TheBEST Soft Skills Certification 1 @Work or @Relationships
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
52 students enrolled

TheBEST Soft Skills Certification 1 @Work or @Relationships

The only comprehensive course with 360 degrees on core essential building blocks of Soft Skills for EVERYONE (Part1)
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
52 students enrolled
Published 7/2020
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This course includes
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  • 4 articles
  • 7 downloadable resources
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  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Practical *new* groundbreaking applicable techniques that will help you gain fundamentals of Soft Skills (people skills) that are long lasting (in a simple language, easy to follow). Heighten your Perception, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your own thoughts and emotions. You will discover few secrets about yourself and apply that for willpower, self-control, focus, adaptability but also creativity, better communication and Ease as a beingness.
  • Understand stress, difficult/pain & Ease from a fresh new perspective. Discover secrets of Neuroplasticity and how to maximize the use of Muscle Memory to help you shift out of stress/difficult/pain into ease; you will also know how to deal with others who are under stress/difficult/pain.
  • Expand your self-Awareness, gain self-Confidence and identify your Blind-Spots. Learn how to recognize Self-Sabotaging thoughts/behavior and how to shift into Positive Modeling behavior. Understand how Creating works and expand Respect to 360 degrees to turn it into a fundamental Soft skill while maximizing the use of Muscle Memory.
  • Re-Map your Mind, learn how to respond with Choice vs. react from Auto-Pilot, even when faced with overwhelming people or bullying or self-doubt. Gain Confidence in your Abilities, get out of hiding, and step into your own Power.
  • Learn Relaxed but Focused Concentration; gain fresh perspective on Resistance and Suffering. Practice Non-Judgement but Observing with Curious Mind. Learn to produce the Happy Hormones naturally with a few thought-feeling practices then use that knowledge to your advantage to improve your work and relationships
  • Quadrant Behavior (DISC) "D" Driver/Dominant, and Learning Styles (VARK), their strengths and weaknesses so you’ll know how to shift your behavior style for what specific situations require.
  • Troubleshooting chapter will guide you into successfully applying this course.
  • A willingness to learn
  • A desire to expand
  • Discipline to practice
  • Downloadable audio is available to aid with practicing

I designed this course for the busy people who want to get to the heart of it & Gain the Fundamental Building Blocks of Soft (people) Skills. ---Gain & Retain!---

Most soft skills training is focused on mid- to upper-level management and misses the majority of people who need it the most: EVERYONE who interacts with people.

Soft skills are natural abilities that help us interact well with others, whether at work or in a relationship. If you're looking to improve or add a few skills, @work or @relationship this course is for You!

I am certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NeuroLinguistics & I've been teaching these groundbreaking techniques for over 10 years with great results.

I come with a few secrets, simple but powerful techniques, that are long lasting & easy to follow.

In order to increase your Emotional Intelligence & gain more Soft Skills I will teach you how to SHIFT into Pleasant Feelings & Create healthy Thought-Feeling patterns so that you can Maximize the Use of Neuroplasticity and Muscle Memory & feel good about Yourself in the process ...pretty cool… isn't it? …

*You'll learn a few fundamental techniques which you can apply to numerous Soft Skills. I don’t just teach theoretical knowledge, but practical applicable techniques you can use in your daily life.

*In Part 1 you will go over the basic creating steps and how to apply them, you will get a fresh perspective of your blind spots, stress or difficulties to help you get out of hiding and stepping into your power (it is highly ineffective to "push" for learning skills without addressing your difficulties: you are Not a machine that needs to retain an enormous amount of information, but a human being with strengths and difficulties) and let's try to dismantle your self-sabotaging thought-patterns.

*You’ll learn a few techniques meant to increase your confidence, aid in understanding Respect from 360 degrees (what is and what is not) and turn it into a lasting skill to apply it to a multitude of other soft skills like: communication, clarity, active listening, constructive feedback, confidence, focusing, management, goal setting, organization, stress management, adaptability, self-motivation, decision-making, interpersonal, networking, ethics, professionalism, team work, negotiating, collaboration, imagination, mind mapping, observation, persistence, introspection, acuity, recall, versatility, generosity, etc.

*You’ll go over the Learning Styles and Quadrant behavioral theory, specifically about the Driver/Dominant, their strengths and weaknesses, so you can better understand how to shift into a behavior (skill) appropriate for the situation.

*You will learn about the Happy Hormones (neurotransmitters) and how you can naturally make them flow within your body.

*Troubleshooting chapter will guide you into successfully applying this course.

I look forward to seeing you in the course & to be a great resource to you for your exponential growth.

Carmen Sauciuc-Osz, CHt CreatingEase @SoftSkills ©

Benefits for the mind

  • Helps improve attention and focus

  • Helps better manage stress

  • Helps build resilience

  • Helps us make better connections, build community

  • Helps lower anxiety and depression

Benefits for the body

  • Helps with pain management

  • Helps create new neural networks

  • Helps regulate the autonomic nervous system - responsible for fight/flight instinct

  • Helps with energy levels

  • Helps the immune system

  • Slow the aging process

What Carmen's students are saying:

“The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate and advocate for others. TK”

“The most amazing effect from doing this work, totally, incredibly life changing! I find myself not “reacting” to other people’s “stuff” much anymore! I feel wonderful in my body and mind. My relationships have gotten better and easier. My business relationships have improved. And, especially interesting, is that I’m happy without effort!!! Thank you so much, Carmen, for your patience and dedication! This has been one of the most precious experiences in my life. What a gift. Please don’t stop your work! I can’t wait for another session.” AW

"The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I'm tired and have a lot of work to do. I noticed that I am more playful. I play with children and we are happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." EC

"I have studied with many renowned leaders but none offered such practical techniques that work so quick. After practicing only 3-4 times I've already seen clear results. I am astounded!" MLF

“Very interesting: It brought much awareness to the thoughts I was thinking and where I was putting my attention.” ES

“I am so glad I was able to join. I felt free from negative thoughts & worries, I felt emotionally balanced, peaceful, detached from all problems. Thank you very much for everything I’ve received and experienced!” EE

“I have to say I tend to allow stress to build in my life. After doing the practices, I feel so relaxed and free. I look forward to gaining more insight each time.” RW

"Carmen has a great talent with the Thought-Feeling Practices. My experience is always very astonishing. Last practice I have given myself fully into the process and was rewarded with a long anticipated ease of mind!" AS

Who this course is for:
  • student
  • employee
  • manager
  • supervisor
  • parent
  • business owner
  • leader
  • coach
  • human resource
Course content
Expand all 43 lectures 02:30:28
+ Neuroplasticity: Creating
11 lectures 35:29
Creating: Definition
Creating Consciously (formula)
Law of Rezonance
Feelings are Not the same as Emotions
CreatingEase Model
Stress, Difficult, Ease
+ Self-Sabotaging vs Positive Modeling Behavior
5 lectures 18:23
Suffering as choice
Hiding to Fit-In
A little self-reflection to help you gain more insight about yourself
3 questions
+ Gain Lasting Soft Skills
10 lectures 38:27
Creating Lasting Skills
Thought-Feeling Practice Instructions
The Key to Success
Note: Thought-Feeling Practices are Not positive affirmations
Visual aid for the thought-feeling practices
Begin the Practice
Gain Lasting Skills, Build Your Powerful Space
Gain Lasting Skills, Mind-Body Connection #1
Repeating the Practices
Celebrate with a Smile
Thought-Feeling Practice
Thought-Feeling Practices
5 questions
+ Happy Hormones (Neurotransmitters)
6 lectures 07:18
Happy Hormones Intro
HH can be naturally produced
+ Quadrant Behavioral Styles
3 lectures 18:03
The Quadrant Behavior Styles Intro
North & "D" Driver/Dominant
Learning Styles
+ Troubleshooting
4 lectures 07:38
Troubleshooting 1
Troubleshooting 2
Troubleshooting 3
Troubleshooting 4
+ Bonus Section
3 lectures 22:31
Dream Your Dream
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