Explaindio Excellence: Indepth Step By Step Video Creation
4.7 (57 ratings)
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1,207 students enrolled
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Explaindio Excellence: Indepth Step By Step Video Creation

Step-by-step roadmap on how to use Explaindio3 and You Get all the images and assets to create exactly what we teach you
Best Seller
4.7 (57 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,207 students enrolled
Created by Be A Video Pro
Last updated 7/2017
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  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 32 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Create fun, entertaining, informative and engaging videos using Explaindio3 for websites, social media, marketing, training, speeches, presentations, youtube videos, client projects to use in compositer programs such as Camtasia, Shotcut, Screenflow, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and more
  • Plan and create outstanding Doodle, Whiteboard, Explainer videos
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  • Students need to have Explaindio 3 software
  • Students MUST have a desire or need to create videos for Fun and/or Profit

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Attention Struggling Explaindo 3 Users Looking for an Indepth Stey-by-Step Video Creation Guide to Harness the Power of Explaindio 3 to make better more effective one-of-a-kind videos faster


Have you been trying to master all the video creation tools in Explaindio 3 but haven’t had any luck figuring out the software completely? 

Have you become frustrated, wasted time searching for high quality, step-by-step, detailed,  real world tutorials on how to effectively use this powerful tool?

Without a detailed road map on exactly how each aspect of the software works, well, you’ll waste time struggling to figure it out, become lost and probably give up on making videos with Explaindio 3

The problem is,  until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive, step-by-step, in-depth, look over the shoulder as they teach, detailed road map to show you how to fully use this powerful video creation software


Well, I’ve been right where you are...and not only isn’t it fun…It’s not your fault. I wanted to make cool videos using Explaindio but after searching for hours, days and weeks to find clear, concise easy to follow, step by step tutorials…I wasted hours watching webinars and youtube videos to try and find out how to use Explaindio…and it just wasn't  happening.

I couldn’t use Explaindio 3 to its fullest potential…and that was extremely frustrating…So the only way to solve that was to create this brand new training program called Explaindio Excellence: Indepth Step by Step Video Creation, cause that’s exactly what this course is.

This way you don’t have to spend months wasting time, effort, energy, resources and money trying to find out how to use Explaindio 3…This is the most comprehensive Explaindio 3 training you’ll find anywhere.



BeAVideoPro is a team of internet, website, social media branding, marketing, video creation, and digital ecommerce specialists we’ve learned from, studied with and purchased courses and training from some of the best Internet marketing and video creation and marketing specialist on the planet. We invest tens of thousands of dollars to become better marketers and realized over the past two years the immense power of Doodle, Whiteboard Explainer videos in marketing and by using Explaindio 3 we can create powerful converting sales, marketing and information videos.


Imagine making way cool, fun, entertaining, informative and engaging training, sales, marketing and educational  videos  faster and more efficiently to promote your message, product or service or those of your clients and... Getting paid making fun videos

This course will help you use the software quickly and more effectively,  you won’t feel lost, confused, frustrated and struggle like we did for months figuring out how to use the tool and you’ll learn how to make videos faster too.

The Most Comprehensive, How To, In-Depth, Stey-By-Step, Look Over Our Shoulder Explaindio 3 Training with Real World Examples and FREE Assets to Follow-Along With Us.

This course reveals exactly how in a step-by-step, follow along blueprint of Explaindio 3. You’ll discover:

  • How to Create Awesome Videos Tapping into Explaindio 3’s Potential

  • Bite Size Videos (12 seconds to 4:13 seconds) Makes Learning Simpler and Faster

  • Detailed Outline to Find Exactly What you Need, When You Need it and How To Do What You Need

  • 258 FREE Assets, Actors and Resources Included With Your Course So You Can Look Over Our Shoulder, Follow Along, Step-By-Step and Copy Exactly What and How We Show You.

  • Real World Marketing Ideas and Scripts and Examples So You Discover How To Make Your Videos Sell Better

We’re not only going to take you literally take by the mouse, step-by-step, as you look over our shoulder and we’ll provide every asset you need

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours creating this training, We’ve found the highest quality assets FREE for you, sorted them so you can copy and learn what we’re teaching you


This complete course including all the FREE resources, future updates and bonuses has in introductory price of $295

Think about this, if you develop one new skill or one new way to make better videos would that be worth the investment?

This course will continue to grow and grow as we add new ideas, new lectures, tips, secrets and more FREE assets,

Enroll Today and you'll be locked in at this price for life at no additional cost whatsoever


You’ll get as a bonus for enrolling today 288 FREE assets, actors and resources so you can follow along step-by-step with each lecture and create with us as you watch. The FREE assets include:

  • 30 FREE eMoodle High quality white board doodle sketch images from Dooble Labs to use in your course, your projects and your videos

  • 10 FREE Motion Maestro’s in 4 formats, Gif, Mov, SWF and PNG (That’s 40 FREE assets) to use in the course

  • 37 FREE  High Quality Videos Compliments of David Watson with Digi Videos

  • 106 FREE  Hi Resolution Images to use in the training and in your projects compliments of David Watson with Digi images

  • 7 FREE Music tracks for the Add Audio Section

  • 15 FREE Way Cool Shockwave Flash Objects compliments of Scott Hamlin of Easy Animator and Groove Animator

  • 53 FREE Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG’s) called Anibits, provided compliments of Scott Hamlin of Easy Animator and Groove Animator

Plus you’re also get:

  • All 77 In Animation Presets shown in video with text and images so you see exactly what each does

  • All 39 Hide Animation Presets shown in video with text and image so you see how they perform

  • All 77 In Text by Letter Animation shown in video with text so you see how each preset animates

  • All 36 Text by Letter Hide Animation shown in video with text so you see how each preset animates

  • Each Default Explaindio font written out with “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” so you see how each letter looks in the default Explaindio 3 fonts

Sound good?

The bonuses alone are worth more than $100


100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

With our help and support, guiding you step-by-step, we encourage you to enroll and study the course, take it for a test drive, and if for any reason at all you don’t like this course, if it does not provide value and help you become a better video professional, you can take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee backed by Udemy.


Enroll in this course now and dramatically improve your Video Creation Skills using with Explaindio 3; improve your video creation speed, effectiveness and efficiency


If you keep trying to figure it out on your own,  wasting time watching hours and hours of videos that quite frankly aren’t as comprehensive as our training, you won’t move to the next level of professionalism as a video creator making great videos and making more money

You can become a more confident, effective video creator once you enroll in this course and create way cool one of a kind unique videos faster and more efficiently. 


Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to create fun, entertaining, informative and engaging videos using Explaindio
  • Explaindio 3 owners, animators, marketers, presenters, speakers, video pros
  • Do you want to follow along step by step as a video pro walks you through using Explaindio
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Curriculum For This Course
267 Lectures
Explaindio 3 Overview, User Interface and 3 In-Depth Course Outline Ebooks
4 Lectures 06:36

This eBook was created to provide an indepth outline and overview of the course Explaindio Excellence. It includes 3 different course overview outlines that enable you to easily find what you’re looking for in using the Explaindio 3 Software.

The First Outline is a birds-eye overview of the 16 Course Section Titles and Description of what each section covers.

It lists the:

  • 16 Section Titles with the Section Description so you see an overview of what each section covers (Page 3-6)


The Second Outline also includes the Lecture/Video Titles covered in each section.

It lists the:

  • 16 Section Titles with the Section Description
  • The 264 Lecture Titles in each Section so you can see what each video lecture covers in each section (Page 7-22)


The Third Outline we drill down deeper and include Bullet Points of what’s covered in each the lecture/video.

It lists the:

  • 16 Section Titles with the Section Description
  • The 267 Lecture Titles in each Section
  • Bullet Points of the video/lectures so you can see exactly what we cover in that video/lecture (Page 23-76)
  • * Items in red are FREE downloadable course assets and resources


Where to Find the 233 FREE Course Assets

You can download the pdf below

These are zip files you can download and use with Explaindio or any other video creation program that accepts the specified formats. 

These assets are top quality assets we use in our video creation efforts. 

They were provided by each of the asset creators as a gift to help you learn using real-world quality assets. 

The 233 Assets included FREE in this course can be found in the following lectures: 

Lecture 79: 15 Shockwave Flash animations

Lecture 85: 54 Anibits SVG images

Lecture 97: 37 Digi Videos

lecture 105: 21 Motion Maestros Animated Characters

Lecture 111: 105 Digi Images

Lecture 170: 31 eMoodles Sketch Images SVG Whiteboard sketch images

Lecture 219: 7 Mp3 Music Tracks

Preview 02:34

Understand the Menu Bar icons and what task each of them performs: Why Icons are Gray

  • Open Project
  • Create Project
  • Save
  • Save As
  • Preview
  • Audio
  • Create Video
  • Importing options
  • Undo and Redo
Becoming Familiar with Explaindio 3 Main Menu Bar Left Icons

Learning about the Right Main Menu Icons: 

  • Settings
  • Language
  • Royalty Free Images
  • Royalty Free Footage
  • Deactivate License
  • Support
  • Market
  • Account
Understanding The Menu Bar Settings and Right Menu Bar Icons

Activating Icons when You Create a Project

Quick overview of the timeline, work space and the "stage"

Quick Walk Through and Overview of the Explaindio3 Timeline and Work Space
Creating a Project and Adding Assets to Your Projects; Overview and Walkthrough
9 Lectures 09:07

Proper naming conventions to more easily find your projects

Activating the Gray Menu Icons on the Main menu to white useable icons

Timeline layout and tools

Sizing the Timeline 

Working with the timeline workspace

The difference between assets and actors

Creating Projects and Timeline Overview Activating Menu Bar and Timeline Icons

What the Create New Scene changes on the screen

What the Canvas allows you to do

Creating New Scenes Opening the Canvas to Add Assets Lower Menu Bar Overview

Overview of the Add Video Button

Adding Video Button Overview

Adding Animated Gifs Button Overview

Adding Bitmap Images Button Overview

Exploring the Sketch Image Gallery 

Introducing the eMoodles FREE SVG sketch images

Adding Sketch Images (SVG's) Button Overview

Brief overview of the Add Text button and how the timeline, workspace and stage change

Adding Text Button Overview

The Add Audio Button Added during Course Recording

Adding Audio Overview
Understanding, Adding and Working with the Default Explaindio 3 Slides
6 Lectures 07:44

Explaindio3 comes with default slides we will use to create a few projects to start you will be:

  • Creating a project from default slides
  • Activating icons
  • Adding Default Slides
  • Creating a new scene
Introduction to Understanding and Adding Explaindio 3 Default Slides

Opening the Default Explaindio3 Slide Pack

Exploring slides in the slide packs

Previewing individual slides

Determining what you can do with a slide
Exploring the Explaindio 3 Default slides

Exploring Character businessman slides

Exploring Kinetic Typography 1 slides

Assets that can be added to individual Character Businessman slides

Difference in slides and how they perform in your projects

Preview 01:18

How to add the first slide from Character businessman

Understand the Tools for adding Explaindio Slides

How the slide resides on the timeline

How the slide resides on the timeline workspace

Adding the First Character Businessman Default Explaindio Slide to Your Project

Adding the kinetic typography 1, slide 1

Learning what assets can be added to the slide

Adding the Kinetic Typography 1 Default Explaindio Slide to Your Project

Analyzing the slide on the timeline

Viewing your slide on the stage works space

Saving your projects

Inspecting the Timeline for Your Slides
Customizing the Default Businessman and Kinetic Typography Explaindio3 Slides
8 Lectures 12:07

Open an existing project

Adding Character Businessman Slide

Adding Kinetic Typography slide

Customizing the Default Character Businessman Slides

Inspecting the slide on the timeline

Reviewing stage/workspace options for your slide:

         Scene Preview: What does your scene look like

          Create Video from This Scene

          Play, Pause and Stop buttons

          Play with Voiceover

          Play with Music


          Audio On/Off

          Open Canvas

Becoming Familiar with Options to Customize the Explaindio3 Default Slides

Exploring the Menu Bar: Scene, SWF, Slide, Effects

Adding and Scene background image to the slide                

Removing the outline from a slide to insert an image

Exploring the Menu Bar and Editing Tools for the Character Businessman Slides

Exploring the Outline options and how they change your slide

Customizing the Text Areas

Changing the color, opacity, size and location of Text Areas

Preview 01:40

Locating and editing the text areas

Working with word wrap

Change the size of your text using X Y scale

Change the location of your text using and XY offset

Edit and customize the font family, size, alignment, color

FREE Resource: All Explaindio Default Fonts shown using The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog to show you all letters of the alphabet in each Font

Using the Edit Text Tools to Customize Your Slide Text Areas

Changing the slide background to custom Explaindio Backgrounds 

Adding different animated call to action arrows

Exploring the Animation Button and the Slide Animation Options Available

FREE Resource: Particles Background Mp4

Adding a Video to the Slide Background

Quick Review and Saving Your Project
31 Simple Steps to Create Custom Slide Show From Character Businessman Slides
31 Lectures 41:28

The written script for Character Businessman “Brad” project

Creating your Businessman “Brad” Project

Create a New Scene

Adding slides

Choosing slides 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 13 for Character Businessman “Brad” project

Step1: Creating Character Businessman "Brad" Project Slide Selection and Script

Adding the slides for Character Businessman

Correct adding a slide to a wrong scene


Step2: Adding the Selected Character Businessman Slides to the Canvas and Scenes

Seeing how all 8 Slides reside on the timeline

Previewing slide 1 with the script

Reviewing slide 2 with the script

Matching script to slide 3

Reviewing slide 5, 6, 7, 9 and 13 to determine which copy and assets we’ll use

Step3: Reviewing All 8 Slides on the Timeline Matching the Script to the Slides

Customizing slide 1 with the Meet Brad He’s a Business Owner

How to work with the slides to edit the text

Adding a scene background image from the FREE images Why a background image doesn’t show up and how to correct it

Customizing the animation using the Slide Tab in the slide menu tool bar

Preview 01:26

Editing Text areas one and two, changing the font colors

Using the outline tab in the slide menu bar to change the text area box color

Resize the text area and changing the location on the stage

Using the XY offset to move the text area

Step5: Detailed Text and Text Area Editing, XY Offset, Changing Font and Color

Changing the text size, color and location on stage

Using the XY Offset and XY Scale

Step6: More Detailed Slide Customization; Editing, Text, XY Offset Scale, Colors

Adding a background image one on top of another

Resizing moving and scaling the background image

Adding a slide transition

Step7: Adding a Background Images to Slide 1; Resizing and Scaling

Step8: Saving Your Character Businessman Project

Matching script to slide 2

Customizing the text for slide 2

Turning background off to add video

Adding a background video from FREE Digi Videos: Free Resources

Step9: Customizing Slide 2 Solving a Problem Adding a Video

Step10: Customizing the Video and Text Area Opacity for Slide 2

Adding a transition to slide 2

Saving your project

Previewing the slide 2 Scene 2

Preview first two slides and scenes

Step11: Final editing of Slide 2 Text Area, Adding Transition, Previewing Scenes

Making bullet points from the script to condense ideas

Review of adding text color and location

Copying XY offsets and scales to multiple text areas

Step12: Editing Slide 3 Condensing Your Script to Your Slides and Slide Tips

Customizing scene 4, Slide 5 with the provided script

Step13: Customizing Scene 4, Slide 5 Adding Text to the Text Area of the Slide

Matching text to the slide and scene

Customizing Text Area 1: changing font, color, effect

Customizing Text Area 2: changing color, outline color

Adding a background image from the FREE Resources

Adding an After Scene Action: Circle Out

Step14: Continuing to Customize Scene 4 Slide 5 Changing Text and Outline Colors

Customizing the Animation: Adding an image from your FREE Resources

Resizing the new image in the slide

Removing the background to make a whiteboard effect

Changing text area colors in outline tab

Add Action After Scene: Peel Away

Step15: Customizing Scene 5 Slide 6, Adding Sizing an Image, More Text Edits

Customizing the 3 text areas, changing text color, text area color

Adding a video background

Step16: Customizing Scene 6 slide 7 Editing Text and Text Area Colors

Customizing the Call to Action slide 9 Scene 7

Importing and resizing image to image area 1

Adding text to the animated text area

Adding Action After Scene: Circle In

Step17: Customizing Scene 7 slide 9 Adding Resizing Image Call to Action Text

The importance of saving your work often

Using the X offset to align text in the text areas

Using Outline Button to change the size, X scale of the text areas

Removing the outline from the slide

Using Opacity to see your cool video background

Step18: Customizing Scene 8 Slide 13 Add Contact Information Sizing Moving Text

Using the SWF button on the Slide Menu to add a pause to your slide

Working with the SWF Pause At Frame option to coordinate the slide to the script

Step19: Using SWF on Slide Menu Bar to Add Pause After Action Scene 8 slide 13

Step20: Reviewing the Customized Character Businessman Scenes For Any Errors

Working with the script

Change the X scale of the text areas

Step21: Detailed Slide Editing Outline, X, Y, Resizing of Text and Text Areas

Detailed Adding Pause At Frame to properly time the slide to the script 

Step22: Reviewing and Perfecting the Pause At Frame Slide to Script Timing

Step23: Reviewing the Timing of the Script to Match Scenes and Slides

Step24: Final Editing and Pause at Frame Comment for Scene 6

Step25: Final Review of Scene 7, Checking Scene Timing with Script

Step26: Final Review of Scene 8

The process to create good video:

Write your script

Edit your script

Record your script

Edit your recording

Develop your scenes

I use Explaindio, Easy Animator Pro, Groove Animator, Doodle Animator, Inkscape, Youzign, Camtasia and other tools

Camtasia, my compositer of choice

Preview 00:46

Using the Sound Settings dialog box to record your voice

Recording your voice

Reviewing your Audio

Step28: Recording the Voice Script for the Character Business Man Brad Script

Previewing your Project

Why the preview is slow and bumpy

Step29: Previewing the Final Project Before Exporting the Video

Why I record audio outside of Explaindio

Exporting and saving your projects as an Mp4

Choosing your export settings

Adding a watermark

Saving to your chosen folder

Reviewing the mp4 in your computer

Final review of your exported video

Step30: Exporting the Completed Character Businessman Brad Video

Removing unwanted audio from your project

Step31: Saving Your Project and Removing Unwanted Audio
18 Steps to create a Custom Kinetic Typography Video using Explaindio3 Slides
20 Lectures 31:17

Adding your kinetic typography slide from the Explaindio Default Slides

Analyzing the slide to determine assets we can use

Using the slide editing tools

Step1: Adding and Customizing Explaindio Default Kinetic Typography1 Slide 1

Analyzing  Kinetic Typography1 Slide1

Customize this animation: Editing the available text area

Changing the font family, size and color

Resizing text

Editing the text area in Outline Tab

Adjusting the opacity of the text area

Using the XY scale and offset to change the size and location of the text area

Step2: Analyzing & Customizing Text and Text Area in Kinetic Typography Slide 1

Working with and adding an image in Image Area 1

Resizing the image using the XY offset and Scale

Adding a background image to your scene

Making your background image fit your stage

Adding the FREE Winter Scene background video to your scene

Adding a FREE video to video area 2

Resizing and moving your video area 2

Previewing your scene with two videos, an image and text

Previewing your entire project

Step3: Adding Images to Image Areas, Adding Multiple Videos to Kinetic Slide 1

Breaking up your presentations using Kinetic Typography Slides

Help the viewer watch and read your slide

Preview 00:43

Creating the Kinetic project and new scene

Adding the Explaindio Default Kinetic Typography 1 slides

Reviewing the “Guaranteed Marketing” script provided for the Kinetic Typograpy presentation

Step4: Adding a Slide and Reviewing the "Guaranteed Marketing" Script

Reviewing the 5 chosen Default Explaindio slides 1, 6, 7, 8, 16

How I created the script and my script notes for the project slides and scenes

Slide 1: Making notes on what slide assets can be added

Slide 6: Eye catching typography, good way to present text and ideas

Slide 7: Callout, two text areas

Slide 8: More text areas in different style

Slide 16: Ability to have an image, different text entry

Step5: Reviewing the 5 Kinetic Typography Project Slides with the Script Notes

Detailed review of the script and how to fit the script into the slide text areas

Analyzing Kinetic Typography slides,

Laying out your slides and choosing your script text

Matching the number of words in the text areas to the script

Step6: Detailed Instructions on How to Fit the Script into Each Slide Text Area

Quick review of adding Kinetic Typography1 Slides

Reviewing the inserted slides: realizing a mistake and fixing the scene

Adding the slide properly to the scene

Reviewing the 5 slides for the script

Choosing images for the slide “image area”

Adding Slides Review, Slide Customization, Fixing mistake I Made Adding a Slide

Customizing slide 1

Adding text to the text area by customizing animation

Turning off word wrap

Resizing the text to fit the text area

Make the text area larger using the X scale

Step7: Customizing slide 1 Adding Text, Resizing Text Area Turn Off Word Wrap

Change the background of the scene

Creating a 1280x720 background image

Why the background doesn’t show and how to fix it

Step8: Adding a Background Image to Slide 1 Why the Background Didn't Appear

Adding the image to the slide

Using the image tab on the menu bar

Navigating to image area 1 in the Image Tab

Adding the OM Tablet image to the scene

Change the location of the image on the stage using the XY Offset and Scale

Step9: Adding Moving FREE image to Slide 1 Change Image Location Using XY Offset

Adding background image to each slide using Slide Tab, Customize Animation, Outline Tab

Step10: Adding a Background to All Slides and Why didn't my Background Show Up?

Changing the color and opacity of the default text area

Adding text to Text Area 1

Changing the color of the text

Viewing all the Default Explaindio Fonts

Review the slide text

Step11: Customizing the Text Area, Change Font Color, Opacity, Font Cheat Sheet

Editing the 6 text areas on slide 6 Scene 2

Editing the text when copying into the slide Text Area

Editing Font Size

Working with text X Offset

Changing font color

Step12: Editing Multiple Text Areas, Font Size, Color and Offset Scene 2 slide 6

Cleaning up text area colors using Outline Tab in Scene 2, Slide 6

Step13: Customizing Text Area Size and Color Scene 2 Slide 6

Matching the script to Scene 2, Slide 6

Pausing the slide and using SWF to Pause At Frame

Working with slide frames to change the slide timing

Step14: Final Editing, Changing Slide Timing, Script Matching Scene 2, Slide 6

Adding text to text areas for scene 3 Slide 7

Working with the different text areas

Using the Outline Tab to change the size and color of the different Text Area

Changing the text color

Changing the size of the Text Area using XY Scale 

Step15: Customizing Scene 3, slide 7 Adding Editing Text Size, Area, Colors

Adding copy to scene 4 Slide 8

Changing the Font Size and Y Offset

Changing color of text areas

Previewing the script with the slide

Step16: Customizing scene 4, slide 8, Sizing Text, Text Area, Outline and Colors

Adding a Shockwave Flash Animation image to scene 5 slide 16

Your FREE SWF Man with Money

Step17: Customizing scene5, slide16 using a FREE Shockwave Flash Animation Image

Step18: Previewing the Custom Slide Show Created From Default Explaindio Slides
Adding Animation using Shockwave Flash Animation (SWF) to Your Explaindio Scenes
18 Lectures 39:29

Add FREE flash animations to your scene

Step by step on adding SWF animations

Add FREE Stickman fat pencil check

Add FREE Sparkle Explosion 4

Add FREE Guaranteed Marketing

Moving your SWF’s on the timeline

Editing your SWF’s on the stage

Preview 02:14

Resizing and locating your 3 FREE SWF Animated Assets

Seeing how your SWF’s perform on the stage

Adding in and Out Animation Presets to your SWF animations

Preview 01:40

Adding a paper color background

Tweaking and Moving the Stickman Asset

FREE Paper Blue Background 

Preview 01:07

Adding the Bulb Brain FREE SWF

Adding the Write Goal SWF

Adding the Electric Background SWF

Separating the assets to animate separately

Reviewing the built in animations of your FREE SWF’s

Preview 02:01

Increasing the size of your SWF’s on the Canvas and Stage

What do to if an asset doesn’t work…Fire Them!

Preview 00:58

Download and Open Easy Animator Lite to create your own custom SVG's

Installing Easy Animator:

To install Easy Animator first go here — https://get.adobe.com/air/ — and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Air installed. 

Next download the EasyAnimator.air file from the Downloadable materials below (it will be in a zip file so you’ll need to unzip it first). 

After you are sure you have the latest version of Adobe Air installed, just double-click on the EasyAnimator.air file to install Easy Animator.

  Easy Animator and Easy Animator Pro are solely owned and created by Eyeland Studio, Inc. Easy Animator may be used to create animations that you can sell and/or sell to clients. Easy Animator may not be sold.

  If you would like to acquire private distribution rights, please contact Scott Hamlin at http://easyanimator.com/contact/

Preview 00:33

Project Tools:
Create a New Project

Save Project

Save Project As

Open Existing Project

Graphic Tools:

Import Graphics

Understanding Layers

Advanced Mode: Text Tool: Built In Fonts, System Fonts, Creating Favorite Fonts

Bounding Box surrounding assets to identify what you’re working with

Preview 02:17

Adding the Bulb Brain FREE ‘Anibit’

Identifying layers in the SVG

Versatility of Anibits and their elements

Deleting an asset from the stage

Center on Stage

Flip horizontally and vertically Cloning assets on the stage

Preview 01:26

Apply Presets

Create Presets

Delete Presets

Using the Animate Feature to change the asset preset

Break apart the Target Write Goal  to create multiple layers of the Anibit

Exploring the individual layers of the Write Goal

Using undo: CTR+Z or CMD+Z

The animation in, pause and out animation timing

Changing the timing of the preset

Channging the scene size

Scene size changing zooming in and out

Changing the scene background color

Quickly animating your asset with ANIMATE IT button

Preview 04:18

Text Tool

Making a client font my favorite

Adding a favorite font to the stage

Change font size, alignment, color and direction 

Moving in and out of text mode

Sizing your font

Holding down shift

Exploring, applying and changing the In Animations

Applying Pause animations

Applying Out Animations

Quickly adding animation to the Write Goal Anibit

Changing the timing of the animations to add more effect

Using Reset button to remove the animations and start anew

Using state feature to apply one In animation to all the elements of the Write Goal

Preview 04:27

Applying the Pause animation

Timing the pause animation

Exploring the Out Animations

Rotation options in Easy Animator

Animating the Out Animation for the Write Goal

Exploring how Presets animate our Write Goal

Preview 01:04

Changing the timing of the animation elements entering the stage

Creating your Animation Preset

Adding In Animations to all the elements of the Write Goal

Applying ‘State’ to the pause animation to make all elements pause animate the same

Creating and naming your own Preset in the Preset Default Group

Amazing Scott Hamlin developer of Easy Animator Pro

Preview 04:03

Using the inverse feature to change the order of animations starting

Using the properties tab to

Change location on stage using X Y axis

Changing the Width and Height of your elements

Rotating the element using numbers

Changing the color or any asset or element on the stage  

Preview 02:40

Exploring FREE Assets

Exploring my personal directory

Preview 02:31

Adding a Favorite font

Moving in and out of Text mode

Resizing text

Break apart Text by lines (Words and letter break apart available in the pro version)

Preview 01:37

Saving the new SVG

Exporting the SVG to an SWF (Shockwave Flash Animation)

Importing the SWF into Explaindio

Preview 01:15

Adding Editing and Re-sizing Videos in Your Scenes and Projects
8 Lectures 11:51

Adding Video from your computer

FREE Videos from Digi Videos

Adding the Video to the Canvas

Working with Video Editing Tools on the Canvas

Scaling Full Screen and Scale Full Screen Proportional

Inspecting the Video on the Timeline

Analyzing the FREE Kaleidoscope Video in Explaindio

Adding a FREE Video, Exploring the Video Editing Tools on the Canvas

Changing the length and timing of the video by making it a background

Change the length of the scene by adding assets

Changing the Length and Timing of Your Video as a Background Video vs an Object

Adding the video as an object/asset

Adding text to place your video

Adding the video as a background and deleting the video object

Using the undo button

Adding Video Assets the Correct Way As Background Videos to Your Project

Adding an animation preset to the text

Controlling the length of the video and the scene

Adding assets on a video background to change the length of the FREE video Kaleidoscope

Preview 01:16

Reviewing the background video in Scene Tab in slide menu area

Turning Audio on and off for a scene

Reviewing the Background Video Exploring On Off Audio Settings for Scene/Video

Editing font size and color in the Text Tab in the slide menu bar

Change position of the text in the slide menu tools

Using the effects tab to add a Pause after Adding a pause after the text animation preset

Customizing Text to Change the Video Timing Using the Text Tab in Slide Menu

Adding multiple FREE videos to your scene

Adding the Call Now Video and moving and resizing using the bounding box

Adding the Ring spinning Video

Option to sketch a video or not sketch

Add the Tulips Video and having it sketch

Resizing videos using the bounding box

Adding, Resizing and Animating Three FREE Digi Video Videos to a Scene

Reviewing Three video objects and one video background

Changing the size of the time line S, M, L

Positioning your videos on the timeline

Adding Animation Presets to your videos

Adjusting the videos on the timeline

Previewing the scene with 4 videos and one text asset

Making Final Video Edits, Animating, Timing and Previewing Your Four FREE Videos
Adding Animated GIFS: 10 FREE Way Cool Motion Maestros in GIF, MOV, PNG, SWF
5 Lectures 07:34

FREE Motion Maestro Resources Animated Gifs, MOV, PNG, SWF

Add the FREE Animated GIF Motion Maestro’s to your projects

Shelley Penney and Roger Smith provide the Motion Maestro’s FREE for your learning

Reviewing the FREE Motion Maestro Resources

Adding FREE Animated GIFs: Preview of 10 Motion Maestros in GIF, MOV, PNG, SWF

Adding the 3D Character Teaching FREE Gif to the Canvas/Stage

Using Canvas tools to change the GIF size, location

Adding the slide Left Long Animation Preset to Character Teacher

Adding the Hide Rotate Twister Animated Preset to the Character Teacher

Previewing the Character Teacher Animation

Preview 01:31

Adding More GIFs to the Canvas and The Importance of Save As, Save and Save

Ordering the 10 Motion Maestros on the Timeline

Moving the Maestros across the timeline

Resizing the timeline

Reviewing your 10 Motion Maestros

Problem with the Team Motion Maestro: Inspecting, discovering slow moving asset

Add your 10 Motion Maestros to a Scene or Project

Adding All 10 FREE Motion Maestros: Adjusting and showing How Each One Animates

Good News about the Team Motion Maestro from the Developer

Second Team GIF added to your FREE Resources

Add Choppy Landing to Team Gif

Resizing the Team Gif on the canvas

Add Hide Scale H to the Team Gif

Changing the In and Out timing of the Team Gif

Motion Maestro's Creator is a Team Player, Fixes "TEAM" GIF Shorter Animation
Adding Bitmap Images Creating With the Default Image Effects and Animations
54 Lectures 50:44

Create a project

Create a new scene

Bitmap images are maps of bits, small dots

Adding Bitmap images; Explanation of What a Bitmap is

Free Course Images provided by Digi Images: David Watson

Exploring Bitmap image types and sizes

The Difference between png and jpeg

Inspecting the size and pixels of images

Introducing image editing tool Irfanview

Download your FREE 106 Images

Exploring your FREE Course Images: Inspecting Image Type, Dimensions and Size

Adding an image from your computer

Choosing the Banana image and why it takes so long to load

Resizing the first image

Preview 00:58

Opening the Banana Image in Irfanview

Resizing the Banana Image using Image/Resize

Saving the Banana Image

Adding the resized Banana Small in a second

Exercise: Resize some of the larger images using Irfanview

Download  Irfanview FREE at Irfanview.com

Resize The Large Banana bitmap image using FREE Irfanview image editing software

Exploring and Adding more FREE images to your project

Add additional images

Resizing images to make room on the canvas

Adding two Motion Maestro png’s to the canvas

Motion Maestro’s Provided by Shelley Penney and Dr. Roger Smith

Adding Two FREE Motion Maestro PNG's to the Canvas to Animate and Edit

Adding SVG images to the canvas

Adding default Sketch Images that are not drawn

Adding the Candy Cane to the Canvas and removing the sketch animation

Adding SVG's as images to The Canvas and Removing The Sketch By Hand Animation

Canvas Editing Tools: Delete,

Using the Move Up, Move Down buttons to change the layer location of the image

Flipping images using the Flip Horizontally and Flip Vertically Button

Using the “Lock” Shift feature to scale your image using the bounding box

Resizing your images

Exploring and Working With the Available Image Tools on the Canvas and Timeline

Using the paper button on the Canvas to add a Grid

Adding and Using the FREE Grid Tool "Paper" Background to Align Your Assets

Changing and adding “Paper” backgrounds

How to use the Canvas Texture Gallery in Paper Button on Canvas

Changing the texture background of your Canvas

Preview 00:59

Navigate to Explaindio Folder to Paper

Add a New Folder to the Canvas Texture Gallery in Windows

Rename the existing paper backgrounds

Adding, Organizing and Re-Naming Paper Backgrounds in the Explaindio Folder

Adding the right size Paper Background 1920x1080

The Included Grid is 1920x1080

Copying and pasting Jpeg images into Cool Backgrounds Folder

Adding, Renaming and Organizing Your Own Properly Sized Cool Paper Backgrounds

Copying the Wrong Size Blue Background from FREE Resources to Canvas Textures

Exploring the bitmap images on the timeline workspace

How long each asset plays on the timeline

Dragging the images on the timeline to where you want them to begin

Exploring Timing and Moving the FREE Bitmap Images on the Timeline and Workspace

Exploring the Right and Down Arrows on Objects in the timeline workspace

Using the Locking and unlocking icon

Duplicating using the asset icon

Using the x or delete button to delete an item from the stage

Detailed Exploration How To Use Image Editing Tools on the Timeline Workspace

Adding a New Effect to the Banana

Add a New Effect Options

Sketch and Sketch By Hand

Animating the Banana Image Using the Add New Effect Beneath the Image

The Difference Between Sketching the Banana and Sketching by Hand Option

Dragging images across the timeline to work on one asset at a time

Resizing the timeline and stage/workspace

Moving and Organizing Image Assets on the Timeline Workspace and Stage

Assigning new effects to images

Adding the Fade in effect

Adding the Fly in effect

Using Effects tab on the Menu Bar

Working with Pause after action using the Effects Tab in Menu Bar

Adding the Uncover effect to an image

Adding the Erase effect to an image

Exploring the Fly In and Uncover Effects, Effects Tab, Pause, Uncover and Erase

Preparing to use the Morph effect

Changing an effect/animation using the up down arrows and the X

Preparing to Morph the Guaranteed Marketing Image: Changing an Effect/Animation

Add a new effect and select Morph and choose green in the Effects Tab on the menu bar

Reviewing the Candy Cane and Guaranteed Marketing image

Morphing the Guaranteed Marketing Image from the Candy Cane, Change Morph Color

Reviewing the scene on the Canvas and determining the Morph sequence

Organizing the images on the timeline choosing fly in by hand for the candy cane

Changing the speed of the Candycane entering the stage

Changing the Candy Cane effect to fly in without the hand

Adding the Morph Effect to the Candy Cane


Adjusting and Tweaking the Images, Changing Effects, Timing and More Morphing

Previewing your scene to view the Morph

Changing the Morph color using the Effects Tab and the Morph dialogue box

Preview 00:34

Morphing the Guaranteed Marketing Image from the Morphed Banana Image

Making the Candycane disappear after Morphing checking Remove Morphed Object

More image animation options

Using the down arrow to close the Add new effect

Moving images to view them properly and clicking the image to view its animation/effect

Exploring Animations Effects in More Detail, Viewing the Animation Effects

Overview of the 77 In Animation Presets: How they enter the stage

Overview of the 39 Hide Animation Presets: How they leave the stage

Viewing Text and Images with Each of the animation presets

How to find the best Animation Preset for your scenes

Resource: Animation Preset Video Creation Tool

Reviewing Explaindio3 - 77 In Animation Presets and 39 Hide Animation Presets

Previewing Animation Presets: Slide from Left to Slide from Down Long

Previewing Animation Presets: Bounce to Skew from Right Long

Previewing Animation Presets: Skew from Left Bounce to Dive

Previewing Animation Presets: Slide from Right Zoom to Twist Stop and Spin

Previewing Animation Presets: See Me Closer to Spin Delayed

Previewing Animation Presets: Float Rotate to Jump Up Rotate Back

Previewing Animation Presets: Jump Down to Zoom in Up Bounce

Previewing Animation Presets: Zoom in Right Bounce to Elastic Right

Previewing Animation Presets: Pin Top to Spring Left

Previewing Animation Presets: Spring Right to Hide Right Long

Previewing Animation Presets: Hide Down Back to Hide Fall Out Bottom

Previewing Animation Presets: Hide Fall Out Top to Hide Zoom in Rotate

Previewing Animation Presets: Hide Zoom Out to Hide Skew Out

Previewing Animation Presets: Hide Scale Left to Hide Rotate Twister

Assignment: Review the Animation Preset Videos Using Video Creation Resource

Adding Choppy Landing effect

Viewing all Hide Animation Presets once you use an In Animation Preset

Controlling the length and timing of an Animation Preset

Adding Choppy Landing Animation Preset and Changing Asset Animation Speed

Adding Pause After Animation After the In Animation Preset to Sync your scene with your script

Build your scene after you record your script

Preview 01:07

Another Reminder Message About Saving, Save As, Save and Save

Using Animation Points to animate your image/assets

Create the habit of Save As

Creating a new scene and adding a FREE SVG image

Finding the Anibits SVG: “Online Shop Rocket” in your computer, Explaindio does not show the images in their browse

Using Animation Points to Animate an SVG Across the Stage: "The Sky's the Limit"

Using the Lock or Shift to change the SVG proportionally

Add Animation to the SVG

Creating a clone

How the Dialogue box works

Adding more Animation Points or Clones

Changing the speed of the animation by increasing or decreasing Frames How to move, rotate, spin, change direction of your SVG

Exploring Animation Points Tools and Features to Animate the Rocketship to Fly

Removing all the points and starting over

Making the Rocketship fly in from the bottom corner

Rotating the Rocketship and changing the Frames to slow down the Rocket

Adding another animation point to change the trajectory of the rocketship

Adding a background to see where the rocketship will fly Reviewing Save As options

Exploring the Finer Points and Options Using Animation Points to Fly the Rocket

Adding the FREE Bridge image for the rocketship to fly across

Resizing the image using the Canvas editing tools

Adding the image as a background not as an image

Why the image didn’t fill the background

Adding the properly resized background image

Options to Adding the Bridge Image Resizing to Fly the Rocket Across the Bridge

Exploring the Rocketship animation points

Adding an animation point to make the Rocketship do a somersault

Add an animation point to shrink the Rocketship

Adding More Animation Points to Fly Your Rocketship Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Using Animation Points or Effects, Animations and Animation Presets 

Tweaking the final path of the Rocketship

Tweaking the Rocketships Final Path Using Animation Points vs. other Animations

Assignment: Make Your Own Anibit SVG Rocketship fly over the Golden Gate Bridge
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