WeChat Marketing
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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WeChat Marketing

Tap into the Hot New Tool for Business: WeChat
4.0 (60 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
222 students enrolled
Created by Andy Ng
Last updated 4/2018
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What you'll learn
  • At the end of this course WeChat Digital Matketing, students will be able to know how to use WeChat on a daily business to build their personal brand and market their business
  • You will also know the unique 28 functions that WeChat has that others like Whatsapp and Facebook don't have
  • You will know the 8 ways to add friends, including people that you don't know
  • Plus, you know how to reach out to strangers via WeChat and convert them into friends and customers
  • You will discover 'Discover' page and what it can offer you as a business tool
  • You will learn how to set up Wechat Official Account like a pro
  • You will know what are mini programs and why they are so hot now
  • Be able to embark on our unique 123 WeChat 3-Week Digital Marketing Plan to get Sales in 3 weeks
  • Knowledge of how to operate a smartphone
  • Some basic knowledge of social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and LinkedIn

WeChat is a very powerful tool. It has at least 28 unique useful functions that Whatsapp and Facebook don't have.

Why are people not using WeChat as much as Whatsapp?

Lack of friends on WeChat?

*People from China only use WeChat* So if you want to connect with them, you have no choice but to use WeChat.

Don't know Chinese? WeChat can now translate 21 languages including all messages, moments posts and even news!

And voice translation too!

WeChat Moments work like Facebook newsfeeds, you can post anything you like, including 9 photos and videos within 10 seconds.

With WeChat Groupchats, you can set up video conference for up to 9 people free-of-charge! 

Now you too can learn WeChat and become a pro! Come and join our Udemy on-learning of *WECHAT DIGITAL MARKETING*. Contents covered include:

  1. Using WhatsApp for Marketing: the 5 Ways: Status, Group Broadcast, 1-minute Videos, Personal Messages and Group Chats
  2. The Do's and Don'ts of sending messages on WhatsApp and WeChat: how to attract, not distract people
  3. WeChat as a superapp and its 5 limitations 
  4. The 8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat
  5. The 28 useful Functions of WeChat that WhatsApp does not have
  6. How to create Moments that people will follow
  7. How to do broadcast to more than 5,000 people daily FOC
  8. Steps to open WeChat Wallet in Singapore without opening a bank account in China
  9. How to use WeChat Pay to give out Red Packets and Transfer Money (on the spot)
  10. How to Add in people that you don't know as friends and market to them immediately
  11. The 12 Ways to Advertise on WeChat without paying US$20,000 to Tencent
  12. WeChat Official Account: what it does and how to create one yourself FOC
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone that has never used Wechat before or is currently not an active WeChat user
  • People that use WeChat daily but never know its 28 useful functions
  • Salespeople and businesspeople that want to reach out to 1.1 billion WeChat users worldwide
  • IT enthusiasts that want to learn the latest mobile and IT tool
Course content
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+ Introduction
23 lectures 01:05:27

In this first lecture, we will introduce to you the Dao of business: how to go with the flow and get maximum results with minimum effort.  The flow is of course the mobile phone.

Here you'll know what are the top 5 social media tools people use worldwide: Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. 

I will also show you my Wechat QR code, and you can scan my QR code and make a instant connection with me immediately.   If you don't know how to  do this, you will  learn this in the course soon

Preview 01:46

Because Whatspp is the most used social media tool worldwide, I will spend some time to teach everyone the little known ways to do digital marketing on Whatsapp.

There are 5 ways that you can market on Whatsapp and they are:

  1. Status, where you update a status that will disappear in 24 hours, like Snapchat
  2. 1-minute videos
  3. Groupchats, where you position yourself as an expert in the groupchats and do the wrongs things there
  4. Direct message
  5. Broadcast message, where you can broadcast a mesage to 256 people in one go and they will receive it as an individual message
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There are 4 pages in WeChat as follows:

  1. WeChats (Android) or Chats (iOS).  This is the default page when you open WeChat.  It lists all your messages, much like your SMS page
  2. Contacts. This has more information than your typical 'Contacts' page on your SMS.  
  3. Discover, where you can read latest news, go into mini programs, official accounts, and perform searches just like google
  4. Me, where it stores your particulars and the files that you have kept, known as 'Favourite' in WeChat

In this lecture, we shall also show you the first 4 of 25 unique features of WeChat that Whatsapp and Facebook do not have.  The first 4 unique features are:

  1. Your phone number is never revealed to anybody in WeChat.  This gives you privacy that you cannot find in Whatsapp, Line and Viber.
  2. You can always use a pseudonym on WeChat
  3. People cannot contact you on WeChat unless you have added them as a friend on WeChat.  This privacy feature is not available on Whatspp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linked-in, Viber, Line and Telegram
  4. You can recall a message within 2 minutes of sending it out
Preview 05:39

WeChat allows us to recall a message within 2 minutes of sending it out.  You recall text messages, video messages and voice messages.  The steps are pretty straightforward, and this lecture demonstrates that

How to Recall Your Message on WeChat

In this lecture 5, you will continue to learn what are the 5 unique functions of WeChat:

  1. Sticker gallery
  2. WeChat Wallet, where you can transfer money and make cashless payments at retail outlets
  3. WeChat Wallet link to your China bank account
  4. Photos and videos are not automatically downloaded
  5. The 8 ways to add friends on WeChat without knowing mobile number
25 Unique Features of WeChat

We know one of the keys to marketing on WeChat is to have enough Wechat friends.  There are 8 ways that you can add friends on WeChat, the first 4 being:

  1. Scan QR Code.  
  2. People Nearby
  3. Search for WeChat ID or Name
  4. Join Private Groups
8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat (the first 4 ways)

In this lecture, we shall give you demonstration on the first 4 ways to add friends on WeChat. I will be using my mobile phone and you can see everything and every steps on my mobile phone.  

The important thing is to take our your phone and do what is told in the video. Happy doing!

Demonstration on the First 4 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat

Way 5: Friend Radar

Way 6: Invite through  Email, Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp

Way 7: Upload from your mobile phone contacts

Way 8: Shake (your phone, not shake your head)

Final 4 Ways to Add Firends on WeChat

Feature 10: WeChat Out

Feature 11: Privacy: no one knows your mobile number

Feature 12: Notifcations to Group

Feature: 13: Mini Programs (eg Mei Pian)

Feature 14: Integrated with QQ, Facebook and Linkedin

Feature 15: Instant Translate (21 languages to the language of your phone) We shall do a demonstration here

Features 10 to 15 of WeChat

If you are like most people, you use your Facebook account every day but you hardly use WeChat every day. You wonder how are you going to find the time to post on both Facebook and WeChat?

Thankfully there is a simple way. Simply link your WeChat to your Facebook account and all your posts on WeChat Moments will be automatically uploaded on Facebook instantly!  Here's a demonstation...

Preview 02:03

Function 16: Cloud 'Favourite' to store videos, photos, sound recordings and all posts

Function 17: Heat Map

Function 18: WeChat Index of WeChat searches

Function 19:Internal QR code scanner

Function 20: Top Stories updated hourly

Function 21: WeChat Mobile Games

Function 22: Message in a Bottle

Function 23: Fitness app: WeRun-WeChat

Function 24: Mobile commerce site via WeChat Official Account

Function 25: Superapp :Taxi, hotel, air ticket, train ticket, bicycle, MRT, banking, telecoms etc

Function 16 to 25 of WeChat

We know that even if we teach you everything about WeChat, you may not use WeChat every day unless you are motivated to do so. 

There are two strong motivating factors to use WeChat: China and Tencent.

As we know, today China is actually richer than USA in terms of GDP PPP. China is also strong military. Most importantly, China has the Belt and Road Initative that will create economic value in excess of US$61 trillion

The other power behind WeChat Power is Tencent Holdings, the company that creates and owns WeChat. Tencent is now the largest value company in Asia, and ranks 5th in worldwide market capitalisation

Power Behind WeChat Power: China and Tencent Holdings

We know that WeChat has a powerful cashless payment platform called WeChat Pay. 

To use WeChat Pay, you need to install WeChat Wallet inside your WeChat account. 

There are 2 ways to open WeChat Wallet: either you have a bank account opened physically in China or you use your Visa or Mastercard to authenticate. 

In this lecture we shall demonstrate how you can do both of them.

When you have WeChat Wallet, you can give out Red Packets, a powerful feature of WeChat

WeChat Wallet and WeChat Pay

In this lecture 14, we shall show you how you too can open WeChat Wallet when you are not from China and have no bank account opened in China. 

We shall teach you how you can use your Visa or MasterCard to authenticate the WeChat Wallet opening process. Let's dive in...

How to Open WeChat Wallet outside China?

The 5 major limitations of WeChat are:

  1. No message 'read' indicator
  2. Cannot send any message to anyone that have not added you as a friend on WeChat
  3. Videos on Moments cannot be longer than 10 seconds
  4. Voice messages in WeChat cannot be longer than 60 seconds
  5. Uses less data than Whatsapp and Facebook
5 Major Limitations of WeChat and How to Get Around Them

Momements on WeChat is like your Newsfeeds in Facebook, with the only difference that unlike Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, only your friends on WeChat can see your Moments posts.  Friends of friends cannot read what you post. So in a sense WeChat is more private and secure. 

There are two ways to post Moments: with photos and without photos. We shall show you the detailed steps on how you to do both of them.  Happy Moments posting! 

How to Post Moments in WeChat

WeChat Message Broadcast is the most effective way to market on WeChat. Here you can sell to 5,000 people daily FOC There are 8 steps in Message Broadcast and we shall demonstrate them to you in this lecture. Be ready for business with message broadcast! 

Power of WeChat Message Broadcast: how to broadcast to 5,000 people at zero cost

WeChat Mini Programs (小程序) is mini app within WeChat. Instead of having you to download mobile apps, register for them and do regular updates, WeChat saves you all these troubles by incoporating them all under "Discover" page of WeChat.  Currently (April 2018) there are more than 2 million Mini Programs in the world. 

You can download some of the most popular ones: 美篇,腾讯视频,群里有事,识花君,腾讯翻译君 

WeChat Official Accounts (公众号) are mobile websites inside WeChat.  Instead of having you do create your own websites, make them mobile friendly and ask people to visit your websites, WeChat incorporates them into WeChat and called them Official Accounts. 

You can create your own Official Accounts free-of-charge and each business registration can register up to 5 Official Accounts. In this lecture we shall teach you the steps to do so

WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account

The 3 steps to open WeChat Offiial Account are:

  1. Submit a proposal at www.apply.wechat.com 
  2. Impress WeChat with how you intend to use your Official Account and submit documents as proof eg articles, email blasts, ACRA basic info, videos links etc 
  3. Once your OA is approved, Tencent will email you your OA ID and password, which you need to log-in at www.admin.wechat.com You can start creating your content at your OA
How to Open WeChat Official Account in 3 Steps FOC

Tencent Advertising starts with US$20,000.  If you do not wish to spend a single cent and still get business from WeChat, there are 12 ways to do so:

  1. Your own Official Account (daily push message)
  2. Message Broadcast
  3. Group Chats
  4. Moments (text and photos)
  5. Moments: 10-seconds video with links
  6. Plain simple direct message
  7. Promotions: offer Great deals, get others to share
  8. Tencent Search: write great articles and moments
  9. WC Wallet: Specials, Group Buy and Women’s Style
  10. Strategic Partners: Ofo, Hotels, Starbucks
  11. Other people or businesses Official Accounts
  12. Via social media eg QQ, Weibo, Linked-In etc 

Top 12 Ways to Sell on WeChat Free-of-charge

People often asked me, "How do I grab the vast opportunities offered by WeChat/"  Just do these 5 things and you will be there. This lecture demystifies WeChat and how anyone can be a WeChatpreneur by doing the 5 things mentioned here on a daily basis

The 5 Things to Do Now to Grab the Vast Opportunities on WeChat

Many people learnt WeChat but few are able to really get business on WeChat.  

To get business on WeChat you need to start embarking on a WeChat Marketing Plan. Let's work on this 123 WeChat Marketing Plan: in 3 weeks you will be able to get business from WeChat. 

We shall teach you what you must do every day, every week, and in 3 weeks you will be getting sales from WeChat!

123 WeChat Marketing Plan

Finally there are 5 top features on WeChat that I find very useful. 

First, you can simply double press any message and it will be enlarged by 10 times automatically.

Second, you can always share your location with someone. 

Third, your QR code scanner on WeChat can be used to scan any QR codes in this world

Fourth, you can always edit your photos and put in captions when you double press any photo

Fifth, you can always transfer money, send and receive red packets and use WeChat Pay as a cashless payment platform when you have WeChat Wallet

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