How To Master The Law of Attraction- Abundance

Attract more abundance using simple techniques you can apply any place, anytime, and anywhere!
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Master how to manifest smart
Discover what vibration links you to wealth
Learn how to attract more abundance
Powerful techniques you can apply anyplace, anywhere, at anytime!
Master how to control your money situation instead of letting it control you
How to attract the right wealth receivers for you personally


  • Basic understanding on the Law of Attraction
  • If new to LOA teachings student must be open



***Udemy changed their guidelines on courses focused towards money hence a few changes made, I hope you can be open-minded to the adaptions but still get the value you came for :) ***


Have you have been struggling to attract the desired amount of abundance you want through your business?

Sometimes no matter what action steps you take, you just can't seem to attract the abundance or prosperity you want.

This is because in every given moment the Law of Attraction is in action, and sometimes without knowing you can be in fact pushing the abundance away from you, instead of attracting it to you, even when you think you are on track!

With that said, although you are not attracting the abundance you want right now, applying the steps given through this course you will open the door for you to become a vibrational match to the wealth you have been desiring, and physical evidence of this will show up in your personal reality. 

 But wait this course is not for everyone…

Who is this course for?   

If you are positive, open and dedicated this course is for you and you WILL see amazing results whilst applying this course to your life.

Who isn’t this course for? 

If you are negative, pessimistic, or not dedicated my teachings will NOT work for you.

If you answered YES to the first what are you waiting for? 

This course has been created for you to create and attract abundance for your highest good.

*Please have a pen and paper to hand to take notes.

*If you feel you didn't fully understand a module please go back and listen again until you feel fully comfortable and understand what steps are to be taken.
 This is to ensure you have the greatest results in your physical reality.

* Do not worry if you are extremely busy the steps I share with you can be done anyplace, anywhere and still make a big impact on your money situation.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to attract more abundance through their business or career using the Law of Attraction

Course content

1 section8 lectures1h 5m total length
  • Claiming back your power
  • Connecting to wealth
  • Golden Ticket
  • Wealth receivers
  • Wealth Mastery
  • Bonus Lectures: Living in the present vs vibrational visualization
  • Bonus Lecture: Words play a part
  • Bonus Lecture: Opportunity ready


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Estelle Black
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Estelle has helped change many lives in the most unique way.

From the very beginning of her career she has been helping others achieve success whether that be helping them reach their 7 figure business goal, or helping some-one manifest their dream job. 

Here are snippets of what others have to say about Estelle’s work.         

“I cannot express to you all what Estelle Black has done for my business and I. For years I had struggled to bring my 6 figure business into a 7 figure empire that I had always dreamt of. I was recommended by a friend to invest with Estelle as she is known to help you with money and the mental side of business.”      
John Durum.

I had my first session with Estelle a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely an eye opener for me. I was feeling like i had reached a point in my life where i felt lost and unsure of where I was going due to some personal problems I was having at the time. I feel like a new person! Estelle taught me how to find the positive,even in a negative situation.”       
Martha Gonzalez.

  “As a coach, I truly believe in having a coach, I wanted someone that could teach me things I didn't know and I wanted to reach the next level in my life. My business was fairly successful, but I just couldn't seem to get to the next level.

If I knew what I now know from working with Estelle I would have done this a hell of a long time ago.
I reached my desired goal and reached a hell of a lot more than that too
I have worked with many coaches on my journey and none of them were truly able to capture my mind and focus the way that Estelle does. I value her work and dedication to clients like myself, every single bit of it is needed"
- Christopher. L, entrepreneur

"I was really nervous,
in fact, terrified to start my business
As soon as I started to work with Estelle everything fell into place. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my coaching practice. I have received amazing feedback from my clients and my business is growing every day, I'm really excited for what's to come, thank you Estelle
- Emma White, CA

Although Estelle has many talents and has helped many in so many different areas of their life, her ultimate passion is to help others thrive through their businesses and life.

She is known for her warm heart, caring nature, and no-nonsense attitude, but most importantly she is known for getting results.

Why work with Estelle?

Estelle has created her own business and success using the very same tools she shares with you. 

Everything Estelle teaches is based on techniques, strategies and knowledge that work in this    Estelle is so passionate about her work that she does not release any content until she is a 100% sure that what she shares can get her prospects real results.
She does this through client analysis and self-implementation.

With this in mind, you can be sure that what you are about to learn has not only been tried and tested on others, but they got results in doing so.

Estelle works on a spiritual, psychological, and vibrational basis that fuel results in your physical world.

Are you ready to start creating?
Enjoy your course you are about to become a success magnet...