Find The Perfect Niche for your Creative Business
4.3 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,112 students enrolled
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Find The Perfect Niche for your Creative Business

Unleash your creativity! Learn how to do artistic work that is custom tailored to your passions, talents, and market.
4.3 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,112 students enrolled
Created by Mike Roy
Last updated 8/2015
Price: $20
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  • 5 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Employ some mindsets that are essential for creative success
  • Relax and learn to embrace the unique joys of being an artist
  • Effectively strategize ways to further their creative business
  • Apply a customized approach to finding creative work that's suited just for them
  • Feel confident that they are on the right creative path in life, even if they haven't yet met their goals
  • Talk more easily with others about their talents, passions, and motivations, and how those affect their artistic pursuits
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  • There are no technical requirements or educational prerequisites to getting started with finding your creative niche!
  • Students should be willing to be honest with themselves and able to perform self-criticism
  • Students should already have some idea of what they want to do creatively as well a potential market they would like to serve

This course is an intensely self-reflective personal journey designed to help you find the unique creative work that is just right for you.

Through lectures and exercises, we will explore your passions, talents, and your ideal target audience, and how they come together to show you the perfect creative work that you are best suited for.

This course will take between four to six hours to complete, and additional visits may be desired in order to more accurately identify your ideal creative business.

Here is how the course is laid out:

  1. In the first section we will discuss the essential mindsets that every student needs to get the most out of this personal journey of creativity.
  2. Next, we will explore what a niche is and some of the common conceptions and misconceptions about it. We will also look at the element of focus and how it can help you get the most out of your creative energy.
  3. Then in the core section of the course, we will look at my "Three Spotlight Method" of finding the ideal creative work for you. That includes exploring what your passions and talents are, as well as a guided tour through some specific methods of finding your ideal target market and how best to find the information you need to reach out to them.
  4. Lastly, we will look at how these three elements of your creativity come together and interact... and how, when focused properly, can explode your creative success.

Why take this course? In order to get the most satisfaction as well as compensation for doing what you love to do!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for people who are serious about not just finding creative work they love, but getting paid to do it.
  • This course is NOT for hobbyists or people who aren't serious about earning a living (or at least some of their living) from their art.
  • Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who is trying to re-examine or reinvent their creative choices, this course will be helpful in filling in the gaps so you can feel confident about your art.
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
How We Will Teach You How To Find The Perfect Creative Niche
2 Lectures 07:27

After listening to this introduction, you will have an overview of what to expect in the course and how it will be taking you on a personalized journey of discovery in order to help you find the unique creative niche that's perfect for you.

Preview 02:23

In this introductory video you will learn the goal of the course: to help you find fulfilling, creative, and sustainable work that you love. You'll also learn what to expect as we go through the different modules and lectures, and why finding your niche is so important.

Preview 05:04
Important Mindsets for Creative Success
8 Lectures 16:17

After watching this video you will learn about the single best mindset that will help every artist moving forward: being honest with who you are, what makes you tick, and learning about what drives you forward.

Preview 02:44

In this lecture you'll learn the importance of being sincere and authentic, and how it's even more important than being proficient in your creative business. Acceptance of this principle will literally draw your audience to you as they seek out someone who is transparent and real.

Mindset 2: Sincerity and Authenticity

How do you consistently come up with creative ideas and solutions? Learn all about why creativity is not something you turn on and off, but something that you always have to keep at hand. Developing a creative habit will ensure that you will never thirst for inspiration.

Mindset 3: The Creative Habit

This lesson will help you understand the importance of your beliefs. It will also help you identify what beliefs further your creative career and what beliefs hold you back.

Mindset 4: Good Myths and Bad Myths

Nobody has fun being creative when everything's in "panic mode". Learn how to get away from dealing with constant emergencies in order to make time for things that set the stage for success.

Mindset 5: Important over Urgent

Learn what what many tortured creative souls never learn: the difference between being a perfectionist and knowing when something's good enough to move on. This one principle alone will help you not only get massive amounts of things done, but will also allow you to actually enjoy doing them.

Mindset 6: Progress over Perfection

After this wrap-up of our mindset discussion, you will have these mindsets cemented more firmly in the creative garden of your brain. You'll also be ready to embark on a fantastic journey of creative self-discovery.

Review of Essential Creative Mindsets

This is a handy cheat sheet that you can save or print out for when when you need a refresher on the essential mindsets every successful (and happy) artist needs.

Mindset Cheat Sheet
1 page
What Is A Niche, And Why Is It Important?
2 Lectures 08:18

After this video you will understand what a niche is, and why a narrow focus is essential to standing out in the creative world. You'll also learn how to deal with any misgivings you may have about limiting yourself to a niche, and why you would want to.

What Is A Niche, Anyway?

A quick note of appreciation for all those who made it this far in the course, and a word of encouragement as we proceed to the "meat" of the course, the Three Spotlight Method of finding creative work you love.

Mid-Course Interlude
The Power of Focus
2 Lectures 06:52

How focusing your creative efforts and energies can take you to the next level.

The Power of Focus, Part 1

Going deeper into the aspect of focusing the "spotlights" of your creative efforts, you will understand more clearly your creative "calling" and how to pinpoint it.

The Power of Focus, Part 2
Spotlight 1: Your Talents
2 Lectures 05:41

You will learn how to take inventory of and maximize your talents so they can be an effective part of your creative business.

The Talent Spotlight

Which is more important and relevant to your success as a creative person?

Finding Your Talents Quiz
2 questions

Download the Idea Generation Chart to assist you in listing your Talents, Passions, and Market.

Download The Idea Generation Chart
1 page
Spotlight 2: Your Passions
2 Lectures 08:32

After this lecture you will be able to identify the good thing about passions and how they can help you. You will also learn about the downside of passions when you give them too much control.

Your Passions, Part 1

After we wrap up our discussion on your passions and their effect on your creative business, you will be able to comfortably pinpoint yours and how you can use them.

Your Passions, Part 2

This quick quiz will test your knowledge about finding your creative passions.

Finding Your Passions Quiz
3 questions
Spotlight 3: Your Market
8 Lectures 33:22

You will be able to state the main goal of market research, which is finding people who will pay for your art. You will also learn about the right way to think about money, which is a concept that holds a lot of creatives back from marketing their art.

Finding Your Market: The Main Goal

After this lesson you will be able to avoid the number one mistake creatives make when marketing their art: marketing it to everyone.

The Biggest Mistake Most Creatives Make

This video will help you take the first step toward solid marketing: gathering information about your audience.

The First Step in Marketing Your Art

This short quiz will test your knowledge of the basic marketing mindsets you will need to proceed with the rest of the marketing section.

Marketing Your Art Quiz
3 questions

After this first part of a two part series, you will have some ideas of ways to market to people using online methods.

Online Market Research, Part 1

After watching this second video on ways you can do market research online, you will have a great set of ideas on how you can do the same for your own creative business.

Online Market Research, Part 2

We're taking it offroad... (or offline, at least)... because after this video, you'll have some effective ways to speak with actual people that fit in your target market.

Offline Market Research, Part 1

In this second video about reaching your market using offline methods, you will be able to have a great understanding of some ways you can get out there and do just that.

Offline Market Research, Part 2

Download this worksheet to help you brainstorm ideas for using these methods to reach out to your target audience.

Download and Complete the Market Ideas Worksheet
1 page
How The Spotlights Interact to Help Your Business
3 Lectures 12:16

After watching this wrap up video, you will solidify some things you've discovered about how your three spotlights interact with each other. You will also have a much greater understanding of how the three spotlight method works again and again to help you focus your creative efforts.

How The Spotlights Interact

This is where it all comes together! After you download and fill out the Focus Chart using the ideas you've written previously written about your Passions, Talents, and Market, you will be able to more easily choose your "sweet spot".... that perfect combination of the three spotlights that resonates with what you really are meant to do.

After you discover what that "sweet spot" is, then write about it in the bottom of the page. Hopefully these thoughts represent the the first step in a daily dedication to writing about your creative endeavors!

Download and Complete the Focus Chart
1 page

After this section you will be encouraged and energized to go out and apply what you've learned. You will understand the importance of taking action and how everything you've learned is nothing without that essential step.

How You Will Be Successful
Wrap-Up and Bonus Material
2 Lectures 03:20
Wrap Up and Farewell

Enjoy this ebook, which I offer for free to my Artist Myth subscribers and now offer to you as well. It talks about many of the principles that I teach in this course.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: The Three Spotlight Method EBook
13 pages
About the Instructor
Mike Roy
4.3 Average rating
9 Reviews
1,112 Students
1 Course
Artist, Creative Coach, and Founder of Artist Myth

Mike Roy has been a creative thinker and professional artist for more than twenty years.

In that time, he has worked on a cornucopia of creative projects, including print design, instructional software, tee shirts, paintings, logos, music videos, commercials, feature films, virtual reality projects, and special venue videos for stadium boards and custom Times Square installations.

Some of the many artsy hats he has worn have been graphic designer, t-shirt designer, musician, logo artist, instructional designer, web developer, visual effects artist, and writer.

More recently, his love for creative projects has undergone a transition to teaching, coaching, and writing, with the goal of helping enrich the lives of other creatives. His main vehicle for this is his blog at Artist Myth, where he teaches creatives how to get past the barriers that stand between them and the art they love to do.

In addition to his current duties as self-proclaimed creative mythbuster, he works at a major creative studio full time, and also is a devoted husband and dad of two amazing kids.