Diet to Eat More, Weigh Less!
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Diet to Eat More, Weigh Less!

Practical Dieting, Nutritional Knowledge & LIfestyle Strategies to Finding Your Natural Weight
4.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Eat MORE of the foods you’re already eating and still lose weight
  • Discover WHEN and how often to eat to boost YOUR metabolism
  • Discover what foods are best for YOUR body at this time
  • Discover what other eating HABITS are best for YOU at this time
  • Adopt these new habits so they become your LIFESTYLE
  • Reduce or even eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Enjoy – even crave! – healthier ‘best-foods-for-you’ regularly
  • Make step-by-step changes over time so they last forever
  • Get back on track when you’ve gone astray
  • Avoid or eliminate processed ingredients that are contributing to excess weight and other health problems
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Do you struggle with your Weight?

Do you really want to lose weight in 2016?

Don’t you wish you could eat MORE to weigh Less?

Well Now You Can! And I can show you how!

Yes, you read that right!

The fact is, most people who struggle to lose excess weight and keep it off are actually not eating enough food, not too much.

In this Course you will:

  • Learn how to eat more of the foods you’re already eating at the best times and intervals for YOUR body to boost your metabolism and optimize digestion.
  • Discover what healthier foods are best for YOU at this time and how to include MORE of these healthier foods in your diet as a LIFESTYLE HABIT that you enjoy.
  • Also learn how certain processed foods and their ingredients could be contributing to your weight gain and how to easily make the switch to better choices.

Watch that stubborn weight come off and stay off. It's easier than you think when you empower yourself with practical knowledge, proven skills and strategies from me – a former junk-food junkie turned nutrition and health coach.

What you eat and how much are just two of the MANY FACTORS that may be causing you to have trouble gaining or losing excess weight. No two people are alike.

That’s why 10 people can go on the same weight-loss program and some will reach their goals quickly and easily, while others won’t shed a pound, or not enough or – heaven forbid – actually GAIN weight following the exact same program!

When it comes to overall health and weight issues, what I know for sure is, different people need different things at different times – and that can change.

So in addition to what to eat, how much and when, learn the specific factors and that might be keeping you from achieving your health and weight loss goals.

Some will only have to make small changes to their current dietary lifestyle, while others will have to do more.

Either way, you’ll get started on the road to completely transforming your relationship with food, and get your eating habits working FOR YOU so you can find your natural weight and restore or maintain your health and energy.

Don’t forget Udemy’s 100% Money Back Guarantee! So all you have to lose is that excess weight!

This course contains 90+ minutes of instructional videos along with a variety of supplemental materials, including articles and book recommendations.

Because it's jam-packed with lots of valuable info and practical tips, it's something you can return to again and again to continually upgrade your eating lifestyle, as well as help you get back on track when you go astray.

So, take the decision to make a change today and get started Eating More to Weigh Less!

Take This Course Today - See you inside

Best regards

Kelly and John

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who's tired of dieting and wants to adopt a healthier way of eating as a lifestyle habit
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
Start Here
6 Lectures 22:44

This welcoming introductory video provides a brief overview of the course.

Preview 04:10

Be sure to watch this video so you can know how to get the most from this course.

Preview 04:22

This video will give you the #1 tip for literally eating more and weighing less, that you'll want to take into consideration throughout the rest of the course.

Preview 04:59

If you're taking any medications, be sure to watch this video and also research any potential side effects that could be interfering with your ability to lose or maintain your weight. Rxisk is my favorite site for research the side effects of medications because it contains both clinically established and patient-reported side effects. The link is provided in the 'Added Resources' section.

Check Your Medications for Weight-Related Side Effects

Your body craves what you feed it. So if you've craving poor-quality foods that contribute to your excess weight and lack of energy, be sure to watch this video and learn how lose the taste for unhealthy foods and develop a taste for and enjoy healthier alternatives.

How to Acquire a Taste for Healthy, Natural Foods

Discover what factors are even more important than calories to be considering when making wise food choices.

Forget About Counting Calories
When Less is Actually More
11 Lectures 41:21

In this colorful video, John gives a brief overview of what to expect in this section.

Introduction: When Less is Actually More

Find out why my first Eating-for-Health Guideline is: if it's not food, don't eat it; what ingredient is frequently added to flour that may be causing you thyroid problems; and what kind of breads are your best choice. Be sure to browse through the links I've provided in the added resources section. I included a variety of formats to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!

In this video, discover why MSG is the #1 ingredient I'm adamant about letting people know about, especially when it comes to your weight. It can be disguised under 27 different names, so be sure to printout the list included in the added resource section to keep in your wallet. There are 2 articles for more information as well, including a list of the symptoms associated with MSG and some remedies to help alleviate the symptoms if you do have problems after eating it.

MSG the Hidden Fattener & Health Robber

Find out why sugar, especially refined sugar, definitely rivals MSG when it comes to being one of the primary ingredients I recommend you eliminate from your diet except on a rare occasion -- whether you want to lose weight, have more energy or prevent heart disease or cancer. Check out the blog posts in the added resource section for more information, including "Ten Tips to Tackle the Sugar Beast!"

Sugars & Concentrated Sweeteners

People frequently ask me about other no-cal, "natural" sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. I answer that question in this video.

FAQ: What About Truvia, Stevia & Alcohol Sugars?

In this video we talk about how sugar from soda and sweetened beverages is the #1 source of calories in the American diet today. Some recipes for natural alternatives to soda are provided in the added resources.

Drink Less -- So You Can EAT More!

Discover why there really is nothing "diet" about diet soda and its neuro-toxic sweetener aspartame -- and may in fact, be causing you to gain weight and a dozen other health problems as well. Consult the scientifically-backed resources provided, for more detailed information.

There's Nothing 'Diet' About Diet Soda & Aspartame!

70% of antibiotics are used in the production of farm animals for human consumption. Although banned in some countries, growth hormones are also popularly used and therefore contained in, the majority of animal protein most people are eating in the U.S. today. Discover why you want to avoid them and how they could be adding to your unwanted "growth" as well.

Growth Hormones & Antibiotics = More Hidden Fatteners

In this video John chimes in with a couple important questions after watching this first section of the course.

Questions from John - Section 2

Kelly answers the questions John had for this first section of the course.

Answers to John's Q's - Section 2

This video summarizes Section 2: When Less is Actually More.

Summary: When Less is Actually More
Foods to Eat More
11 Lectures 40:42

John gives an overview of the fabulous foods you'll be discovering in Section 3: Foods to Eat More.

Foods to Eat More Section Introduction

Watch this video for the #1 food I recommend most people get more of in their daily diet. It may surprise you!

Note: When I make reference to 'fruitarians' in this lecture, I'm specifically referring to those who have successFULLY transitioned and maintained a TRUE fruitarian diet for the period of time necessary to experience the optimal benefits. Anything short of that, may be problematic.

THE #1 Food Most People Need to Eat More

Discover which fats won't make you fat -- and may even help you reduce your fat-- and how to get more of them.

Eat More GOOD Fats

Discover why I recommend pure coconut in its many delectable forms. See added resources for recommended books on the topic by coconut expert, Dr. Bruce Fife.

Eat More Pure Coconut Oil, Milk, Flakes & Other Pure Coconut Food Products

Nobody would argue that Grandma was right about the benefits of eating your veggies. It's easier than ever after you download and follow the step-by-step instructions for doing just that in the added resources section.

You Knew They Were Coming ~ Yes, Veggies!

Get to know why beans and legumes are a great thing to include more of in your diet and which ones are the easiest to digest and consequently the least likely to make you, dare I say -- toot!

Beans, Beans The Musical Fruit . . .

Many people have gone off 'grains' in recent years, when in fact, they were never really having them to begin with. Discover the benefits of WHOLE grains and why you want to get more of them.

What About Those Grains?

Pasta made from white-refined flour with harmful additives is a staple food in most people's weekly diet. Discover how to have your pasta and eat it too without compromising your health or weight goals.

Mama Mia, Let's Not Forget Pasta!

John asks some more relevant and insightful questions regarding this section, Foods to Eat More.

Foods to Eat More - Questions from John

In this video, Kelly answers the questions John asked in the last video.

Foods to Eat More - Answers to John's Questions

John sums up what you've learned in this section of the course, Foods to Eat More.

Foods To Eat More Section Summary
Final Things to Consider & Strategizing
6 Lectures 17:58

Food allergies and sensitivities are not surprisingly, a hot topic in recent years. Discover in this video what are the most common food allergens that may be affecting your ability to lose or keep off excess weight -- and may even be causing your unhealthy food cravings.

Food Allergies & Sensitivities Are Worth Exploring

Foods cravings are definitely a topic of concern for those who are trying to keep their weight in a natural state. By the end of this video you'll have a much better idea of what may be causing yours and how to overcome them. It can be easier than you might think!

Things to Consider About Food Cravings

Planned indulgences are discussed and why you want to incorporate them as part of your dietary lifestyle.

Add in Some Planned Indulgences

This video talks about the basics of how to strategize a personalized plan of action to start implementing what you've learned that applies to you at this time.

Strategize Your Way to Success!

Be sure to print out, read and use these detailed instructions to strategize your personalized plan of action.

Strategize ~ Detailed Instructions
8 pages

In this video, a brief overview of what you've learned is presented to wrap up and finalize the course.

Wrappin' It All Up! -- Course Summary
About the Instructor
Kelly Amrit Hayford
4.5 Average rating
1 Review
8 Students
1 Course
Nutrition & Detox Coach / Herbalist / Author

Hello! -- I'm a former junk-food junkie turned nutrition, health & detox coach. I know what it takes to go from where you are now, to where you want to be when it comes to your health and nutrition. Over 25 years ago I was told I 'probably' had cancer, after being increasingly sick and debilitated in the years prior. I've been successfully navigating my own healing journey and helping others do the same ever since then.

I've helped thousands restore their health, energy and natural weight through a combination of nutritional recommendations and coaching, natural remedies and cleansing protocols.

I'm also the award-winning author of, If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!, and No-Nonsense Nutrition in Bite-Sized Portions.