Virtual Reality Business Model Creation

How to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business Models and/or how to monetize VR and AR.
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understand VR and AR basics and principles in form of a brief overview:
tell the essence of the next 3 immersive visual computing waves VR, AR and USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality)
identify some challenges in the VR and AR market and name some solution approaches for them
use a step by step method for building extraordinary business models
identify major categories where VR and AR business models can take place
use their knowledge of 11 examples of real world VR/AR business models and/or monetization approaches
use the results from an iterative exercise to define their own VR/AR business models


  • A general understanding of business processes and business models
  • basics of information technology and internet business
  • A basic (User-)knowledge of Virtual Reality is helpful
  • We recommend to get some first hand VR impressions e.g. with a Google cardboard.


Course Content
How you can create revenue with your investment in virtual and augmented reality.

I. Introduction to VR and AR

II. master the next 3 technology waves and benefit from them:
  Wave 1: Virtual Reality,
  Wave 2: Augmented Reality and
  Wave 3: USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality)

III. Method: Discover VR / AR Business Models for your company – regardless of your industry.
  III.a basics of outstanding "Business Model Generation"
  III.b Transformation to VR / AR business models and monetization
  III.c 10+1 examples of VR / AR business models or monetization

IV. Reading tipp: how to train your idea muscle to imagine 10 individual Business Model ideas for your specific business.

Course structure

After the VR and AR Business Models Training week - held as a classroom training - I wanted to give more VR and AR Enthusiasts and entrepreneurs access to this hop business topic.
In This video training I navigate you through the shores of Virtual and Augmented Reality Business Models.
We will take the hill up to VR and AR Business models step by step in 7 videos. Each subject is illustrated by slides which I walk you through.
We don't re-invent the wheel. We stick with proven business modeling concepts.

Who this course is for:

  • ATTENTION! This course may be rather interesting for business people than for tech people.
  • people who want to create virtual and augmented reality business cases
  • entrepreneurs, founders, investors
  • leaders of teams and departments
  • people with a business focus and some tech focus


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business Pioneer
Joerg Osarek
  • 4.0 Instructor Rating
  • 136 Reviews
  • 7,491 Students
  • 1 Course

Since 2012 Joerg Osarek dove deep into the Virtual and Augmented Reality and specialized in VR/AR Analytics, Cinematic VR and VR/AR Business Trainings and Projects. Joerg Osarek is keynote speaker and IT Management consultant for game changing technologies. He is founder of skilltower institute that explores subjects always some time ahead of mainstream strategically as well as with hands on implementations. His background with 3D computer graphics dating back to the late 1980s comes in handy. His personal portfolio ranges from strategy and interim management to hands on architecture and coding of complex IT systems and VR production pipelines. Osarek works in IT consulting since 1992 and co founded the its-people it consulting business in 2003. He is author of various books about consulting and the impact of IT on our civilization. With the subjects he picks up his customers are always some years ahead of mainstream which allows them to gain a competitive advantage. Already in 2012 he published the book: "SoMoLo" on Big data systems with social, mobile, local technology - now standard in many enterprises. Osarek and his sustainable IT professional network support the customer from visionary ideas to their implementation projects until they go live within the customer's business. Customer's Project topics range from the creation of interactive virtual worlds over connecting those systems with enterprise backend systems, to their automation and virtualization.

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