right away.  Amazing!"

This exercise also helps break through old beliefs and programs that no longer work for us.
6 Point Access Brain Exercise

Understanding the 4 Protective Barriers

So often we want to do something and then the feelings come of "I will do it later" or "I can't' or the many negatives statements that we hear daily in our heads.  

Learning how to Captain our Own Ship and firing our "pirates" gives us a tremendous power of creating our own destiny.  

We are fine, it is the "pirates" that we have allowed on our ship that sabotage us.

A most powerful tool for parents in communicating with their children.  A most powerful tool in creating what we want to create and Captaining Our Own Ship!!!

" Just learning how to Captain my Own Ship has made this course most worthwhile.  I used to think that I was bad or lazy and now I realize that I allowed those pirates to be on my ship - when I took charge, I realized that I am fine and I can learn and do things."

Captaining Your Ship
Tools of the Brain!
15 Lectures 03:53:13
Introduction into the Tools of the Brain and then each is developed in subsequent chapters.

We are learning to be our own Brain Mechanics.  We learn what our brain needs and we see the RESULTS!

10 Basic Tools of the Brain and How to Use Them

Plants need a certain environment in order to grow and so does the brain.

Ronald Kotulak, author of "Inside the Brain" said: "In the crudest terms, the effect of environmental deprivation is just as physical as a blow on the head."

Here we learn what the brain needs for its physical environment and what benefits that gives us.

When the brain receives what it needs, it works most beautifully and learning is so much easier.  So it behooves us to find out what the brain needs and not arbitrarily pull out some wires and then wonder why our brain does not work.

Physical environment is most important for the brain.

Creating the Physical Environment for Learning

Color is as important to the brain as sunlight is to plants.

Color is the electricity of the brain.  It creates brain connections and makes learning so much easier, successful and fun.  It makes remembering easy.

Color has been relegated to kindergarden and usually taken away by the 3rd grade where students are told to take out a piece of paper (white) and pencil and learn.

The testimonials for color go on and on.  Reading, math, science, writing - every subject is so much easier and more fun when color is used.  Find your colors for learning!

"I can read and remember when I read through  this color."

"I can comprehend now and all of my grades are so much higher."

"I could never do math but when I use a red filter, I can understand math."

"All of my notes are in color and studying is so much more fun and my test scores are the highest ever."

The comments go on and on - the benefits of color in learning are huge and if every teacher understood that, then color would be an integral part of every classroom and every presentation.

Learning the Secrets of Color and How It Has Helped so Many

This Chapter shows you HOW to use color in your learning.  If you are using colored filters, it show you how to test to see which color or colors are better for  your reading or your math.

It gives examples of using color in scheduling, homework and more.

The more one works with color everywhere, the more one is amazed at the tremendous power of color in learning and in life!

Practical Applications of Color in Learning

Music is a very important factor in Learning How to Learn.  Here we explore music and how it affects the brain.  We learn which music helps to bring the brain into alpha brain waves which are the brain waves for learning.  Playing alpha brain wave music quietly in the background helps the learning process.

Playing music that keeps us in beta brain waves makes learning much harder, homework takes much longer and memory is usually much poorer.

Give the brain what it needs and it will give you what you need!

What is the Music to Use in Learning?

Discover the tools that make spelling easy or that make the learning of foreign language vocabulary so much easier.

The tools are fast and powerful.

"I got an A+ in my spelling this week!"   His parents commented that he now loves spelling and is getting better grades in everything.

Learning Vocabulary or a Foreign Language - Make Spelling Easier

The brain needs a specific physical, mental and emotional environment in order to function and function well.   When the mental and emotional environment is lacking, the brain will automatically shut down in order to protect itself.  

Find out how you can create this environment for yourself and keep your brain open so that you can learn easily.
Creating the Mental and Emotional Environment for Learning

The Power of the Human Voice in Learning

The previous chapter shared the tremendous importance of Vocal pacing and how the voice deeply affects learning.

This chapter is giving some exercises in learning how to do it especially when we are learning.

Vocal Pacing - Learning How to Do It!

Suggestion holds the key to easy learning!  It supports us every day of our lives or it drags us down every day of our lives.

 In order to obtain the full power of learning how to learn, we need to understand suggestion and how to have it work for us.

Here we learn how suggestion affects our brain.  How we accept suggestions from others and how we give them to ourselves.  

We also learn some techniques to stop the suggestions that come from others from entering our brain if we do not want them.

What positive suggestions do you want in your brain every day to support you?

The Power of Suggestion and How to Make It Work for You!

"I want to remember but I don't."  
"I study for a test and then forget - how can I remember better?"

If these are your sentiments, there is a reason why you have them.

Learn what the brain needs in order to remember, in order to keep what you have learned in long term memory.

Memory has specific requirements and usually we are not taught those requirements.  We are usually told to go home, study and remember, but most often are not told how.  This Chapter gives you the tools for easy and long term memory.

If the brain is not given the tools that it needs, it shuts down and takes a nap.  Discover what the brain needs and how you can easily move into easy memory.

The Art and Science of Memory

Find out the importance of taking notes for easy learning.
Learn different ways of taking notes and find the style that works best for you.

Then study from your notes rather than the textbook.

Use Color and the other Learning How to Learn tools and have learning be most successful!

How to Take Notes and Study from Them

Once one has experienced the ease and joy of having the brain open, it is very frustrating to be in a class or presentation and the speaker is talking too fast and the brain closes.

That is not a fun feeling!

Learn techniques to reopen your brain.  For we do come across situations where others will close or attempt to close the brain.  At least now, we have the tools to reopen it and get back to our true selves.

How to Reopen Your Brain if It was Shut Down

Many times education and business work to succeed without a strong foundation on which to stand.

Fairness and respect are 2 most critical factors in having a solid foundation on which to build a classroom or a business.

Mega Learning in the Classroom and Business

Summary of the Tools of Easy Learning
Consolidated PDF Downloads
1 Lecture 00:08

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You can download all PDF files here
About the Instructor
Donna Cercone
4.6 Average rating
72 Reviews
791 Students
2 Courses
Learning How to Learn

Donna Cercone has been in the Education and Corporate arena for over 40 years and has taught thousands of students from ages 5-80.

Her unique classroom-tested "whole brain teaching" approach (Cercone"s Mega Learning) has been described as an innovative revolution in teaching with phenomenal results.

The Cercone Mega Learning program (Learning How to Learn) enables students to absorb and retain information at a much faster and sustainable rate.

"This is truly a wonderful approach for processing and applying new information at accelerated speeds."

Dr. R. Lawrence, University of Massachusetts

She is an author with Nightingale Conant, the composer of Hearts of Peace CD and has done many corporate workshops utilizing these techniques plus continually experimenting with them in classrooms and in teaching music.

This method was first tested by Donna in a self-contained classroom of 45 seventh graders whose IQ's ranged from 80-140. It had such great success that at the end of the school year, the 7th grade boys approached her and said:

"We don't want school to end this year!"

Over the years, she researched and used these methods with classes of disadvantaged, troubled and educationally challenged students, always achieving outstanding results. Students obtained high scores who previously had given up on even obtaining a "passing" grade.

With great success, Donna continues to adapt and refine the Learning How to learn - Mega Learning program.

She has worked with color in the educational arena for over 35 years, working with colored filters, colored paper and glasses, finding the colors that would help students read easier, comprehend, understand math and remember better.

Through these methods, her piano students are able to learn to play the songs 500% faster than reading note by note while utilizing the complete Cercone Method. She has found a way to teach the reading of music as we read books.

She enjoys helping people accomplish their dream and make learning easier for she believes that we really are a genius if we can learn how to access the potential in our brain, if we can learn to be "Brain Mechanics" - who know what the brain needs in order to achieve the true potential.