To Hell With Cell 2022 (Part 1) iPad / iPhone Edition

Eliminating Your Cell Phone Bill Forever, Building a New Life of Freedom & Prosperity
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How to eliminate your monthly cell phone bill by simply and inexpensively setting up a free internet phone system using an iPad or iPhone
Follow a step-by-step blueprint to set-up your free internet phone system, creating greater privacy, security, certainty, freedom, and prosperity in your life
Consider the 11 key discoveries that culminate to create the perfect storm for this technological migration from cellular to internet phones
Determine which device or devices to use in the creation of your new internet phone system
How to set up your account and email
How to secure your phone number
How to port, or transfer, you existing number
How to purchase international calling credit
Review optional accessories to consider
Once all set up, review how to use your new internet phone


  • Must be able, willing and wanting to follow step-by-step instructions


What if I can show you a way to eliminate your cell phone bill forever, would that interest you?

Good, because I can…

Introducing To Hell With Cell 2022 iPad / iPhone Edition, Eliminating Your Cell Phone Bill Forever, Building a New Life of Freedom & Prosperity.

PARTS ONE & TWO of this course are a blueprint that lays out the exact free internet phone system that I have created for myself so I know it works. And, I haven’t paid a cell phone bill in over 3 years!

By setting up your own internet phone system, you will benefit for years to come.










To Hell With Cell was Made in the USA, for the USA, as you must be physically located in the United States at the time of setting up your free internet phone system, and once you do, you can use it anywhere in the world there is an internet con.

My name is Bo Lockwood and I will be leading you through this course.

I have created an amazing free internet phone system with integrated cellular service back-up on my iPad. I use the cellular service for urgent calls that must be made during times when an internet connection is unavailable. And you can, too.

It took me countless hours to create this wonderful new internet phone system. And by doing it on an iPad, I find to be way more useful than using a smaller smartphone.

I manage my entire life through my iPad, as I’ve made it my personal command station, with everything that I need at my fingertips.

I will even teach you how to convert your iPad to a mini-laptop computer with plenty of storage. I only use two devices… my iPad and my iMac desktop. No need for a laptop.

If what I am saying is intriguing to you, then invest a few minutes to gain a more in-depth understanding by watching the Introduction and Course Overview videos prior to enrolling in this course, as they are free previews.

The Introduction video provides the reasoning for migration from a cellular phone to an internet phone for everyday use.

And the Course Overview video provides a solid understanding of the course itself.

You can also watch a mini-documentary on the home page of our website (ToHellWithCelldotcom), which reveals the 11 Key Discoveries about why this migration to an internet phone is inevitable. In fact, it’s not going to happen, it’s already happening, much like the migration to electric and driverless vehicles.

I highly suggest you watch these three videos PRIOR to registering and investing in this course. Clarity is key.

So, contribute to the momentum of this technological migration…

And, then set up your family, friends, and even customers too.

I have spoke with many people about converting to an internet phone, and the common response I hear is…

“Sounds great, but I have no idea how to do it.” Admittedly, it is easier said than done, which is I have decided to build this course.

If you are ready to get started, then take action now! And know that I will be with you every step of the way…

Who this course is for:

  • Those wanting to save money by eliminating their monthly cell phone bill, replacing it with a FREE internet phone system using an iPad or iPhone
  • Those wanting greater privacy, freedom, and prosperity


Visionary Strategy. Conscious Writing. Unleashing Power.
Bo Lockwood
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Hello. My name is Bo. Nice to virtually meet you.

I invest my energy offering visionary strategy with AMARNA Vida, an international consulting and educational consortium providing strategic perspectives and insights regarding the purpose, vision, evolution, and creation of regeneration-driven organisations.

Through conscious writing, I collaborate with conscious leaders in crafting a strauthentic vision… one that is strategic and authentic, while teaching them to become their true power.

My education, business experience, visionary writing talent, and spiritual awakening, all culminate in the person and regeneration-driven leader I AM today.

I earned my Master’s degree in Authentic Leadership from the University of Nebraska, and my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Penn State University. This educational mixture grounds my organisational insights through a lens of finance and conscious leadership.

I gained invaluable experience through being a Partner with the Gallup Poll, providing transformational strategies by measuring and understanding the psychological dynamics within organisational cultures. I consulted with numerous Fortune 500 corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, and York International.

My growth continued, as I went on to lead Gallup’s U.S. Higher Education consulting practice, utilizing the Gallup Poll to drive engagement within academic communities, building resilient institutional brands. I spoke at college campuses, and government institutions, including Capitol Hill, The Pentagon, Harvard University, Duke University, and the United States Air Force Academy.

Prior to joining Gallup, I gained vast entrepreneurial experience through starting, building, and at the age of 32, selling the largest event rental company located in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of 28, I was the President and General Manager leading 100+ employees, 3 warehouses, and 25 trucks on the road. Clients included the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Sports Illustrated at the 1996 Olympic Games, and both the Clinton/Gore and Dole/Kemp presidential campaigns.

At age 50, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening while in the Amazon jungle, seeing mySelf and my life with a new set of eyes. I learned that religious people are scared to go to hell, whereas spiritual people have already been there. Through experiencing years of constant struggle (a.k.a. Hell on Earth), I have nurtured a tremendous sense of understanding and compassion, which serves me well as a developer of conscious leaders.

I share my wisdom and perspectives through co-authoring two books, Regenerating America and ESSENCE… which discuss how incremental change leads to transformational change.

I am here in service to you and your learning. Will you please reach out to me with any questions or comments? I will respond.

Thank you.

~ Bo

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