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Prepare the body before doing a Train with TMax online workout course. Recover afterwards and improve flexibility.
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Know how to properly and effectively warm up before a workout.
Understand the importance of a good cool down, and how to execute one that fits their goals.


  • Clear your ability to do physical activity with your doctor before beginning.


We all hear about how important it is to warm up, so many of us just assume that we do a few stretches and shake out the limbs a little bit and then our bodies are ready. Well, no, that's not good enough. What does a good warm up do?

  • Elevate the heart rate and prepare the heart to pump blood to the muscles

  • Lubricate the joints

  • Prepare the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work

  • Warm the body so that it is more responsive to training

So, then how should you warm up? That's what I'm going to show you ;-)

Once you've properly warmed up, then you are ready to attack your workout and reach your fitness goals!
>>>>>>>>>>>>FAST (insert any functional fitness for all levels workout) FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>>
Great workout! Now, it's time to cool down. But how?

  • Allow the heart rate to normalize

  • Promote blood flow to and from muscles

  • Take advantage of a warm body to increase flexibility

So, then how should you cool down? That's what I'm going to show you ;-)

Come warm up and then Train with TMax, and then cooldown!

Who this course is for:

  • "I want to have great workouts and reduce the likelihood of injury." -You
  • "I want to improve my recovery after workouts." -You
  • "I want to improve my flexibility and mobility." -You


Don't Use Machines, Become One
Timothy Maxwell
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The TMax is a certified fitness professional with years of experience. He speaks English, French, and Spanish. He enjoys answering questions about fitness, diet, and well-being. 

Using functional movements and combining elements from multiple disciplines, we can strengthen our bodies and our minds, and have a fun time doing it with friends.

Every exercise performed has several variations, so that you progress and gain strength at your own pace and your own rhythm. The only person you are competing with is yourself - and everyday in every way, you will get stronger, faster, better and better.

~~~~~~~~~~EN ESPAÑOL~~~~~~~~~~

The TMax es un profesional de fitness certificado con años de experiencia. Habla inglés, francés y español. Está encantado de responder preguntas de fitness, dieta y bienestar.

Usa movimientos funcionales y combina elementos de diferentes disciplinas con los que se puede fortalecer el cuerpo y la mente, mientras lo pasas bien con amigos.

Cada ejercicio que hacemos tiene varios modificaciones, así que desarrollas y ganas fuerza a tu propio ritmo. Solo compites contra ti mismo - y cada día ganarás fuerza, velocidad, y mejorarás.

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