Escape Perfectionism, Gain Excellence.
4.4 (77 ratings)
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6,268 students enrolled
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Escape Perfectionism, Gain Excellence.

Help for perfectionists and those who live with them.
4.4 (77 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6,268 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn if perfectionism is hurting your performance or relationships.
  • If you are, in fact, a perfectionist, you will improve your performance by trading the frustrations of impossible striving for excellence, which allows you to attain higher goals.
  • You will adopt attitudes and habits that reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • To get the benefits of perfectionism without the costs. Early in this course you will fill out an inventory (fully confidential) that helps you know if you are or are not a perfectionist, and if you are, what type. This will help you know what to change and how to change it. You will select strategies that appeal to you to make those changes. Because perfectionism is a burden, when you are free from that you will be able to perform better. Quit getting squashed by impossible demands and start dancing!
  • For those who live with a perfectionistic person, to gain coping (survival) skills for yourself and practical methods to guide the other person toward better thinking.
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  • You are ready to be realistic about your inner thoughts and habits, and the courage to taste freedom. Eager to soar with the eagle of excellence to higher performance. Willing to break all your best records as you escape perfectionism and gain excellence.
  • This course has about an hour or so of instructional video, additional things to read, motivational mini-posters, and two confidential quizzes.
  • For best results, study a little, the think a lot. It’s about you, so that thinking will go with you where you go. This how you make powerful changes in personal matters. It is a step-by-step series of improvements.
  • You do not need prior courses to benefit from this; just the desire to learn.
  • Bottom line: The course is short but if study is sincere and is not rushed the benefits can last a lifetime.

Perfectionism is a painful way to live. It is a cage that takes away freedom; it is a load of bricks on the back that reduces performance. A perfectionist is critical of everyone. Nothing is ever good enough, especially one’s own performance. When perfectionists win, to them it feels like a loss anyway. “I could have done better,” they tell themselves.

It is a painful way to live—or to live close to—but it does not have to be that way. Dr. Rich Walters, experienced therapist and author of The Perfectionism Trap and How to Escape, explains clearly how you can exchange the burden of perfectionism for the joys of excellence.

This course prepares you to change what you need to change. To swap the agony of over-reach for the joy of grasping success. The course combines video mini-lectures (you gain knowledge) with activities to improve your own circumstances (these help you use the knowledge) . Along with the video coaching, you will invest some time to think and plan. The potential payback is great; it is worth doing it well.

Who is the target audience?
  • You, if you think you are a perfectionist or if you live with one. (The course will help you decide if you are.) If you are living with a problem or a problem person, come on in! No prior knowledge is required.
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Curriculum For This Course
14 Lectures
Get Off to a Fast Start
2 Lectures 04:15

Welcome to the course! Using the principles taught here can transform conditions in your life. This lecture introduces the course and describes the costs of perfectionism.

Preview 03:35

Am I a Perfectionist? Find Out Here
Perfectionism: What It Is and Where It Is From
4 Lectures 24:33

Perfectionism looks good but it is deceptive. Do not be fooled! This lecture will help you understand the benefits (that are more illusion than real) and costs (that are often disguised) of perfectionism.

Preview 08:46

Here you can learn about the damage that perfectionism can do to you--the "Three Big Hurts." This is emphasized because perfectionism has a lot of "smoke and mirrors" about it. It is more likely to bring success to someone else (a boss, parent, or spouse) than to the perfectionist who ends up burned out from all the hard work while the other enjoy the benefits. This must be recognized so there can be change.

The Three Big Hurts

This is a brief but important preview of where this course, and your journey of change, is headed. Proceed with clear thinking, and open mind, and confidence.

The Plan: From the Perfectionism Cage to Excellence

Give careful thought to this process. You will learn a lot about yourself as you think it through. Let the subconscious processes of your mind work on this. Do not rush the process; it is not a task to be done quickly. You are not graded; it is all for you. Do not think about the conclusion. That will come by itself and you will have the understanding you need when you need it. Do not rush. However,if you hurry through this in a minute or two, you definitely are not a perfectionist.

Decision Time: Should I Keep or Destroy My Perfectionism?
1 page
Destroying the Causes of Perfectionism
4 Lectures 19:30
Finding Root Causes

Download and print the file, Common Bogus Beliefs.pdf. Look for the download icon in Lecture 8. It will be helpful to you to carry a copy of the Bogus Beliefs with you so you can take a quick look at it from time to time during the day. Nothing does more to help you to change than to become aware of how your thinking is harmful to you. You must recognize the seed of the problem so you can eliminate it before it grows into a tree!

Bogus Beliefs that Support Perfectionism

We are down to specific methods now. Please, for your own sake, do what you need to do to get out of the cage of perfectionism. It will take some time--many repetitions--to erase old habits of thinking and doing. But it will be worth it as the load of bricks falls off your back, brick by brick, and you become free to jump and dance for joy without the burden of impossible expectations to carry. Get after it, my friend, and show yourself (and all of us) what you can do!

Ridding Myself of Bogus Beliefs

Print this single page in color. Cut apart the four mini-posters and put them in places where you will see them often. They will inspire you, reinforce what you learn, and motivate you toward better habits.

Mini-Posters that Remind Me How to Change
1 page
Other People in my Life
2 Lectures 00:00

If you are as frustrated as Oscar living with Felix, read this. If you can do the perfectionist the favor of helping them give up their crazy beliefs, wonderful! If you have to cope, learn to cope at peace within yourself and with them.

How to Live With a Perfectionist
3 pages

Would you rather pass a burden down to a child, or strengthen her or him for the future by teaching the pursuit of excellence (not perfection)? Read this carefully, use its wisdom vigorously.

Perfectionism and Parenting
4 pages
Sources of More Information
2 Lectures 00:00


A “Forever” Truth is a fact—a reality—that remains the same throughout time (century after century) and across space (from continent to continent) no matter what or how all other things may change. The Holy Bible—written by Jehovah through the hands of people he chose—is the source of such truth on all matters of human conduct (it is not about technical details of the physical universe).

The Bible is about the human spirit, about how we think about ourselves and our relationships, about the practical matters of everyday life. This is shown by these samples of its teaching about perfectionism. I have confidence in this information, not because it is old truth, and not even because it proves itself in practice to be true (as it does), but I have confidence in these words (that are recorded in the Bible) because I have confidence in God, who has always treated me exactly as the Bible says he would. He is God who wants relationship with little ol’ me. His nature is love, and because of that he makes it possible for every part of my life to have meaning, even when what I do is less than perfect.

"Forever" Truth
3 pages

Don't stop too soon. Learn more, earn more, care more, enjoy life more.

Links and Resources
1 page

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About the Instructor
Dr. Richard Walters
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Human Relations Specialist

Rich Walters holds master’s degrees in business and counseling, and the PhD in counseling psychology (University of Georgia). He learned theories about distress such as anger and perfectionism during his training, but he learned the "real, where-the-rubber-meets-the-road" practical help that is in his courses from clinical experience as a licensed psychologist. Every strategy he recommends has worked time and again as a useful answer for a valued person. He has led hundreds of training sessions on anger, conflict management, and human relations skills in businesses and churches, has taught counselor education and psychology at para-professional, undergraduate, and graduate levels, and is the author of 24 books on counseling-related topics and life skills (published in nine countries). He recently retired as Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Oxford Graduate School. He is co-founder (with his wife, Dr Diana Walters) of the Center for Bold Action, a nonprofit that encourages and equips people to live joyfully and effectively for the betterment of their own and others' lives.