Detox Your Life, Pt II
4.8 (4 ratings)
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Detox Your Life, Pt II

Simple exercises that help clear out the crap and put more happiness and freedom back into your life!
4.8 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
70 students enrolled
Created by Tash Jefferies
Last updated 1/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • To give you additional tools and techniques to simplify your life, holistically
  • To teach you simple tips and tools that help make sure that you are always in the driver's seat of your life!
  • To show you how to bring more joy, happiness, and results into your life with abundance
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  • To want to create the life of your dreams!

This course has been developed from the feedback from Detox Your Entire Life, Simply

In this course, I will go into some of the subjects covered in Pt I, however in more detail. The topics range from exercise and physical wellness, decluttering, the law of attraction and manifestation, dealing with loneliness, becoming a powerful creator and getting what you ask for, and last but not least, how to listen to your own intuition.

Everything about this program is meant to be experiential; which means the intention is for you to take what learn, put it into practice, and see and feel the difference. I do my best to use visuals, and there is a downloadable resource guide as a companion for the video material.

The videos have been created so that each day, you watch a video. This program should take you about a month to complete it in its entirety, little by little each day. For those who are keeners, you can probably get through this material in about a week! Either way is fine, the choice is up to you.

With the amount of stress and confusion in this world, literally ANYONE and everyone can benefit from this program. Most people will find there are 1 - 3 key segments that really to speak to you, and that is intended; they should be the areas that you focus on immediately.

I LOVE teaching, so I do my best to answer any questions in our forum within 48 hours (usually better!) I am here to help you reclaim more freedom, happiness and health in your life.

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Curriculum For This Course
35 Lectures
Why You've Chosen This Course - Uncovering The Roots
1 Lecture 02:32

In this section we review the basics learned from "Detox Your Entire Life, Simply" program. Remember that health is a mix of the four components : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Please see the full Resource Guide for this entire class in the Supplementary Material section.

Preview 02:32
Life Topics
33 Lectures 02:36:05

A quiz for you to assess the health of your home environment and see how free-flowing your space is

Decluttering Your Home
5 questions

In this section we discuss simple ways to know that you've got clutter, and how to clear items and objects from your home.

Preview 05:23

Common Questions :

How do you make a small space your own?

What do you do when you share your space?

Preview 06:21

Losing Weight Quiz
5 questions

An introduction to the REAL reasons why we gain weight, how weight gain in many cases is normal, and talking about some real solutions to weight fluctuations.

Preview 01:23

Here we'll go some of the more common culprits of weight gain that are rarely ever discussed by many doctors, diet specialists or fitness gurus across the planet.

Factors Affecting Weight

Common Questions:

Will I lose more weight if I become vegetarian?

Are skinny people always healthy?

How can I tell when I'm overeating?

Losing Weight FAQ's

Exercise Quiz
5 questions

Here we discuss simple, easy ways to integrate exercise into your daily routine... without the gym!


Common Questions:

Do I have to sweat to have a good workout?

I'm working out, but I'm not losing weight. Why?

Exercise FAQ's

Healing Therapies Quiz
5 questions

This is where we talk about all of the non-invasive yet powerful healing therapies that I used to take for granted that everyone was aware of. Learn about some simple ways that YOU can become empowered with your own health! Please see the downloadable cheat sheet that gives an overview of your chakra centres and where they are on your body.

Healing Therapies

A brief description of the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy.

Naturopathy & Homeopathy

Introduction to some basic principles of Reiki and muscle testing used in healing.

Reiki & The Body Talk System

Learn about the power of healing crystals, and how they can be used to improve your health. See the downloadable sheet that shows you what some of the more common ones look like.


I SWEAR by essential oils as a non-medical way to treat colds, headaches, pains, digestive issues, and many other common issues. Please refer to the resource guide in Lecture 1 for amazing resources.

Essential Oils

Learn about this amazing practice where using pressure points on your body can help alleviate many different pains and symptoms. Attached is a downloadable page that shows you some basic pressure points on the feet.


Common Questions:

I've tried Reiki before but I didn't feel anything. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?

Is it possible to be cured of things like high blood pressure and diabetes by using these therapies?

Do practitioners of these kinds of modalities need a certain kind of certification?

Healing Therapies FAQ's

Happiness Quiz
5 questions

I received so many requests to go deeper about happiness, how to define and explain it! Here I do my best to talk more about how happiness FEELS, so it becomes easier to identify.


Life is choice. We get real with how much of your own choice it is. :) The attached downloadable file is meant to remind you how much your body language communicates to others without you saying a word.

What Makes You Happy

Again (we can never repeat this too much) - happiness is ALWAYS a choice. We talk about how you can stay clear and focused so that you never lose sight of what you're living for.

Follow Your Happiness

Common Questions:

Q: I'm doing my best to keep my happiness levels up, but those around me are bringing me down. What can I do?

Q: I'm not sure if I know what feeling happy feels like. How do I create that feeling?

Q: I have a friend of mine who's really successful to the outside world (he has plenty of money, a great job), but she never seems to be happy. How can I help him?

Happiness FAQ's

Positivity Triggers Quiz
5 questions

There are always things that make you happy! This is where we talk about how to make those things so strong, that you use them when you're not feeling in a good mood.

Positivity Triggers

You know how sometimes you just seem to absorb other people's grumpy moods, just by being around them? I'll show you how to protect yourself in those situations so that doesn't happen to you anymore.

The Push vs Pull Method

Common Questions:

I find myself having a hard time remember the good things that happen in my life. How can I change that?

How do I use my positivity triggers at work, and around other people?

Positivity Triggers FAQ's

Loneliness Quiz
5 questions

Loneliness is ALWAYS an illusion. Here we discuss why that is so.


A simple exercise that helps you envision and attract your ideal friends, partners and mates.

Attracting The Right People

Nothing ever really worth having comes easy. Here we'll talk about how to muster up that courage you need to go after what you want.

Being Brave

Common Questions:

I don't have very many friends. How do I make more friends?

I have a hard time breaking out of the feeling of being alone. What can I do?

I suspect a friend is depressed from being alone so much. How can I help them?

Loneliness FAQ's

Law of Attraction/Manifestation Quiz
5 questions

Here, we talk about simple ways to draw anything you want into your life.

The Law of Attraction/Manifestation

The idea that you can manifest anything you want into your life isn't one we talk about or teach in school. Learn some simple tips that can allow you to use it, very strongly, in your own life.

My Ability to Manifest

Common Questions :

I often have dreams that come true. Is this me manifesting things?

I've been asking for things for years, but they never come. Why?

Sometimes I have coincidences that happen, really often. Are these things really coincidences?

Law of Attraction/Manifestation FAQ's

Intuition Quiz
5 questions

Everyone has it, however, like manifestation, no one teaches you how to know it, improve on it, and use it well. This is where you learn the basics for every day life.


Knowing your own intuition always gives you a feeling. Learn how to know it, and listen to it.

What Intuition Feels Like

Lessons. Challenges. Upsets. Problems. Call them what you will. We all have them for a reason. What's yours?

Learning A Lesson

Common Question:

Will my intuition sometimes make bad things happen to me?

Intuition FAQ's

Common Questions:

Sometimes my intuition tells me to do something that my family or friends don't agree with. How do I deal with that?

I've tried to use my intuition and I don't think mine is working... Do I have it?

Intuition FAQ's Part II
Recap and Closing
1 Lecture 02:35

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Please feel free to contact me with questions, updates and would LOVE to hear any stories you'd like to share about your successes! Sending you Love and Light,


Follow-Up and Questions
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1982 - At the ripe old age of 5, knew I was going to be a healer. Thought that was too crazy, so reverted to being a scientist in a white lab coat when I grew up.

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2004 to 2011 - Started my corporate life. Did sales, marketing, analyst, and other problem-solver roles well. Made lots of money. Started side businesses. Went broke. Almost felt like I was dying sometimes.

February 2011 - Lost my oldest brother to cancer of the liver.

March 2011 - Almost lost my youngest brother to health complications.

December 2011 - I myself caught viral meningitis. Had my wake-up call. Surrendered everything. Gave 3 months notice at the corporate gig. Finished my first book. Started my wellness consultancy.

Now - Devote my life to teaching others how to live with health and vibrancy through my own life's lessons. Love to laugh and enjoy every single drop of this life that I've been blessed with. Learning and teaching, all day long! :)