Unity 3D - Create a Reusable UI System

Create a UI System in Unity that is completely Re-usable using C#
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You will learn how to build a reusable UI System in C# and Unity 2017
You will understand how to create reusable animations with Mechanim
Understand why and how to set up a good UI grouping structure


  • You should be comfirtable creating Unity UI Elements
  • You must have some experience with Unity and Unity C#
  • A desire to look at ways in which to make your code more reusable


Have you had some experience with setting UI's inside of Unity? Would you like to know how to make a set of scripts that you can re-use between each project? Then this course is for you! 

Throughout each of the lectures we focus on how we can build a re-usable UI System. One in which you can extend and modify to your project needs.

We will walk through step by step and build up the components to make a fully modular UI system for Unity 2017!  By the end you will have a basic re-usable UI system to use for any unity project.  Plus you get full source code from the course.

Best thing is, its free!

Who this course is for:

  • A beginner Unity Programmer looking to make their code more reusable
  • Anyone who needs a Modular UI system to build UI's for games in Unity
  • A unity User wanting to know more about efficient UI development practices

Course content

4 sections12 lectures1h 58m total length
  • Introduction
  • About the Instructor


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I began this whole journey through art. When in high school I developed a

very strong interest in drawing and 2D animation. From there I began
to get enveloped into the work of 3D. After Graduating High school I
attended the Art Institute of Seattle. There I gained my AA degree in
Computer animation. I interned at Surreal Software, then moved onto
working on the very first version of Xbox at Microsoft. I worked on NFL
fever 2000, NHL Rivals 2002, and Inside Drive. From there I have worked
at Activision, again at Microsoft, my own companies Creative TD and
Ozone Interactive, and am now exploring Interactive Arts experiences  at Indie Pixel. There have been many things
along the way but my love is in 3D, real-time arts, shaders, procedural
content creation, math, modeling, texturing, and helping others through