INVESTING or TRADING SUCCESS-Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager
4.2 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
708 students enrolled
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INVESTING or TRADING SUCCESS-Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager

Become a savvy investor. Know when is the right time to buy or sell in any market. Be successful while reducing risks.
4.2 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
708 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Whether investing or trading, be able to read a price chart to decide when it is profitable to buy, to sell or if it is safer to stay put.
  • Understand the important relationship between volume, velocity and trend, to generate gains and let go of complicated systems. Know that some tools found in books are worthless, and focus on what really works, simply and effectively.
  • Decipher the information unveiled by special candles, using the candlesticks charts to improve the timing of your investments as well as your trades.
  • Use professional tools with confidence including the Moving Averages message, while taking into consideration the price’s Support and Resistance, count the Elliott waves and apply Fibonacci levels.
  • Choose which market to invest and in you want to trade, and which is the best type of trading, according to your personality.
  • Be confident in your decisions to enter a position, to buy or to sell, whether it is short term or longer term, using just a few strategies to profit in any market.
  • Time your investment or trade entry and exit with basic, short term and sentiment indicators, while taking into consideration the cycles, the outside influences, the commodities clues and the correlations between markets for perfect results.
  • Reduce risks, and know when to enter safely for large profits while your losses are kept to a minimum.
  • Apply a disciplined risk management with stops and the knowledge of basic psychology to invest or trade with the highest reward to risk possible, using mind-method and money combination.
  • Practice the “No emotion = Discipline” principle: Adopt the right psychology that is key to success.
  • Operate with a safe approach to minimize losses according to proven statistics you can count on.
  • Have knowledge of the economy and monetary indicators, and follow the principles to invest and trade with the information professional use, as you grow your portfolio and your wealth.
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to invest with higher returns and lower risks
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  • An internet connection and the access to price graphs.

Learn how to use simple and sophisticated professional trading techniques and strategies so you can invest profitably in the right markets, at the right time, with the least risk.

Discover how to create and test your personalized trading system which complements your personality style and investment objectives.

See the relationship between volume, velocity and trend

Master trade entry and exit

Learn short term and sentiment indicators

Develop disciplined risk management

Read candlesticks charts to improve timing

Use professional tools: Moving Averages, Support and Resistance, and Elliott waves

Profit from economic information and monetary indicators

The power to analyze and act in any market at anytime

Empower yourself to select and screen markets and time your profit taking. Learn how to cover and control losses to succeed in the short-term and long-term. Discover how a professional trader thinks and how you can adopt this mindset.

Gain confidence and competence in making efficient and effective financial decisions. Stop feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by economic news and pundits predictions. Use technical trading to clearly separate the noise from the signal, so you can get in and out profitably.

Content and Overview

Any investor looking to learn how to choose the right securities and to enter the market at the right time will find this course informative and easy to learn. There are 37 lectures and over 5.5 hours of content. Using real world examples drawn from multiple markets, as well as my 25 plus years on Wall Street, you will learn how to choose an appropriate market, the best way to read financial charts, and what tools professionals use to consistently maximize profits and minimize losses.

You will discover exactly why the trend is your friend by understanding the relationship between trend indicators and moving averages. We will delve into support and resistance levels, stops and targets and use them to examine the most effective strategies.

Once you have mastered these strategies, we will address the weakest link in any trading system: you. We will define, explore, and instill the rules you must follow and the psychological practices you need, to control yourself before investing and while managing your positions.

Building upon your psychological discipline, we will cover core risk management principles so you can protect and build even the smallest investment accounts.

By the end of the course you will know what it takes to be a successful investor and appreciate the power of trading technically. You will be able to see and seize more opportunities as well as avoid the tricks and traps of the markets and your own mind.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any investor looking to learn how to choose the right securities and to enter the market at the right time, will find this course as informative as easy to learn. It is also recommended for hopeful or frustrated traders, looking to improve their results and to gain skills as well as confidence. While this course starts with the basics for beginners, the content is full of relevant information to acquire substantial knowledge of how to approach the markets with low risks and high rewards.
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Introduction and basic tools to chart your future profits.
13 Lectures 01:57:38

Ninette Denise Uzan-Nemitz has invested a quarter century on Wall Street as a broker, day-trader, futures trader and founder of a $100 million hedge fund. Her trials and triumphs inspired her to create and share the UZAN trading and investing system.

Preview 01:51

Investing and trading the “UZAN” way, is as simple as knowing the right tools, using effective and efficient strategies, executing rigorously timed decisions, and committing to disciplined risk management. This combination assures success.

Preview 05:11

Learn how to assess market liquidity. volume as well as bids and offers differentials. We cover the main markets so you can see how to screen any financial market for opportunities.

Preview 10:50

Discover the price canvas and the 3 key representations to analyze fluctuations and future action.

Technical Analysis and the right edge of the chart

The volume helps to identify internal strengths and weaknesses of the price action. Sometimes, it is the only clue to an impending significant reversal in price.

Turn up the Volume

Learn the crucial steps to identify and confirm trend direction. Analyze price waves to know when to buy, to sell or to stay away.

Is the Trend Your Friend?

Understand how Candlestick charts represent and reveal who has control of the market, if buyers and sellers are battling, and when significant moments of indecision signal a change market direction.


See how moving averages smoothly signal price equilibrium which confirms you are investing with the trend at an above average position.

Above and below Moving Averages

Discover how classic supply and demand create pre-determined Support and Resistance price levels and what happens when these levels are broken.

Support the Resistance

Learn to see these price patterns within trends to enhance your position's profitability.

Changing Channels aAnd ringing Triangles

Learn the counter intuitive way to use momentum indicators, as a leading indicator to confirm or deny the price direction in order to establish safer entry points.

Momentum Indicators... Where’s the Mojo going?

Know that financial markets often follow the movements of nature, which grows and moves by waves. Since the price often advances and retraces by predictable percentages, you will profit by entering at the right level, in the direction of the trend.

Elliott Waves And Fibonacci Levels

Use a statistical measure of volatility, the Standard Deviation, to your advantage by the information found in the Bollinger Bands, which is particularly useful when anticipating a change in the trend direction of the price.

Standard Deviation and Bollinger Bands
Strategies to profit in any market
6 Lectures 44:45

This strategy is used to enter a trending market and to profit as long as the direction of the price is solid. It is used by long term investors as well as traders, to stay in a position until there is evidence that the established trend is waning.

Trend Continuation Strategy

Inside a trending market, when the price is stopped by a level of support or resistance, this strategy anticipates that the accumulated pressure would explode in the continuation of the trend, once the blocking price level is broken.

Strategy Momentum Breakout And Continuation

On a price chart, the change of the price direction often undergo a recognizable behavior. This strategy anticipates the trend reversal while keeping the risk quite low.

Strategy For Trend Reversal

This strategy is for traders. When a candle's entire range stays inside the previous day's range, there is a low risk strategy to profit of this price behavior signaling the hesitation of market participants.

Strategy For Inside Days

A break between prices happens when the price of a security makes a sharp move up or down with no trading occurring in between. When gaps are filled within the same trading day on which they occur, this is referred to as fading. This day-trading strategy takes advantage of the retracement of the price to fill the gap.

Strategy For Gaps

Novice traders became wealthy with this “Breakout Strategy of 20 or 55 Days”. This lecture is just to prove how vital it is to normalize the volatility of a position and to reduce risks to 1% of the trading capital. It uses the Average True Range which is an indicator covered in the next lecture

Strategy of the Turtles
Master the ins and outs of market timing
7 Lectures 01:11:08

As time is money, and timing is everything. Indicators are used to get a better timing of an investment as well as to avoid getting in when the trend is about to change.

Timing – Basic Indicators

Floor traders and many others use pivot points as well as the TICKS, the TRIN, the OBV and the TVI to enter short term trades with perfect accuracy. These indicators are not for investors but it might be entertaining for them, to know what they are about.

Timing For Short Term Traders

To get the feeling or the tone of a market, market sentiment indicators are useful for investors as well as traders. It is the crowd psychology, revealed through the activity and price movement of the securities traded in that market.

Timing – Sentiment Indicators

This is a review of outside influences that could affect the timing of an investment. It may be the economic data, the value of other markets, earnings reports of a large cap weighting heavily on the index, or major news reports.

Market Outside Influences

Cycles allow us to accurately predict events in nature as well as the prices of many commodities following seasonal cycles. There are also times where the odds favor an upward move in the market and this is a review of some proven timing cycles.

Timing – Cycles

Commodities may give a sense of timing to investors, as the building of houses requires lumber and copper, and a very high price of oil might slow down the economy. This is a review of how different commodities give clues to a good timing.

Commodities Signals

Correlation is a measure of the statistical relationship between two markets. This relationship may be causal, parallel or reciprocal and may be between two commodities, two stocks, a currency and an index or even a stock and a commodity.

Timing – Correlations
Risk Management and self control
7 Lectures 01:07:21

Investing is as much a game of probabilities than trading. This means that every investor will be wrong sometimes. When a position turns into losing money, there are only two options: It is either to accept the loss and liquidate your position, or going down with the ship. This is why using stop loss orders is so important.


Investing or trading success has a lot to do with psychology. There are rules to follow, In order to avoid the emotional mistakes which are terribly detrimental to a portfolio, and to keep the mental health required to make the right decisions which are key to achieving wealth.

Basic Psychology

Investing and trading are two very different methods of attempting to profit in the financial markets. It is important to know what is the style best suited to your personality.

Investing Vs. Trading

The more risk we take, and the most stress we face. Years of research show that stress influences cognition, which affects the memory and impacts other regions involved in emotional processing. It is proven that stress affects decision-making for the worst.


There are four fears that can cripple your mind: The fear of Losing money - The fear Being wrong - The fear of Leaving money on the table - And the fear of Missing out. The fours fears trigger our survival impulses and our 'fight, flight or freeze response'.

Success or Failure Reality

Successful results have more to do with the mind than the method. Many people think that by learning some strategies and tools, they will have all the answers, But unfortunately, it is not the case. In reality, profits in the market are 60% due to the Mind, 25% to the Money Management and 15% to the method…


The Break even system is for traders, it is a way to improve results dramatically. Applying it, helps to reduce losses in beginners' accounts. It also works wonders on the mind, as this method helps to stay positive and focused.

Traders Breakeven Method
The Big Picture and Final Thoughts...
4 Lectures 34:31

If you invest for the long term, you might be interested to have some knowledge of fundamental valuation. The goal of analyzing a company's fundamentals is to find a stock in a growing business, when the economy is doing well. Also, a low interest rates environment is favorable and helps the general stock market to rise.

Fundamental Analysis

External monetary conditions affect security prices. Monetary indicators concentrate on economic data such as interest rates, and they help determine the economic environment in which businesses operate. These external forces directly affect a business' profitability and share price.

Economy-Monetary Indicators

There are principles that are worth knowing to get the results you wish for. Some are specific for investing and others for trading.


Congratulations! You have completed this course. Now, you have acquired knowledge of the tools, strategies, timing and risk management applied by professional investors and traders. By applying your mind to the discipline required, and using the method with the money management you just learned, you can achieve all your dreams

Conclusion-With sincere wishes for success please leave a feedback for my course
With sincere wishes for great success, please leave a review, I do appreciate it
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About the Instructor
Ninette Denise Uzan-Nemitz
4.2 Average rating
14 Reviews
708 Students
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One of the first female traders and fund manager on Wall St.

Over a twenty year career on Wall Street she created a 100+ million investment partnership for high net worth investors which aggressively and successfully leveraged futures in commodities, currencies and indices. Other notable accomlishments include brokering a $200 million LBO and establishing a sizable postion in gold prior to the Washington agreement.

Orignally from France, she crossed the ocean and cultures and quickly discovered that a little French blonde was not welcome on Wall Street. Using her classy tenacity, she landed a job as the only female trader in the emerging hedge fund industry.

If you want,you can.

This simple phrase written above the blackboard, in her grade school in France, inspired her and became her life's motto.

Throughout her career she would always make time to share, “The Golden Rules of Trading" with rookie traders.

Now retired, she presents seminars and webinars which, like her book, strive to encourage and educate future and frustrated traders to succeed psychologically, technically, and financially.

Ninette currently lives in Paris, France and in Florida, USA.

Ninette Denise Uzan Nemitz is the Founder & Managing Director of the Viking Hedge Fund.