All poses using the exercise BALL
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 (1 rating)
430 students
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 (1 rating)
430 students
Flexibility of Pelvis
Approach to Inner Muscle
Relaxation deeply
Workout Arms and Abs
Core training
Abdominal detox
Shape up Butt
Swollen legs and coldness of the feet


  • Balance ball

You can start each section with your favorite section according to your purpose.  It is also effective to try all sections 2-3 times a week.  Please start with each warm up.

The cushion of the ball moves your upper body at various angles, so you can stretch not only your outer muscles around the pelvis but also your inner muscles.  The pelvis is rotated, side stretching, front bending and back bending, and on the left and right movements, it works well on inner muscles and lifting your buttocks.

After warming up the inner muscles, strengthen the muscles of the arms, improve the shape of the waist, and train the core.

Twist your abdomen and use abdominal breathing to detoxify your waste products.  After detox, train your abs.

Sense of balance and concentration with core training.  You can train while enjoying the poses of the adductor and abductor muscles of the hip joint.

Let's relax after eliminating swollen legs and coldness of the feet.  Even two poses at the end of the day are okay.  You can relax your body, sleep deeply and recover your fatigue.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who cannot go to the yoga studio.
  • Those who want to move body efficiently with a few pose.
  • Those who want to prevent and eliminate chronic stiff neck and back pain.
  • Those who do not have much concentration.
  • Those who are coldness and have poor metabolism.
  • Constipation relief.
  • Posture correction.
  • Those who are not good at yoga studios with many people.
  • 2〜3 times a week at your own pace.
  • Those who want to sleep deeply.
6 sections • 18 lectures • 1h 18m total length
  • Introduction
  • Relaxing and side movement
  • Rotation
  • Side stretching
  • Front and back bending
  • Movement of right and left
  • Movement of rotation
  • Standstill and motion
  • Balance and Jumping
  • Twisting
  • Abs〈Catching〉
  • Movement of right and left〈Relaxing〉
  • Amrita and Plow pose 〈Halasana〉
  • The core training 〈1〉
  • The core training 〈2〉
  • Shaking
  • Relaxing
  • Afterword

Chiropractor(筋肉と骨格) / Shiatsu/ Acupuncturist/ Sport trainer
Ogura Hisa
  • 3.9 Instructor Rating
  • 13 Reviews
  • 927 Students
  • 14 Courses

The Yin Yang Yoga Self maintenance Series is a course in which an instructor who worked at orthopedic masseur in Japan, sports trainer in Europe, and an acupuncturist in Hong Kong can perform self maintenance without any treatment or sports massage.

Each course performed Yoga that has never existed before.

Some lectures include "Before & After photo session". If there is no effect, we will support until improves with you.

Yin Yang Yogaセルフ・メンテナンス・シリーズは、接骨院勤務、ヨーロッパでスポーツトレーナーそして香港で鍼灸師として活躍した講師が施術やスポーツマッサージをしないでも身体のメンテナンスが自分でできるよう、この講座にノウハウを凝縮させました。


いくつかのレクチャーでは「Before & After写真撮影」があります。効果が実感できない場合は、写真を送って講師が改善するまでサポートします。