How To Start A T Shirt Transfer Printing Business From Home

Learn how to generate an income by running your own t shirt transfer printing business working from home.
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  • Video 3 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

 In this course we'll be taking you through the whole procedure on what you need to start a home business in the t shirt transfer printing business. We'll show you exactly the things we do and show you the equipment and the different procedures you'll need to know including the correct materials and equipment you'll need to produce successful decorated t shirts.

We cover the following:


  • Introuction - A bit about how we started in the T Shirt Transfer Printing Business including the mistakes we made and why Transfer Printing is the most cost effective way to get into the T Shirt Printing Business.
  • The Different Types of T Shirt Printing - In this section, we look at the other ways to print onto T Shirts and explain the pro's and con's with each method.
  • The Equipment Needed - In this section we look at the equipment required and share the quipment we use and are still using.


  • The Transfer Paper - In this section we reveal the transfer papers we use and the differences between the papers for printing on different color garments.
  • Creating Your Designs - In this section we show how we use the cutter software and actually get an image onto transfer paper and produce the cut lines for the cutter to automate the job.


  • Using The Heat Press - In this section we show you how to use the heat press to produce the finished garment including some important pre press procedures to ensure there is no moisture present when pressing images onto T shirts.
  • Black T Shirt Transfer Application - In this section we take you through the differences when printing on a black or colored T shirt compared to printing on a White T shirt.
  • Conclusion, Marketing And Resources - In this section we give you some tips that we used when we started off by generating local customers on a limited budget.


  • Heat Hress Facts - In this section we show you why you shouldn't buy an inferior heat press and what to check for when you buy this important piece of equipment.


  • We finish off with some course notes and additional material. Don't skip this.

What are the requirements?

  • There is some specialist equipment needed but we show you the pro's and con's of buying the equipment we use.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 7 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • The aim of this course is to show you the cheapest way to start off in the T shirt Transfer Printing Business.

What is the target audience?

  • The course is designed to show anybody wanting to start a home business printing T Shirts


Section 1: Introduction, A little bit about me and why I decided to start a T Shirt Biz
In this section I explain why transfer printing is the cheapest and easiest business model to start in the T shirt printing. We also take a look at the other printing models and discuss the pro's and con's of each system. I also speak of my own personal experiences when we first started and the pitfalls we encountered.We also take a look at the equipment needed.
Section 2: Part 2 Creating Your Designs And Getting Them Onto Transfer Paper
In this tutorial, we explore the transfer paper to give you the best results and see how to take an image and get it into the cut and print software and create your transfers.
Section 3: Using The Heat Press
In this tutorial we look at using the heat press and how to press a t shirt transfer image. We see the differences for printing transfers for black t shirts and look at how you can find customers. We also take a look at some suppliers.
Section 4: Heat Press Facts
In this lesson I show you the pitfalls of buying a cheap Heat Press. I also show an alternative Heat press you can use for smaller logo's for polo shirt breast logo's or sleeve logo's if you can't afford a full size heat press.
Section 5: Course Notes And Extra Info
8 pages
In this document, we cover the main notes of the course including some extra tips to help you find niches to target and some added information not in the course. Don't skip this bit.
silhouette cameo tutorial

In this video we look at how you can create simple t shirt slogans using clothing vinyl by cutting out letters on your craft cutter and applying them to your t shirts to create yet another product.

Instructor Biography

Martin Butler , Work From Home Owner

 HI, I am Martin Butler and I work at home with my wife Sharon and we have been producing printed products since 2005. We also teach 1-2-1 workshops in t shirt transfer printing and have produced tutorials for people wanting to get into this business.

We made many mistakes in the beginning and wasted lots of money and listened to every so-called expert on the subject but we soon realised that everybody does things their own way so we ended up finding our own way.

As a result of this, we gathered a wealth of knowledge by trying many different solutions and stuck with the ones that worked for us as beginners in this field. We know the mistakes that beginners can make by trying to cut corners so this is information we will pess onto you in our course.

If you want to get into the t shirt printing business and produce quality garments that won't crack, peel or fade, our course is for you.


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    • Oscar Crisanto

    Awesome Tut,..

    Hello Martin, I just got done with the course and seriously I can't wait to put it all into practice I think my web design and development background combined with some T-shirt printing for extra income will come in handy thanks a lot for the tut and the info put together...!

    • Mr Tom Hargreaves

    Invaluable experience explained in simple terms

    I thought the course was great and will be sure to post my experiences when I get started in the discussions section. The key thing for me here was identifying kit that was proven to work for my start up project.

    • Chris Warman


    Very good explanation on the whole process start to finish! Would have given 4 stars if there were slightly more info and all the products used. Overall have now produced T-shirts to this standard so I'm very happy.

    • Helena Davis

    Awesome, I am ready to put my knowledge that I learned to a test. Thanks.

    • Mick Hartley

    Well Pleased

    Hi Martin, very impressed with the content of this course. The information and contact suppliers are worth the course fee. When are you doing the Mug Printing course.

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