How to Use Facebook for Success
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How to Use Facebook for Success

Learn how to be Social on Facebook for Great Networking, Business and Social Life. Learn the behavior of FB users.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Created by Rakesh Sidana
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How Facebook is changing life of 2 billion in the world.
  • How you can increase "likes" and become popular.
  • Why Selfie is used by users.
  • How you can find like-minded people on Fb.
  • How you can get benefits by saying Good Morning on Fb
  • How Tagging an help you in Collaboration and Celebration.
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  • You should have an account with Facebook.
  • You should know basics of Facebook postings.

Facebook was born and it developed a virtual world where humans can connect each other and get evolved. Human is evolved to new species called Social Media” person.

Are you on social media? It means you have habit of looking at your smart phone and keep smiling while looking at its screen all the time…you are a new species. This is Fb Users' behavior. 

Sharing on social media is…Evolution.

If you want to learn about WHY and HOW of Facebook. You should understand how Users Behave and React on Facebook. Facebook is not a software, it is the world.

There are many companies claiming they will help you to increase your business but it never happens until you know how to be SOCIAL on Fb.

Selfie is confidence!

Facebook has a feature of sharing a cover picture. Almost all users have cover picture that tells something about you and it spreads positive energy and brings self-confidence. It says YOU are YOU ;) Any behavior change has objections, its universal law. Selfie is absolutely normal behavior! (but not taking while crossing the road.

Know more how Selfie can be useful.

Fb users have a different kind of love. Secret Love!  I always write a post for people who just "read" and I address them as YOU, they don't click on "like" but they are great READERS and LISTENERS. It is very interesting that users actually "like"  post but don't click. It’s silent Love. I got to know about this Secret-Love when one of my fans came to my office to know the reason why I couldn’t post on Fb for 15 days ;)

Have you ever knocked your friend’s home and said – Hey! You remember me? Tagging on Facebook is a new form of knocking others door virtually and sharing memories together. Hook others name on your wall is called Tagging.

Tag! Tag!

Knock! Knock!

It is like speaking little louder so that people who are tagged listen or if you want others to participate what you want them to do. Tagging is also used to discuss on any topic.

There was a time when you could live alone, but now it is a time when you can not live alone. The world is connected and lives are complex. The new technologies help you to make relationships. I am not talking about #Robots ;) I am talking about humans.

Sharing brings like-minded close.

The Facebook has been changing lives of a billion. You share #happiness and it comes back to you. You share your inner best wishes and your wishes come true.

SHARE! its love. Lets learn more....

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who want to know more in depth about better use of Facebook
  • Who want to increase networking in Social Media.
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Curriculum For This Course
3 Lectures 08:04

How Sharing is becoming important

Facebook is a Small Window to see Beautiful World
Like-Mindness Is Like-Madness
1 Lecture 03:00
How Facebook brings like-minded together
Selfie is a Mirror
2 Lectures 06:50
Learn how to use Selfie to increase friends

Pros and Cons of Selfie
Good Morning is Goodness in you
2 Lectures 02:27
Learn how to have good Networking in the morning

I am listing down some benefits of posting Good Morning below.

1. The world knows that you are open for #OPPORTUNITIES and you have easy and simple communication in the morning to touch the base with others. It means, you are available anytime. Others will think that they can text you through private chat to talk to you anytime. Somebody may be missing you ;)

Great entrepreneurs and leaders always make themselves available to public for easy access to exchange thoughts. Never forget, Social Media is also used by Government to know public interest.

Interestingly, once I post quote saying at the end of the quote - “Invite Me!” and somebody sent me a message with invitation to his institute for a speech. I became speaker. It was Good Morning impact…haha ;) I have been invited by many institutions like IIM, NIT, Management and Technical Universities. 

Opportunities are everywhere. Find it at Fb.

“Good Morning” is

“Open Door of Opportunities”. Grab it!

2. You are saying Good Morning to yourself to enlighten inner-self. How many times you talk to yourself. It’s ok if you are saying this to yourself -

"Dear, you have nothing to loose,

just win the world"

Saying Good things to yourself, brings #GOODNESS in you.

3. I always wish for good things and great things happen to me. I keep “wishing”.

Once my mentor said, I must have a “Wish-Team”. I did not understand at that time but later realized he was saying that whatever you wish, your team just need to make it happen for you. That is everybody’s success. I think I have a Wish-Team, that’s Facebook Friends. I wish them Good Morning and they will open door for my success.

Good Morning is a "wish"

It’s wish that make things happen by collaboration.

You Wish – You have a team. Ask on Fb.       

You Wish – You have co-founder or partner. Ask on Fb.      

You wish – You need a website. Ask on Fb.

Good Morning Benefits
Tag me too
2 Lectures 07:10
Learn how Tagging increase connections

Tagging is Collaboration
I am Emotional, Send Icons ;)
2 Lectures 06:48
How Facebook can help you to share EMOTIONS

How emoticons work
How You Can Attract Likes on Faceboook
2 Lectures 12:22

We all have natural tendency to be liked or appreciated by others. You want that all your friends should like you, love you, appreciate you. We all have give-and-take in any kind of relationships. If you like me, there are greater chances that I also like you. Similarly, Fb has touched that human nature and given the opportunity to everybody to “like” each other. This is  first and only behavior that made everybody Facebook addictive. I check my Fb again and again just to see if people “like” my cover picture or not. I get tired seeing it again and again but every new “like” give me enough energy to be excited to post more.

“Like” is an excitement.

 Interestingly, Fb has no “dislike” button just because Fb does not promote negative thoughts. In one of the event, my startup was posted online as an entry in one of the festival and public had to “curate” the content by clicking on “dislike”. It gave me stress so much as I did not want to know how many dislikes rather “likes”. Fb has positive approach, that’s why they are able bring billions to use this Social Media on daily basis and others are still wondering. In real life, you have to search people who are like-minded and “like” you. (You can also read chapter Like-Mindedness is Like-Madness) .

Now “like” is also evolved

to become “love” at Fb

In early days, we never knew that how much our own opinion sounds correct but now you can put your own opinion as post and you will definitely can find people who would agree with you on your opinion.

“Like” is your sound opinion

While regular using facebook, I found there are different kind of users. One are those who read the post and like the post, second are   those who like YOU only…haha ;) Its interesting to know that fans and followers who really like you always click on “like” because they think you are always right or they LOVE you so much. Did you ever wonder that how come blurred picture have many “like” than the clear one. Those “like” are from second type of users who just love the guy who posted but not the picture…haha ;) Its Love. Third ones are those who are just readers of your post and they do not click on “like”…their numbers are greater than  others two…around 90% are third types. I love them the most because they listen but don’t react ;) I also consider third type have secret love with you. (Also read chapter Tick Love)

First two types are easy to understand but lets discuss about third type of users who like your post but do not click on “like” but chat with you privately and tell you something like this –

“I am regular reader of you post, I like you”

“I am inspired from you and would like to meet you”

“You have amazing profile”

“Can you please send me your contact “

And there are many messages from Third type of users.

 Even there is no survey yet but here are few reasons why they behave like this. Here  are some of the reasons :

1. They do not want to tell their friends that they like this post. This is FB feature that when you like any post, your friends are also informed that you like that post. Your friends news feed show that you are following somebody. I see this kind of behaviour in Indian more than others because of conservative behavior of not telling anybody what you are liking the most.

2. They want to know about you and your work and think you may be helpful in future. Possibly want to follow you for some ideas or knowledge from you.

3. They are neutral and just want you to be in their network just for the sake of you have mutual friends.

Some suggestions to enjoy “like” :

1. If you want to be writer/author, you must keep writing your own opinion and enjoy posting and sharing ideas without thinking much about who would “like” you.

I can assure you even if you have no-like, still there are many third types of users (readers) and they will contact you in your private messenger.

2.   Consider clicking on “like” as two way communication. If you “like” someone, other will also “like” you. I always took time to see what’s happening in my friend’s page and also “like” their posts. It is like you also care about your fans and followers. Even sometime I do not post anything but just become reader and like friends posts.

As I mentioned earlier, having more “like” is very addictive just because our human nature of being “loved” and liked by others. We also want that we have many many likes. Some who have over 10,000 followers and feel proud that he has many chances of having “likes” and he can talk about any opinion. There are ways to increase your followers :

1. You can run a small paid campaign with facebook. The Fb would allow your post to visible to like-minded people. You just need to set “age”, “place” and “interest” of people whom you want to show your posting.

2. You keep writing interesting stuff on fb and you may attract people who like the content and want to read your posts and opinion. This is slow process but you will attract like-minded.

3. Add yourself, people who you may know. Fb has algorithm to show you people with mutual friends. You can add new friends and you may get people who like you the most.

If you have majority of friends whom you already met or know closely (including your family members), there is more possibility of having more “like”.

More you have close friends, more chances of “like”.  In my experience, you can expect 10% “like” from total followers organically (in individual account) if you have some good posts. In case of very close friends like students, there are 20% to 30% “like” possibility just because of all students from same college or university.  For “page” or group, same 10% apply but depends upon how you have created followers. I experienced groups have more possibility of “need-help” related posts so they may have just few “like” but mainly just for readers to help each other.

Preview 07:50

More "likes" with more you have closed friends
You are Robot
2 Lectures 05:36

Artificial Intelligence on Facebook
eBook for You
1 Lecture 00:04
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